Knowing Bros E31 (Preview) | July 2, 2016 | Seo In-young, Jessi, Kim Jong-min

[Stay alert!] (Original Sexy Seo In-young.) (The it girl, Jessi!) (And Kim Jong-min.) Reason for transfer, To own this school. What! [He’s cute.] [Jong-min’s counter-attack!] Long time no see, Ho-dong! Between In-young and Jessi, who’s strongest? Me. What? Hey! What?! Fight! Fight! [A fight breaks out!] There’s a lot of female energy here. [Even In-young can’t avoid this psycho.] She’s collecting cigarettes. [Dizzy.] Correct! Where in your face is natural? How many times did you get a nose job? [Game of the Thrones!] [Knowing Bros] You can’t control yourself? Did you not get any? Subtitles by OnDemandKorea

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