Information Technology Architect – A day in the life

Hi my name is Martin Brennan, I’m an integration
architect with ANZ bank. So an architect is responsible for defining
the high level solution when a solution is more complex than just one application, and they
are also responsible for setting strategy and direction in technology. My role is integration architect – I set strategy
for integration within the bank and that involves defining technical standards, to design principles
and then guiding people as they implement those standards. So a lot of the role is an education piece,
so face to face in meeting rooms with whiteboards; but we also use tools like Visio and Spark
EA and other diagramming tools to try and get the message across, so that everybody
understands it the same. So I have a few technical hobbies I like to
keep learning and expanding my technical skills but I also like to box. About a year ago I was 105 kilos, I was really
unfit and my mentor said why not get involved in a charity boxing event. So I trained, I lost a lot of weight – 26
kilos in total. And I learnt to box, and got in the ring and
had a fight for charity.

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