How to see instagram story without them knowing

hello guys what’s up this is dinker chaudhary back with another video and in this video I’m going to tell you how you can
view people’s Instagram stories secretly that means if even if you view their
Instagram story they won’t know that you have viewed it so without any further
ado let’s get started first of all I will add an Instagram story to my fake
account or to my dummy account which I have created for testing purposes so I
will just add a random story so I will name it random story click on done and
upload the story so as you can see that I have added the story to my dummy
account now you have to go to play store and search for an app call story save
you have to download the first tab which appears it has a blue logo and it has
more than 500000 download it also has a Google creating of 4.4 which is a very
good rating this app will not only let you see the Instagram stories
anonymously or secretly but it will also let you download the Instagram story so
you can view those Instagram stories even when they have expired so it is a
very good app after the installation process is finished you have to click on
open so let’s open the app after you have opened the app the layout of the
app will look like this you have to login with your username and password or
you can you can even choose the login by facebook my Instagram username is I am
thinker just in case you want to follow me you can search for it and follow me
on Instagram after that when you have just logged into the app you will get to
a page like this where on the top you will have the search option to search
for anyone’s story and you just have to search for their username and you can
view their stories after that on the left side we have the profile button so
let’s see if someone has viewed a story currently or not so as you can see let’s
go to Instagram and you can see that no one has viewed a story till now so no
one has viewed this random story so now let’s go back to this story say app now
let’s view the story so as you can see we have viewed the story but let’s see
if Instagram has counted it as a view or not if it has seen that we have viewed
the show you not so let’s go back to Instagram app let’s see so you can see
it says no views yet so even after we have viewed the story in our story say
app it says no views so let’s go back to our story say app so you have two option
at the bottom first is the I option and second is the download option if you
click on the I option the stories will be ma
as viewed that means when you click on the I option the stories will be marked
by view viewed by you so let’s click on it and try it as you can see I clicked
on the I option now it’s a story marked as viewed and now if you if we see our
viewers so you can see that it is viewed by me which is an thinker so guys I hope
you have understood the app so guys thank you for watching the video I hope
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