Japanese study method, notebook + stationery tour | JLPT N3 | 日本語能力試験ノートツアー

Hi everyone! It’s Lindie Finally, this Sunday is the JLPT exam! I’m so nervoussss I have to study so hard every single day until Sunday So, I’ll show you guys how I study in a short period of- *clang* aiyaaa Sorry Mr. Moon Where was I How I study in a short period of time I’ll show you guys my tips… Tips? Well, I guess just my study method. So please watch until the end! First, a bit about the pens I’m using These two pens are black One is from MUJI and this is from DAISO They’re really nice to write with and this one feels so soft to the touch I use these often This pink pen I use to write example sentences or grammar explanations And the meanings of new vocab words I always write in blue pen And then any vocab I still haven’t memorized when I review again, I underline with this yellow marker. Ok let’s start with this book It has vocab, language and grammar aspects so it’s great for test prep In terms of how I use this book, I use it with this small notebook I got from MUJI and I write like this inside I only use 2 pens in this notebook This black MUJI one and this pink one Black is for Japanese words and furigana and pink is for explanations In terms of exam questions, like, mock tests and test prep, for me the most difficult aspect is reading comprehensions If it’s a long piece, it’s hard to read, and usually after I try a reading comprehension question I’ll rewrite the reading in my notebook. And after that, if there’s Kanji I don’t know, I’ll rewrite it over and over until I memorize it. The thing I wanna show you guys the most is this notebook It’s my vocab book Black is for Kanji and kana blue for meanings I write them either in English or Korean And pink for example sentences Oh and the yellow is for stuff I still need to memorize after I’ve gone through this notebook and revised Because it’s yellow I always see it and it helps me remember Lastly, this book (again lol) You choose an answer to a question on one page and on the back of that page is the right answer And I highlight stuff a lot I love writing inside books lol That’s it for now! Thanks for watching until here! See you guys in the next video, bye!!

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