Knowing | ANNOTATE

If you’re human, here’s the thing, we’ve inherited all these kind of preconceived notions of knowing, and because we’re you know philosophically naive, nobody teaches philosophy anymore, we’re unattuned. We don’t even know what our preconceptions are. You’d look around and you think we’re in the Matrix. You know, everybody’s wired up. And so, what is reality? I think that’s the driving question of our age. The fact is we are humans and there’s a default that’s deeper than our preconceived notions of knowledge. Like, you know, in Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, you know, a deep magic from before the dawn of time… We’re human and though the modernist epistemology is actually… it’s incoherent, and it’s dehumanizing, and it issues in boredom, and disengagement, and disconnect, and all that sort of thing. And it’s actually about commodification and power. Can I add that in, too? But, for every human being, there is someplace in their life that bears witness to knowing being more than this, and reality being more than this. At least one area for each human being where they’re getting it right. It might be where they keep balance on their bike. And what has happened is, you know, not that we can’t ride bikes anymore, but when we self described what we’re doing, it’s something more like the scientific method. Which really, I mean Polanyi was saying look it’s not the scientific method that is the key to scientific discovery, and discovery was his job. But, there’s always some witness, you know, and sometimes if you kind of blow on the coals to fan into flame where the person is getting knowing right, and then kind of reaccent the whole thing. So look at what you’re doing. This is the key to knowing. And pay attention to that, and grow that, and you’ll be better at it.

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