Indian Students telling the truth about studying MBBS abroad | Yukti Belwal

Hi I am Yukti and Today we are at Odessa National Medical University We have two Indian students of this University who are studying MBBS here Let’s ask them few questions which every student has in their mind when they think about studying MBBS abroad So whats your good name? Hanspreet Kaur Which city are you from? Punjab India And Whats Your Name? My Name is Mohd Afnan and I am from UP Which part of UP? Muzaffarnagar City Ok So you guys have given AIPMT? Yes And How many times have you given it? Two times I have given And What about you? I have given three times!! Oh You have given three times? Yes i have dropped for two years So Now that you guys have taken admission here and now that you are doing your MBBS studies How are you guys feeling about it? Yes we have this aim to do MBBS so we are here. Okay so after dropping out three years You were so focussed about your career that you have taken admission in MBBS abroad what do you think is the reason of not getting medical seat in India after three attempts? A: May be lack of self studies Q: Don’t you think there is lot of competition in India? A: Yes there is a lot of competition A: Because Every year first there are students of plus two (Intermediate) and the droppers It all gets combined so thats why droppers feel double the pressure So there are more than 7 lakhs students who apply for AIPMT (Now NEET) and seats are only 3500 (at that time) So should I assume that those three years of yours are actually in Vain? Because there is no outcome But we are giving benefit of it How? Because in the coaching we were taught extra So we are now getting its benefit So Don’t you think one year is enough or you think three years should be given? It was my choice to struggle more to fight for getting seat here, if I wasnt getting seat, still the hope stays Okay and you have given the exam twice.. Both the times you didnt get successful then.. I made up my mind that if I wont get seat then I will go abroad You made up your mind? Yes With me it was like, there are three types of seat Govt, semi govt and private I use to get the seat but in private now 7 lakhs per year who can afford not the middle class family.. Here how is it like? Is everything okay? Expenses, charges, cost and all? No its not very high, its affordable And as a country, how is Ukraine? G: Its Good..B: Its Peaceful And yes there is a very important thing..recently there was a mishappening in ukraine Yes It was in Uzhogorod So Whats do you think? Is there a problem in Ukraine? This is the student’s problem The students those who stay here, it depends on them So its not like it will happen to everyone Anyway we are not any safe everywhere India also has the same problem and here as well Now safety is the hand of the person himself Right..One has to come back to hostel on time Don’t roam around so much, especially at night So You are from Punjab Why dont you give a message to the Students in Punjab that why should they come here? Ya its good here.. Studies are good, teachers are cooperative English is also here The environment and ambience is good What about girls? For girls also its good There is no such problem like you can’t roam around or something? No I have myself travelled alone here, not with group And you didn’t face any issues.. No! I was travelling first time, so Yes there was a lil fear. But you managed and you liked it And you tell something, you are from UP I will also say the same thing that studies are good and the environment is also good One has to self study here as well.. Don’t you think that you got a better opportunity country wise? Ya it is better.. But we do face some difficulties in consulting with teachers Like In India you can consult in Hindi and Punjabi in all languages Now here the english is different, Our grammar is different and their grammar is different So are you learning their language? May be after that may be this issue can be resolved and it will be easier Yes very easy, because in fourth year we ourselves have to use their language. So you think its good. Ya I think there is profit in this. Because what happens is the student become International Sometimes if someone is coming from this country to India So then you can easily communicate with them So it was really nice to discuss with you guys I liked it that you are very positive You could not get seat in India so didn’t give up on your dreams You didn’t think about BAMS or BDS Because many students go for BSc or B tech or something else But if someone really wants to pursue their dream to become a doctor then they surely can apply for MBBS abroad and fulfil their dream Yukti Belwal : +91-8860637009

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