Knowing Bros E28 (Preview) | June 11, 2016 | Jeon So-min

[The Wailing Bros.] You kill and you kill until you kill a dog. [A strange woman.] What do you mean you have something to say? How could you? Is this how she was doing laundry? You brought her here? I keep thinking about her! [I met something I shouldn’t have.] – Hi, I’m Soo-jung.
– Soo-jung! It’s been awhile, Soo-jung. You thought I was Soo-jung? So-min? Hye-kyung! Get it together! So-min died 5 years ago! [She laid out the bait…] Why are you doing this? My heart! Mom!! […Knowing Bros took it.] Wait! You’re my brother! Really? Is that something you say to your husband? Honey! Soo-geun! Soo-geun! Soo-geun! [Do not be seduced.] [The Wailing Bros.] [Starring Jeon So-min]
[In theaters Saturday June 11, at 11pm]

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