Igor Panarin. Presentation of channel «Knowledge of the world»

I am professor Igor Panarin, doctor of
political sciences. This is a first issue of my program: “Knowledge of the world”.
My English is not very good, but I will tryto improve. I’m going to express the key
points of the development situation in the world. 1.I am glad that my forecasts
are beginning to be realized. The project of creation of the Eurasian Union,
on the basis of the EAEU, is able to act as a global Russian geopolitical
project of development in the 21st century, an integral national idea
of the Russian and allied peoples of Eurasia. Russia should be the core of
Eurasia’s integration, the guardian of its traditional spiritual values.
In addition, the idea of the Eurasian Union is the development
of the most successful geopolitical doctrine of our Fatherland “Moscow-the Third Rome”. In addition, the idea of
the Eurasian Union is the development of the views of prominent Russian philosophers (K. Leontiev, N. Danilevsky, L. Gumilev). The optimal ideological
formula that will contribute to the successful transition of Russia
to a new stage of world civilization is the formula of INTEGRATION of
EURASIA, based on the spiritual and geopolitical views of Alexander Nevsky, civilizational and philosophical
doctrine-Russian cosmism (V. Fedorov, V. Vernadsky), the ideas of N. Gumilev. It was in Orthodox Russia, the
stronghold of spiritual and moral values, that the emergence of the
scientific doctrine of the noosphere became possible, which opened the way
to Space for mankind. This is Russian cosmism, based on spiritual and
moral values, most fully preserved in Orthodoxy. 2.The European Union
(EU) has entered a stage of systemic crisis and the UK’s exit from it is only one of the indicators of a severe multi – level crisis. The current
spiritless EU, in which there are processes of de-Christianization,
replacement of national identity, degradation of the family and spiritual and moral values-a sad future. NATO,
too, will soon cease to exist. 3.The modern world crisis has many causes,
but we should not forget that one of the important reasons for its development was the First world war, which
was organized by the British, with a series of provocations. The British
Empire imposed the first world war on the world in order to destroy its main geopolitical rivals-the Russian and German empires. 4.We should
also take into account the struggle of globalists and patriots of the
world. Washington is now divided into two powerful groups that are in a
fierce struggle. On the one hand, the national patriot us President Donald
Trump, and on the other American globalists (mainly Democrats and the
British lobby of the United States), whose control center is located in London-the Third Carthage. My sympathies are on the side of D. Ttrump, who
is fighting the deep state that the London bankers and Churchill created. It is the Bank of England, according
To the L. LaRouche Foundation, that is now the main organizer of the coup
attempt in the United States, in the form of impeachment, in order to
overthrow Trump. 5. Russia twice in the 20th century fell victim to secret British hybrid warfare operations
– it fell apart-in February 1917 and in 1991. In the collapse of the Soviet Union, a key role was played by British agents of influence-General Secretary of the CPSU Mikhail Gorbachev and his three accomplices (Yakovlev,
Shevardnadze, Kravchuk). That is, Vladimir Putin inside Russia is
dealing with a Mosh system of British influence behind the scenes, created after the death of Generalissimo Stalin. But behind Trump – trump’s
Personal intelligence, the powerful national forces of Patriotic
representatives of industry, business and intelligence services (primarily us naval intelligence and the NSA). It seems to me that they will suppress the coup attempt and help Trump to mend relations with Russia. 6.It is necessary to clearly understand that there
are two American foreign policies: official (incumbent us President Donald Trump) and unofficial (Pro-British “clan Clinton” with the support of the odious British agent George Soros).
Us President Donald Trump spoke at the UN General Assembly on September
24, 2019 and urged countries around the world to abandon globalism and make a choice in favor of nationalism, stressing that wise leaders
put the interests of their peoples and countries first. “The future
belongs not to globalists, but to patriots,” Trump said. Therefore, the ultimate task of the globalists-clintonites and Soros is the illegal
overthrow of D. trump. 7.I very much hope that in 2020 there will be a new
Yalta, as in 1945. And the three main national leaders of the world –
Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and XI Jinping in Belgrade will be able to
create a new, fairer system of international
relations based on the dialogue of civilizations and mutually beneficial cooperation between peoples!

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