Knowing Bros E21 (Preview) | April 23, 2016 | Red Velvet

[People were worried over the news that Red Velvet would appear on the show.] [Hee-chul even talked to the producer.] [Would Red Velvet really ruin the variety program?] [They’re trying their best.] You’re so not funny. That’s something good to hear at a market You look like Heo-gak. Answer! Heo-gak! Your life depends on it. [Slimey] Are you a loner? ♪ ♫ Scaredy-Cat ♫ ♪ Put this in your mouth. There’s a second psycho here today. [They used to be nice.] [Red Velvet found their variety!] Were they always this funny? I really didn’t know they were like this. Did you just pass gas?

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