How To Solve Physics NumericaLs || How To Study Physics || How To Get 90 in Physics ||

Hello Students! We have a big problem and is that we aren’t able to solve physics numericals and thus, aren’t able to score well in Physics. Although, we feel that we’ve actually studied quite a lot. So, as a physics teacher, I’ll give some advice and tips and explain the proper method from which you’ll progress from a Zero to a Hero! I’m not claiming to achieve a miracle like becoming a physics king in 2 minutes, I’ll just provide step-by-step instructions and what has to be done and what are the mistakes frequently committed by the students which you’ll rectify and then gradually grasp and then will become amazing at physics! I’m Alakh Pandey, known as Physics Wallah and this is the full video. Watch it till the end. It has all the points. Listen carefully and note it down.


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    September 4, 2018 at 5:13 pm

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    How To Solve Physics NumericaLs || How To Study Physics || How To Get 90 in Physics ||

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