Keeping your personal information safe – Episode 3 – It’s a serious game

in the sea so blue, Hector want to welcome you. With all his friends
we’ll learn a thing or two of technological
breakthroughs. Hector’s world. Hector’s world. We’ll have some fun and
learn a thing or two. Hector’s world. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CROWD CHATTER] -We’ll check back with
you soon Miss Finny. -Bye, I’ll be here. -I really hope they haven’t
run into any trouble. -Hector, we’re talking
Ranjeet and Sprat here. They are magnets for trouble. -Hey, there they are. [SCREAMING] [BABY CRYING] [LAUGHTER] [VIDEO GAME SOUNDS] MAN: Right Humphrey, this
is what we’re going to do. -Hey, what do you want? -Settle down Humphrey, don’t
you recognize customers when you see them? Welcome to the arcade
my young friends. Where you can let
your imaginations run wild and game to
your heart’s content. -All you need to do is fill
in your personal details and the entire arcade
is at your disposal. – oh cool. -No need for you to
sign up Master Sprat, we already have your
details on record. -Oh, but I’m sure I
haven’t been here before. -Oh, my dear friend Sprat. How forgetful you can be. Remember when you had been
signing up for that music download competition when
we had first been arriving? -Oh, yeah. Blimey. -Ah, yes. And heard you won the prize. Congratulations my lad. Luck must be with you today. And where better to test
it than in a games arcade? -The squid has a point. Enjoy boys. [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] [CROWD CHATTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] -Thanks for signing
me up Hector. -No problem Tama. -Hector? What did you do? Well, I uh– signed Tama up for
the Pound the Plankton game. -I’ll leave you
youngsters to your game. You can play all
the games you like. -Sounds too good to be true. Hector you know you shouldn’t
go giving out personal details to someone you don’t know. -Well, well Tama
really wanted to play and well, you signed
Tama up at the bank. -Hector that’s different. -It’s OK Ming, I asked
Hector to do it for me. And it’s only for a game
of Pound the Plankton. You can play too. It will be fun. -Yeah Ming, it’ll be fun. -Oh, humph. -Nevermind her Tama. Ming will calm down soon enough. Come on, let’s play. [GAME NOISES] -Typical. -Willing adversary. I suppose you consider yourself
a worthy opponent do you? -He means, do you think
you’re smart enough to beat us at chess? -I know what it means. -Good. Then sign up and we’ll
see just how good you are. -Clam girl? [LAUGHS] -No nicknames. We need your real
name and address. -I– uh– I– No. I need to ask Miss
Finny before I give you any of my special details. -You need to what? What kind of chess
player are you? [LAUGHS] -Just register your details my
dear, and then we can proceed. Nothing to worry about. I assure you. -But what happens to my
information once I type it in? -Enough of this prattle. I order you to
register your details and get on with the game. -No. No I won’t. -What? The insolence. -Every other child has
given us their details. How rude. -You can’t disobey a
direct order from the King. -Yes I can. -You’re just afraid
we’d beat you. -(ANGRILY) No I’m not. -My that was awesome. -I can’t believe I would be
hearing myself saying it, but I’m all gamed out. Oh, hello Hector. -Hi guys. Come on Tama. -Just about done Hector. -Be with you in a second. -No, No. No I won’t. Yes I can, I won’t. No. -Oh, there you are Ming. We thought you’d left. -I ah– I– -She’s been at that chess
game the whole time. -Really? -Yeah, but I, oh whatever. You lose. [SIGHS] -I give up. -Oh, hi Constable. -Excuse me. -I hope you fellas
are being careful eh, and not giving your information
out to anyone you don’t know. Especially places
like this arcade. -Sprat didn’t have to sign up. -Yeah, they already
had my details. [HORSE NICKERING] -Right, we’d better
be going then. Bye. -Ah, yeah. Bye. -I think it would
be wise to keep a close eye on those fellas. I’ve got to continue
my investigations. Things are even fishier
than I first thought. [HORSE NEIGHING] -Bye Constable. -Hey Ming? -Mm hmm? -Where’s Tama? [CROWD CHATTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] -Now you play safe eh? [HORSE NEIGHING]

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