Husband takes over Filipina wife’s vlog without her knowing! | Carbonara recipe

hi guys thank you for watching pinay mom’s blogs on this episode my husband took over my vlog without me knowing
well I wasn’t really feeling very good at that time so he decided to make dinner
and he made a delicious carbonara would you like to see how he made it then let
me show you right now hey guys today I’m gonna make a little
pasta dish for the family um one of our favorites it is pasta carbonara that
traditionally would be made with something like uh spianata romana which is a sort of Italian cured bacon but as we don’t eat pork products I
have to make some changes to that recipe and I’ll let you see here how I do
that okay so what we need for our pasta get some fresh pasta here that’s uh tagliatelle and we need of course a a nice good cheese in this case some kind of delicious pecorino romano now i like this much better than um something like a parmesan it’s a little saltier it’s got more flavor more character and
it’s actually made a of goat cheese it’s actually a different flavor but it suits
very very well with the rest of the ingredients of course
another important part of it is eggs or specifically egg yolks so i’ll be
splitting those eggs later now and because of the difference that I’m
doing in my recipe instead of the spianata romana the bacon I’m using
turkey bacon as I don’t have any fat in this product I have to add a little fat myself so I’m using some that’s olive oil and um some butter alright now first let’s start with boiling
water okay water brought to a boil it’s time to start assembling the dish which is very simple eh this case I have fresh pasta not the standard dry pasta and this only takes about four minutes to cook which should be perfect it’s a piece of chunk which is fine because well we have lean (meat)… and then a little olive oil add it together for flavor and (inaudible) just rinse with cold water …to do now turn off the heat on the bacon
bacon’s done add in the pasta straight into the pot while this is still hot I add the egg yolk and the pecorino romano cheese and then mix it all together because of the heat that’s still in the
pasta and in the pan it’ll cook the eggs but it won’t make them congeal especially if
you keep it mixing and it will mix together with the cheese that is now
melting that’s why I’m using a fine grate I grated it finely that’ll melt easier and here is the result is delicious pasta time to serve up the food Jasper yummy? (speaks dutch) thumbs up yeah (cheering sound)


  1. Luky Lomala

    September 20, 2019 at 4:20 am

    Ang galing din pala mag vlog ni husband, pwede na syang magkaroon ng cooking channel hehe. Sana maka try din ako ng ibang pasta someday bukod sa spaghetti at carbonara hehe.

  2. Pinay mom's blogs

    September 20, 2019 at 5:34 am

    Do you think he did a good job? I think so! 😊

  3. Pinay in Netherlands

    September 23, 2019 at 6:54 pm

    Super sweet hubby! Babies loves the carbonara. Super yummy!

  4. Rembie P

    September 25, 2019 at 4:45 pm

    Wow good job to your hubby sis, how I wish my guy can do the same 🤣.

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