Introduction to the Ideaphora Knowledge Mapping Environment

Students have access to more educational online
content than ever before. But there’s no easy way to assimilate information, or connect
ideas, from these resources. Learners need better tools to take notes, organize materials,
synthesize information, and develop understanding from the growing array of digital content.
Ideaphora’s first of its kind learning environment, provides learners the fastest and most effective
way to take notes and derive meaning from digital content.
Ideaphora deconstructs digital content into meaningful concepts, and
enables learners to quickly reconstruct these concepts into useful, personalized and lasting
knowledge. It’s the first knowledge mapping environment
that seamlessly integrates with digital content and is proven to increase student engagement
and retention! Ideaphora extends the efficacy of knowledge
mapping for today’s learners and adds proven learning value to any existing content through
an intuitive, browser-based environment. Digital content becomes more valuable as Ideaphora significantly increases student engagement
with curriculum concepts and fosters deep personal connections to it.
Learners better absorb various content sources as actual knowledge, resulting in more in-depth
understanding of topics. Students’ thinking becomes visible to teachers
to aid them in assessing understanding. To assist study Ideaphora concepts link back
directly to the content to help clarify understanding and solidify learning connections. By building and sharing knowledge maps, students
develop higher order thinking and organizational skills, critical for college and career readiness.
Foster deeper learning in your classroom with Ideaphora!

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