ifile Filing information

on the next page you’ll have to enter
your federal adjusted gross income this comes directly from the federal tax
return you already filed click the question mark button on the right of the
input field for information on the exact line of the federal form to get your
federal adjusted gross income by clicking the question mark we see gives
detailed information about the federal adjusted gross income line the number of personal independent
exemptions is pre-populated based on the information you previously entered in
this instance none of the other IT 1040 filing information applies to us so we
skipped down to the schedule selection if you are unsure you may have scheduled
deductions additions or credits you can click the question mark box to the right
which will give you the specific deductions additions and credits on each
schedule along with brief descriptions for each in our example the answer to all these
questions will be no once you’re done with your selections
click the Next button to continue.

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  1. Malice Mage

    February 17, 2018 at 2:29 pm

    We didn't "already" file our Federal returns. When you hit the "?" it brings up where to find it on a 1040, previous pages told us where to find it on the W-2. Terrible

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