Innovating the future through machine learning

One of the biggest things for me was
Whirlpool was kind of ripe for an injection of technology per se. I was pretty excited to be able to see what I could do in that space and
see what opportunities I would have. The WERLD program was great because I’d say that the nicest thing about it is you have four rotations and you’re in charge
of your own destiny. Doing the rotations in different groups
and being able to experience a different piece of the puzzle all the way from
what the user interacts with to the brains of the machine doing all those
pieces of the puzzle has now given me a broader understanding of what it takes
to make products, My current project that I’m working on is a Smart
Countertop Oven. So the idea the Smart Countertop Oven is it’s not just the
machine learning aspect it’s a different HMI which is the user interface on the
front of the product. There’s a lot of new pieces to it, a lot of new technology
in one product initially it was kind of a black box you know what are we gonna
do. Then we went from basically idea to full product in about a year. Also as
well the machine learning side that was my big focus taking pictures of food
doing all kinds of different stuff and having that integrated in the product
now and seeing that is it’s a proud moment. Machine learning it’s new I think the possibility the potential that it opens the door for it is huge. I think in
the near future pretty much every single thing that we is going to have some form of machine learning in it. How can we use machine
learning to basically save energy, save water consumption. There’s a lot of
potential with it and we just need to figure out the best way that we can do
that to basically improve Whirlpool and improve the lives of consumers.

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