– Hey guys, I’ve been reading
a lot of your comments, and I see that there’s
been a ton of questions related to studying. I have a ton of experience
in this subject, and I’m gonna share some easy tips that you can use in your study routine to get the best grades possible. During the last 10 years,
through university, medical school, now residency, I’ve had countless number of tests, and what I’ve learned, the
number one tip for studying, is to make it fit your style. Everyone’s an individual, and not every tip will work for everybody, but I’m going to give you
a general list of tips that I think will make your studying habits that much better. If you know you have an exam coming up, it’s already time to start studying. The earlier you can start studying, the better your results are going to be. Ideally 30 minute study sessions with a short five minute break work best. So what’s the deal with
cramming and all-nighters? They obviously have a horrible reputation. Did I ever cram for a test? Absolutely. There’re certain times
when you just need to cram. You didn’t have enough time to study, sometimes you have multiple
tests on the same day. Is it the ideal way to study? Absolutely not. Your recall suffers when you cram, because while you may remember the facts or whatever you studied
on the day of the test, the time where you’re gonna
need that information at work or years later on, it’s just
not going to be there for you. Make plans based on
what works best for you. Are you most alert in the morning, in the evening, in the afternoon? Plan scheduled study
times throughout the week and stick to that pattern. Procrastination gets a bad
rap when it comes to studying, but actually there’s two different forms of procrastination, active and passive. Passive procrastination is when you’re sitting on the couch, not accomplishing any of your goals, and
frankly just wasting time. Active procrastination, on the other hand, is when you’re purposefully
delaying doing something, in order to achieve a
bigger goal in the meantime. For example, if you know
that there’s a topic that’s going to make up
a minority of your test, you can procrastinate
studying that information and really focus on
what’s going to make up the meat of your exam. Find one dedicated place to study, as forming this habit will make it easier for your brain to study. There’s no secret to this. Some people like studying
in a loud coffee shop, some people need total silence. It really is a matter
of personal preference. Do not study in bed, study
behind a table or a desk, as it’s way better for your posture, and it recreates the environment you’re gonna be taking your test in, so the situation will feel more familiar. The next thing you wanna do it
eliminate your distractions. Lose your phone while you’re studying. It’s fine to use your
phone during your breaks, but using it while you’re studying, or having it on when you’re studying, will break your concentration
and hurt the amount of information you’re gonna retain. When it comes to study partners, it’s important that you share
the same studying style. If they become a distraction, maybe it’s a sign that you
should be studying alone. Some people enjoy listening
to music while studying. Music does pull your focus
and does distract you, so for me, music and
studying is a big no-no. The way I like to think about studying is studying to teach, rather than to test. It’s one thing to regurgitate
information on a test, but something totally
different to understand the information you’re studying and being able to teach
it to somebody else. Imagination is a powerful tool here. Imagine the types of
questions that are gonna appear on your test. Predict what areas that the professor might want to focus on. I’ll often go through the
information that I’m studying, and find a point where I say, “Hey, this looks like a
point where they can ask “me a question on,” and I’ll engrave that point into my mind. Oftentimes during the test, I’ll say, “Hey, I knew they would
ask this question,” and that information is readily available. Take practice tests. I cannot underscore the importance of taking practice tests more heavily. It’s all about doing questions,
questions, questions. There’s only a certain
amount of information they can test you on, so questions are bound to be repeated. The more question you
do, the more you’ll know where your weaknesses are, where you can go back and study some more. Practice questions prepare
you for the real thing, and the more practice questions you do, the higher your scores will be, period. Sleep is vital for getting
good scores on tests. However, if you haven’t studied, it’s more important to
study than it is to sleep. But if you already studied,
no need to pressure yourself, get that quality sleep and lock in that information for the test. When you exercise, your brain lights up. Your brain doesn’t enjoy being stagnant. Where you’re up and moving around, your brain is ready to
accept new information, process it, and store
it for the long term, so the more that you can
incorporate being active during your study time, the
better your brain will function, and ultimately the higher your score. Quick recap for effective study. Plan ahead, set the mood, eliminate distractions,
study to teach, not to test, do questions, questions, questions, and most importantly remember
what may work for some, may not work for all. Hey guys, thanks for watching. Hope you learned something. If you’d like to see more of my videos you can click here or here, and if you haven’t yet, you
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