KCS – Knowledge: The Pursuit of Happiness – Knowledge Centered Support

We all want to be happy, you know how does
it goes, Life, Liberty and The pursuit of Happiness.
Most of us are happy Most of the time
Well Most of us are happy
Most of the time Except
Except Except
You know, there are always exceptions to happiness, I mean,
We call these exceptions unhappiness You know what makes customers unhappy?
Is when they have to repeat the Same thing over and over again.
And you know what makes Support people unhappy? When they have to Hear the same thing, over
and over, and over again. Have you noticed the common denominator here?
The two words “Same thing”? The consortium for service innovation has
observed that the redundancy rate for repeat problems is between65% to 90% of the total
incident volume. This means that 65% – 90% of everything coming
into your support areas has been done before. They’ve also found that High Tech Support
Teams actually see less than 3% of the total demand for support.
So this means that 97% of the total demand for your support services is potentially Un-Serviced And if we consider Average First Constant
Resolution Rates, we’d only have 65% – 68% chance of solving this additional 97% even
if we could service it. Let’s look at the phrase ‘Total demand’, which
can be summed up with one word being ‘Exception’. Exceptions come in the form of questions and
symptoms from both Customers and Support, but remain unanswered.
From the customer’s perspective it sounds like “I’d like to do something Except”
From the Support perspective it sounds like “I’d like to help Except” And we all know how people feel about exceptions,
don’t we? So we
Can’t meet demand Because
We’re too busy doing the same old things over & Over again
And we Can’t fix new things
Because We’re too busy doing the Same old things over
& Over again And We can’t give you new things
Because you guessed it
We’re too busy doing the same old things over & Over again
You guessed it, but is it really a guess? Or could it be that we actually know it,
Could it be that we Just don’t know what to do about it?
You see when it comes to Exceptions, both the customer and support
share common ground They both have a common need and that is for
answers. So doesn’t it make commons sense to capture
and reuse knowledge? IF
knowledge is the to answer exceptions THEREFORE Then knowledge is the product that adds value,
and Adding value is the same as adding
HAPPINESS and we all know that Customer happiness is the heart of everything
we do. So it could be said that the
So the pursuit of happiness and the pursuit of knowledge could be SYNONOMOUS.


  1. Iain Maitland

    July 4, 2013 at 12:14 am

    Great video Paul! Gives Knowledge Management and KCS a whole new spin.

  2. Lap165

    August 5, 2015 at 7:43 am

    Nice work Paul…

  3. preeti markan

    September 23, 2019 at 10:23 am

    Exceptional Video! Great Work!

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