Information Sciences and Technology (IST)

Our program here is special because our professors have worked in a real world, teach in the real world, so ultimately our students get real world activities that they’ll be able to utilize and apply, which will ultimately help get them jobs at the end of the road. The information technology field as a whole is continuing to grow and then the region’s growing as a whole, right, and so it gives companies like Air Products a local source for talent. I live in Lehigh Valley, so it was a good commute and it’s nice to stay at home and still get a good education. There are so many companies out there that are looking for IST majors and Penn State Lehigh Valley’s IST program is one of the best. Well, really we have two tracks. In a design and development piece they will learn how to code, they will learn about software, they will learn about various programming languages and skills. And on the integration application track, they will get information on how to lead a project, how to integrate their project into the system, so they learn everything they need to know. (Penn State Lehigh Valley logo)

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