How to Study English: How to Make Canadian Friends in Canada

Hello, everyone.
I’m Robin and welcome to my video. In this video I’m going to talk about
how to make Canadian friends Specifically, how to make Canadian friends in Canada. Maybe you’re going to Canada
to study English and you want to make some Canadian friends. I’m making this video because a lot of my Korean students… uhh… they have the experience of
going to study in Canada …six months, one year, over one year… They come back – I talk to them…
and they tell me… Ahh…they made a lot of friends.
They made a lot of international friends. For example, from China, Japan, Taiwan. Uh…maybe some European
or South American friends. But they didn’t make any Canadian friends. Ok. Uh…and I’m very surprised and shocked… a little bit disappointed because you’re going to Canada to live, to experience the culture. Uh….you should interact with Canadians, make Canadian friends, and of course…uh..
their main goal (going to Canada), is to improve their English. Yes, you can improve your English with
some international friends But the best way is to make Canadian friends. Alright… so let’s talk about that. How do I make Canadian friends
and improve my English? First, I have work or volunteer. So if you get a job in Canada or even if you just volunteer in Canada, you’re put in a situation where you’re interacting
with Canadians. It’s a very good situation to improve your English quickly. Uh, so I recommend this. But make sure you have the right visas and it is legal. Not illegal, so if you work in Canada get the proper visa. Second is homestay. Now if you go to Canada to study English,
staying with a homestay… I put a star here because this is the best way to immediately start interacting with Canadian people because you’re going to the homestay family If they’re a good homestay family,
they will treat you very nice. They will take you places. Uh…and they will… you know…
you become part of the family. And this will really help you improve your English and understand the culture. Uhh… but, sometimes there are bad homestay families. ok. A bad homestay family is more interested in the money . And they will have a lot of rules. And they don’t want to talk to you very much. And if they do talk to you maybe they’re yelling at you. Okay, so you got to be careful with homestay. It’s a great experience
if you get a good homestay family, but if you get a bad homestay family,
you’ve got to get out. That brings us to roommates. So in Canada, if you’re going to live in Canada
or study in Canada, you should make a Canadian roommate. You know when I visit Canada, and sometimes I visit my students – Uhh… they have roommates that are usually other Koreans or Japanese or Chinese. Again our goal should be
– we want to improve our English and experience Canadian culture. So really try to get a Canadian roommate. I’ll talk about more about that in a moment. Online websites, apps.
These are good to quickly meet Canadians. I’ll talk about that in a moment. Join a club: camping, swimming, taekwondo, etc.. Join a class: swimming,
piano, yoga, photography, art, etc. These two – really good for…ah…
meeting Canadians right away. So a club… clubs are usually free. I had one student join a camping club. She went camping twice a month.
She met a lot of Canadians. Uh…she had a good time. I had another student. She joined a yoga class. So she went to Canada to study English after about a month, she joined a yoga class. All Canadians. And she learned a lot of English.
She made a lot of friends right away. Ok. The last two very good for meeting Canadians and making Canadian friends and improving your English Alright let’s talk more about websites and apps. Uh…these websites and apps work in every country so whatever country you are in you can use these to meet foreigners and make friends or girlfriend or boyfriend to improve your English. Dating apps. Tinder is probably one of the most popular uhh… if you’re looking for a girlfriend… Uh…if you go to Canada – you want a girlfriend –
Tinder is a good place to start. OK Cupid is another.
There are many kinds of dating apps. So when you go to another country, download an app. You can start being connected with
Canadian guys or girls right away. Uh…if you’re not interested in dating…
you just want to make friends I…I recommend Meetup. Meetup is an awesome app.
That’s why I put the star here. It is awesome. Ah…when you go to Canada, make
sure you have the Meetit.. the Meetup app. cause when you check that app,
it will show you all kinds of clubs and activities – every day of the week almost. Well in some cities every day of the week… there’s multiple activities.
It’s a great way to meet friends right away. And have fun. Badoo is another app. Uhh…it’s… it’s meant for friends,
but you can make a boyfriend/girlfriend. Uh…of course if you want.
But these two are good for friends. Meeting Canadian friends right away. Websites – Kijiji this is Canadian. And Craigslist – this is more international. These are good websites if you want to..uh…find a roommate. Uh…if you want to buy or sell something. So if you want to buy a bicycle or sell a phone, these sites are great to interact with Canadians. Alright? Ahh…when you make your Canadian friends,
you want to keep contact with them. And the messengers they use…uh….
Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. These two are the most common for Canadians. I think Americans, too. Uh…and of course Facebook is very important. You need a Facebook account to keep in… …keep in contact with your English speaking friends. Uh… if you’re from Korea or Japan… and South East Asia –
they they don’t use line much in Canada. and of course Katalk –
they don’t use that in Canada. If you meet a Canadian friend in Canada and you said, “Do you have Katalk?” They’re not going to understand
what you’re talking about. They do not use that. You have to use these ones.
Really – if you want to talk with Canadians. Ok. My final words. Participate in the foreign culture.
It’s very important if you go to Canada, to participate in the culture. Uh…if you’re from Korea,
you could have a lot of Korean friends there. That’s good, but you want to try to meet Canadian friends –
interact with Canadians and do Canadian things. Do not only observe the foreign culture. Observe is just watching. Ok?
And when I visit Canada and sometimes I visit my students… Uhh…I see them not participating in the culture. Actually watching…you know… they stay in their groups with other Koreans. And they go places and they’re just
watching Canadian culture. Uh…this is not good.
We want to participate in Canadian culture. Alright! So I hope this video helps you. If you go to Canada, and you want to meet a Canadian, and you want to improve your English, Uh…there’s lots of information in this video. Alright! Good luck see you next time. If you like this video, it’s really helpful if you let us know. Subscribe to our channel. Click the like. And we really appreciate it…
we’re really happy if you write a comment below. Ok. I like to read my comments. And I will try to reply. Alright. Thank you. Take care.

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