HSC Study Guide: Advice for Business Studies

I have four tips for writing your best
extended response in Section 4 of your HSC Business Studies exam. Unlike other
sections of the exam, Section 4 gives you a choice of questions. In the 2017 exam
the options were: Analyse the response of human resource management to economic,
technological and social influences or Analyse the effect of globalisation on
operations management which leads me to my first tip. Pick the right question for
you. For instance of these two questions
which would you pick right now? Which one do you have the most knowledge and
understanding about? Do you have case studies that you could use for one or
both? To maximise your marks go for the question where you have the most
knowledge and understanding that you can back up with case studies. In the lead-up
to the exam try making up some of your own questions for topics you’ve
discussed in class. Then use these to revise syllabus content and check you’ve
got case study material to use in your response. Now Tip 2 is pretty simple: Use
relevant business terms and concepts. This will create impact: a key feature of
the successful extended response. On to Tip 3: Know and use your case studies.
Using data and examples from case studies to support the points you’re
making increases the depth of your response, which means higher marks.
Finally Tip 4: Use the NESA website to prepare for your HSC exams. You’ll find
past papers for you to practice questions as well as feedback from the
Marking Centre. I hope my tips help you to achieve your HSC goals.

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