Knowing Bros E22 (Preview) | April 30, 2016 | Hyosung (Secret) & Kyungri (9Muses)

[The new school motto!] [Be loyal to your instincts!] [The students works hard to memorize the new motto!] [Let’s put it to the test!] I’m the sexy girl Kyungri. I’m the bagel girl Jun Hyo-sung. You guys transferred because you got carried away right? Carried away? With dance! [They get carried away with dancing] [Making the guys’ hearts beat out of their chests] [Every cell in their body is excited] [It doesn’t get any better than this!] [Just my style!] Why do you fall so easily? [And the courtship begins!] [#manbeauty #explosion] Why are you rubbing your butt on it? [What is love?!?!] This is amazing! [They just want to be loved!] [Crane?] [Frog?] People watching this show for the first time just would not understand… [Knowing Bros!]

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