Information Systems Business Analyst Program – George Brown College

work that we do here, you have the experience
to go out and be able to put yourself in the real world
and know that you can do it. KARIM DAWOOD: So what
makes George Brown a great place to study business
analysis, they’re certified by the International
Institute of Business Analysis. You actually learn the theories,
you learn how to apply them, you work on real life projects
that enforce these theories. TYLER KRIMMEL: Information
Systems Business Analysis Program is a three semester,
one year intensive program essentially to
learn not just the theory, but to understand how that
theory applies to real industry problems and to be
able to help industry in creating solutions. KARIM DAWOOD: We get to
do a simulated industry-style project. We did a — a project for
the City of Toronto. We automated the way they
receive the applications online. It used to be a
paper-based process. The whole point of our
project was to pretty much automate it and make it online. TYLER KRIMMEL: We begin to
engage students with our industry partners, we
begin to engage students with authentic learning
experiences by giving them real case scenarios and
case studies which, in many cases, are provided
by our industry partners. And in our third and final
semester, our students are often given a
real world project. In the last couple of
years, industry partners have in fact come into
our classroom and the projects that our students
have worked on have been solving real problems
for real companies. You will face real issues
such as having to work with team members and
with other people. You will be codependent on
working with peers. You will have multiple
deliverables that will be due at the same time. You will have expectations
from industry that you have to adhere to as well
and that you have to fulfill. KRITHIKA KOUNDINYA: The
one really good thing about all the instructors
here is that most of them are not in-house instructors,
they’re people who work as business analysts. They bring in their
experience and because it’s different instructors,
so we get different opinions and different point
of views from them. TYLER KRIMMEL: Hopefully
what students recognize the value of when they
take a program is not just that they will learn
excellence in the field today, but they will learn
the tasks and skills and the competencies to
continue to learn, to continue to evolve and
to continue to research and learn about what’s
going on and changing trends in the field. KARIM DAWOOD: The program
ends, you have the confidence and the understanding
to go to a job, or become a business
analyst and be confident that you can — that you’d
be able to perform in the role. [music]

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    August 1, 2019 at 5:08 pm

    I have 4.5 years of experience as a BA But my bachelor degree is in Automobile engineering. Am I eligible for this course?

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