Knowing Bros E37 (Preview) | August 13, 2016 | Im Soo-hyang & Lee Kyu-han

[First actor & actress students!] [The pearl of TV, Im Soo-hyang!] [Self-proclaimed actor-tainer, Lee Kyu-han!] It’s the psycho special. [What an impression!] [Finger flick of fury.] [This is my world!] [Are they into each other?] [New rival!] Kyung-hoon & Kyu-Han are going at it! Love triangle? [Pretty.] Knowing Bros are trying to seduce her! [Who does she choose?] [Can he tell the difference between heaven and hell?] [They try to appeal themselves!] [This is a first, right?] Tell us how you know her! Tell us how you broke up then! [Violent outbreak] [Infected patient 1.] [Kyu-Han goes crazy!] [Sudden death match!] [Private photos leaked?] [Knowing Bros go on vacation.] [What couples will we get?] [I wish I tried harder.]

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