Knowing Bros E27 (Preview) | June 4, 2016 | Twice

[Knock! Knock! Knock!] [The girls are here!] [What the heck] [The girls disrupt the peace] [Surprise] [Twice is ready to give it their all!] [Looking scary] You have SM and Mystic here, so why no JYP?! We have a new motto for the class. “JYP is watching” [However] [The guys are not easy to deal with(?)] We’re on a roll these days. [The hottest group right now!] [Sha sha sha] [Sha sha sha] [The guys cheer up even more than usual] [Their chemistry is not too bad] Look at them whispering to each other. [Ssamja’s ideal type is Jung-yeon?] Are Jung-yeon and Kyung-hoon… [Twist of fate? Jungyeon suddenly confesses.] [How will this love triangle end?] [Knowing Bros.] How about Lee Jung-hyun?

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