It’s kind of sad knowing that sense of convenience is not going to be accessible to me.

♪♪ I am a student at PCC, and when I’m not
taking classes myself I am teaching classes
at preschool. I work with little kiddos. And I live in
a 3 bedroom apartment with my toddler brother, teenage sister, and my mother. And I’m actually
trying to move out soon. It’s interesting for me thinking, you know,
geographically where in Portland
is available for me, it’s especially
interesting because I live currently in the heart
of downtown Portland, the most unaffordable place. And the only reason
that I live there is because
I’m grandfathered in to this affordable
housing situation. My mom’s lived there
for 12 years, and when
we first moved in it was $600
a month now it’s $1,200. So even with
that doubled price, it still qualifies as like,
60% of median income. So that’s still good for us. But it’s interesting
that I’m go- you know,
living on my own it’s gonna have to
move way far out. And I feel um- like, you know, it’s- I’ve had my time
downtown. I’ve been fortunate enough to live with things
accessible to me. But it is kind of sad knowing that
that sense of convenience is not going to be
accessible to me throughout my next
chapter of my life of independent living. Yeah, it’s gonna be different. ♪♪

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