I’m gonna go ahead and start today
is the first of three workshops in a row about the subject of memory and i don’t expect you to actually answer me on this
on this just want you to think about it
but if i ask you how how’s your memory how do you
remember things do you remember well or not a lot of people tell me terrible memory i can’t remember anything you know the answer to that question is everybody
in here has a fantastic memory even if you think you don’t it’s just that some people don’t know how
to actually apply it to school related things i talk to people all the time who say they
can’t remember anything so they read their book but i have no idea
i can’t remember and then i ask them what their favorite
hobby is in a lot of people say music love music and so i have them tell me their favorite artist they tell me and i say do you remember the lyrics to their
songs every one of them they say and they’re able to give me this
long list of lyrics that they have memorized and then when they’re
done i say that’s really good you have a great memory i said no it’s terrible i said that you remember
all that they say that’s different okay so we gotta figure out how to get that
knowledge of that memory that you have for other things applied to school and that’s
what i’m gonna teach you so today’s workshop is called how to remember
for tests next week is memory tricks and the other one
after that is more memory tricks so it’s kind of a three part series if you’re only here for this one you’ll get some things that i hope are helpful
if you’re here for all three of course which i would love then you’ll get a whole bunch of teaching
about memory and you’ll find out that your memory can work better than you think it can
okay so uh…to start today what we’re gonna do is i’m going
to test your memory ’cause that’s what this is all about uh…
memory so what i’d like everybody to do is to make sure that you have some paper in front
of you which i think everybody does and to have your pen or pencil kind of ready but what i’m gonna ask you to do is to go
ahead and do something i rarely ask and that is to put your pen or pencil down i actually don’t want it in your hands at
all for the next couple of minutes i’m going to up do what at what i call the
sixteen card activity and i wanna make sure everybody can see these
i think you’ll be able to but what i’m going to do in just a minute
is i’m going to show you a word on a card and i’ll sort of uh… rotate it
i’ll say it outloud and then i’ll go to the next word and the next word and i’m gonna end up showing you sixteen words by the time i’m done you’re going to think
it was like forty but it’s only sixteen and i want you to try
to memorize them all which is easy for me to say not so easy for you to do but here’s
the little trick to this as soon as i have shown you the last word i’m gonna say the magic
word which is ok as soon as they say okay hurry grab your pen or pencil and write down as many of these words as you
can remember before you forget ’em and you don’t have to write ’em in order just whatever’s
in there hurry and write it down and then i’ll explain
what all of this is about okay so that’s the goal of this and again i want you
just to stay quiet and concentrate and i’ll go through them pretty quickly also if somebody comes in while we’re doing this this is a concentration exercise ignore them and keep focusing ok cause it’s easy to just watch
them walk in and then you forget all the words so hopefully we won’t have anybody but if
they do just try to ignore them the best you can what’s the first word pen yeah if you forget that one there’s no
hope for you right i’m showing you that like twenty times the other words you’re only gonna see once so that’s a lot tougher okay so
here we go pen love toast toast stay basket pain restaurant ask notebook find table went teacher hungry know dog okay times up now the reason that i know that time is up
is because i look around and what do i see yeah nobody’s moving that’s how i know i look around and all of you just a minute ago and you didn’t
know you do this you fulfilled one of my greatest dreams as a teacher so isn’t that nice and that is as soon as i said okay you moved faster than i’ve ever seen anybody move and
you started writing and you were doing it like this really fast and looked around and knowledge
was just flowing out of you that’s like a teachers greatest dream but the problem is that lasts for no more
than about thirty seconds and then people are starting the slow down the frown is coming out and
after about one minute i look around and almost everybody is basically
done whatever you can remember is there and whatever
you lost is gone forever if you did this don’t get embarrassed because
i see this all the time i saw several of you do this i’m looking around thinking are we done and i see some people doing this and when you’re counting the number of words that basically means your waving the white flag like i’m done and
i’m hoping my list isn’t too embarrassingly small well if you remembered a lot that’s great if you remembered only a little
that’s ok but what we’re going to do to try to um… sort of apply this to you in school
is i’m gonna try and correct this with you and i want you to look at your list of words no matter
how short or long it was and here’s what we’re going to do i’m going to read a list of some of the words
that i showed you on those cards and every one of these words that i say if you look and you see it on the list meaning
you remembered it i want you to put the number one next to it if you didn’t remember it if it’s not there
don’t right now right too late you had your chance before so the first one is pen so if you remembered
that put a one if not don’t do anything next one is love toast and again these are ones stay teacher hungry know and dog okay so those are the ones and i’ll tell you
what that means in a minute i’m going to go back over another list of other words i showed
you as part of the exercise and any of these that you have on your paper go ahead and put it a two next to it alright so
the first one is basket so if you remembered that two that’s not nothing pain restaurant ask notebook again these are twos find table and went okay now um… see how good your memory is how many words
were there all together sixteen ok well there were actually eight words in
group one and eight in group two so that means that’s it all right so what that means is if you look
at your list now and you have any word that does not have a
one or a two right next to it what does that mean it means you made up a nice word wasn’t one of mine and people say hi coulda sworn it was on there
if you have any word without a number next to it good try cross it out and then i want you
to do your math for the day and that is i want you to go down your list
and count how many ones did you remember i want you to put that like something like
this may be remembered five or seven or four whatever and i want you to count how many twos did you remember and put that down also that’s going to be
kind of the basis of my teaching for the next twenty minutes or so um… okay so quick question just a show of hands how many of you ended up with a higher score
meaning you remembered more of the… ones let me see show of hands okay most people how about a tie that happens pretty often okay and then did
anybody remember more twos sometimes i might get one okay if you think about this at almost everybody said more one’s that makes no sense because they were the same number of words in both
so that means half of you should have remembered more of these and half should have remembered
more more of these but it never works that way so that means
there’s something about these that tends to make them stick better for most
people what is that well here’s the first principle of the day and that is whenever you are trying to learn something
by reading it in the textbook or hearing it from a teacher something will happen in your brain and that’s this the first uh… or group number one
was made up of the first four words that i showed you on the cards the last four so that was group one so what does that make
group two then the middle right that’s the only thing that’s left
so the principal is that when you’re trying to learn something
you will almost always remember alot from the beginning and a lot from the and and not
too much from the middle this is the big problem for memory those of you i think there were three of you
who raise your hand saying you had a tie i’m almost positive that if i had shown you
twenty or twenty five or thirty words so it was longer you would’ve come over to this side because that’s just the way the
brain tends to work and so if all i did was teach that to you and then we moved on to
something else you’d think ok well i learned something but that’s not what i want to do i want
that fact that the way that the brain works to change the way you read textbooks for the
rest of your college career and that’s what i’m going to be teaching right now so uh… most students tell me that the one of the hardest things that they
have to do as college students is to read their textbooks anybody can read em but to actually remember when you read is hard especially when it’s a very difficult
book so everything that i’m gonna explain for these next minutes is going to be about
only one activity and that’s textbook reading it does not apply to uh… reviewing to studying your flashcards to going over your
notes that’s different than this this is the hard work of trying to concentrate
on your reading okay and what we’re gonna to do to kind of uh…
learn a little lesson here hopefully is we’re gonna look at two students uh… who are both good students who try hard and who want to do well so they’re kind of like a clone of the other
one but student number one does some things when they
read that make them forget almost everything student number two does some things that help
them remember almost everything so again we want to figure out what is that like what’s the secret okay so
almost every number that i put up here while i teach this is going to be minutes so it’s kind of good to keep that in
mind so here’s what we say about student number
one again tries really hard but has a problem they sit at home or in the library for ninety
minutes and they read ninety minute straight so thats hour and a half kind of a long time to read but people do that
all the time so what we’re going to say i’m gonna ask for
a little help from you and i want to get some participation on this the first ten minutes
out of the ninety should actually be very good for this person’s
memory in other words they’re gonna remember a lot of what they read during that time why would a person remember a lot from the beginning besides the fact that it’s the beginning it can be the most basic sometimes what kind of an energy level do you have when you
start reading compared to later hopefully uh… you’re at your best when you
start you could be tired when you open up a textbook but half hour from now you’re going to be ready to fall asleep so
you’re at your best and also this is kind of sad to say you’re not
bored yet not that text books are always boring but you
know how that goes and so when you open up the book and you lean forward and you concentrate everything is really good for a few minutes
and so you’re gonna remember a lot of what you re now here’s the mystery of the day so again i want you to try
to figure this one out the last ten minutes should be the worst minutes because you’re
exhausted by then but these are actually among the best minutes
so why would the last minutes of reading stick in your
brain better yeah and you also know by then that you’re almost finished i don’t know if you do this whenever i show this to students most people
look at me like oh my gosh they thought they were the only
one who did this but most people do it when i was in college i would open up a textbook
and start reading and i would read for about ten minutes and
then i would stop and do this and see how many pages were left and it was always a lot then i’d read for about three more minutes and it was like i was climbing a mountain
like when am i ever gonna get done but when i finally checked for like the tenth time
and i realized couple pages i’m almost done i could have been ready to fall asleep all
of a sudden i get a shot of adrenaline extra energy cuz i know just a few more minutes i’m done and so then i start concentrating and
then it sticks better right so all good well how much time does that leave in the middle seventy so you didn’t know this was a math workshop
but it is uh… what happens during this time bad things okay this is where your mind wanders all over the place you’re there you’re
gone you’re there you’re gone are you gonna remember a lot of what you read
during this time no because you’re not focused as well as you
should be so that means this person who again is trying really hard ends up having about twenty minutes that are good for their memory beginning and
end and then seventy minutes that are bad and that’s a pretty sad use of their time so what does student number two do that makes them remember way more well they do this they do three things three
habits the first one is the most obvious this number is way way too big unless you’re a very unusual type of person
our ability to concentrate doesn’t last ninety minutes sometimes it doesn’t
last ninety seconds you know we have a hard time so what i’m gonna suggest is that rather than reading for ninety minutes
that you read for no more than about thirty at one time or at one sitting it doesn’t mean thirty minutes a day because sometimes people have a lot more reading
to do than that but it’s at one time now if i gave you a choice to sit down and read a textbook for ninety
minutes or thirty what would you pick yeah if you say ninety uh… that’s impressive
but most people say this sounds so much better ninety minutes
just thinking about that sounds exhausting thirty minutes is like the little sprint so even if you don’t like
the reading you can hang in there for thirty minutes just fine well we’re gonna put the same two numbers
here and then what do we have in the middle now ten you’re going to see a whole lot of tens coming
up here in the next few minutes so first thing to do short way up on the reading to around
thirty minutes the second uh… habit that this person follows
that helps them involves the number five and thats five minutes what’s the five minutes for yeah it’s for break right i ask students all the time and
this is kind of a funny question for me to ask i say when you’re reading you have a lot of
reading to do do you take regular five minute breaks and you know what most students say they say no
i don’t an i say what do you do and some people say i prefer the three to four hour break or the wait till tomorrow break and i say yeah i know i get it and you know
why some people do this they know themselves and they know that once
they get up there never coming back they just kinda know that so that’s why they sit there and it’s like they put their
seat belt on and say i’m just gonna sit here until i’m done so they put in the time but look what happens not good uh… okay so five minute break and i’m not going to
get into this all that much just for the sake of time today but one of the things that i think is really smart for a student to do during a five minute
break when they’re going to come back and read some more is to stretch so in addition to using the restroom in getting
a quick little snack or something to drink something like that it’s a really good idea to stretch and here’s
why uh… you know as well as i do that sitting and trying to read a textbook is uh… hard work just trying to concentrate and
stay awake and so what happens to most people as they’re
reading is that their eyes start getting kinda sore or tired right but usually some other part of their body starts
to ache or get sore as well could be the neck back shoulders i’ve had even some people say oh boy my butt just starts hurting and i think how
are you sitting but anyway everybody’s different you know when you’re feeling fine it’s hard
to concentrate on reading when you haven’t ache or a pain you start thinking only about the ache and the pain so if you sat there for thirty minutes and
you’re leaning over and reading and uh… pain started to develop right here and then the thirty minutes ended and you said okay break time and you put the book aside and
you grabbed let’s say a newspaper or magazine and you just sat and read for five minutes that’s a break but what’s gonna happen to this while you’re
doing that probably nothing it’s going to stay there and then when you start reading again it’s gonna
get worse and worse and pretty soon that’s all you’re gonna be thinking about
and you lose your focus so after you’ve used the restroom gotten something to drink or whatever
right before you sit back down it’s good to stand there and just kind of move around a
little and try to sense what might be a little sore and just kind of exercise it a little this isn’t uh… an aerobic workout or anything else you could do
that some other time but just for a minute kinda stretch it out then when you sit down you should be back almost to normal
and then be able to concentrate better so i think this is helpful and then the other thing i wanted to ask you
about related to this is what should you not to do during a five minute
break you’re going to come back and you’re gonna
read here so what would be uh… mistake eat is possible depending what else tv uh… you know what i and i don’t want you
answering this ’cause this is a personal thing but here’s what i want you to think about what is there in your house or apartment that draws you to it like a magnet and once you start doing it you loose all track of time everybody has something different
for some people it’s the t_v_ for some people it’s the computer for some people it’s this i don’t know if you’ve ever done this
before it’s a really dumb thing and i used to
do this in the beginning of college i’d say this i have a five minute break
let me just rest my eyes for five minutes and then i’ll start reading again and then an hour later wake up from my nap
and then go to bed bad idea uh… telephone is another thing sometimes
if somebody loves the telephone once they get on there an hour can pass like two minutes i’ve had people say im just going to go on
and just check my email and look at my face book page just for five minutes and then an
hour later they’re still clickin’ and so you know what it
is for you that would kind of do that so during the five minutes you don’t go anywhere near that so if it’s the tv or the computer you just
kinda do this and you back away because otherwise
once you start you’re not going to come back ok… so uh… break that’s the second one i’m gonna finish
this out and then i’m gonna show you the third habit the person reads for thirty five minute break reads for thirty five minute break reads for
thirty more so that’s just their routine that they’re following okay and so uh… i’m gonna draw a strange
circle here ok i want you to look inside the circle after all this time how much time has student number two spend reading yeah ninety minutes right the same as this
person it’s actually taken them ten extra minutes due to the breaks but ninety minutes of reading beginning is good end is good so that’s a total for this person of sixty minutes that are good and then how much bad thirty right so the middle part so just by doing those two things the person goes from this to this which
is huge improvement and people who try this often come back to
me and you know what they say they say my memory is improving and you know what i tell em i say no it’s not it’s the same exact memory you had before
you’re just using it better and it’s actually working better for you it’s not that your
memory improved it’s just a smarter way to go about it okay so i’ve had students tell me if middle is bad what can we do to cut the
middle out you know you don’t want bad stuff so cut it out
let’s just have a beginning and end and then we’ll remember everything there has to be a middle but by doing this the middle shrinks this is a huge middle here that’s a big problem
so this fixes that but uh… i want to show you one other thing this
is habit number three that this student does and it involves something i mentioned a little
while ago and that’s this so this is again student number two uh… i told you that
it’s a good idea to read for thirty minutes a lot better than ninety so i still
stand by that but i’m gonna change it a little so not to confuse you it’s a good idea to
spend about twenty-five minutes reading and then the third habit that this student
does is right there so what would come there what would be a good thing for them to do
right here….break well uh… a lot of people whenever i ask any question they say break break right i’ll take a break the break actually comes here after the half-hour so what comes here
is what do most students do when they finish
reading something in their book they close it why do they close it because they’re done and usually they have
a smile on their face of relief they go like yeah and then as they walk away every step they take what happens it starts leakin away like some of those
words did when you thought you had em all in they just vanished somewhere like what
happened so the best thing to do which is requiring a new little habit for
some of you is too always take a couple of minutes to review before you get up and take your break if you did these two in reverse order that would be better than not reviewing at
all but even in those five minutes you’re gonna lose a lot and you’re trying to hold
it in there so that it kind of goes from your short term
to your long-term memory now again what was the uh… first word that
i showed you on those cards pen and you remember that you probably remember
that for awhile because you saw it a lot that the other words you only saw once and
usually for your memory once is not enough you need repetition so want you to kinda think of this for a
second if uh… if i had done this instead if i had held up all of these cards and i went through them the exact same way
that i just did and then when i was done i didn’t let you write em i went through all of them again and then i went through all of them again three times and then i ask you to write i know everybody here would have remembered
more a few words more or maybe a lot more because
when you see things that are repeated it helps one of the things you can do is after you’re
done reading go back to the first page you just read during those twenty five minutes
and then quickly skim down the columns look at the bold print headings and uh…
bold print word and all the basic important things not study them
hard just look at him again and when you look at things again right after
you’ve learned them they stick better and so that’s one of the main reasons why
this immediate review helps now even if a person does all three of those
things that doesn’t mean they’re going to remember everything but it helps a lot over just sitting and reading and then getting up afterward and wondering
why can’t i remember anything that i just read okay um…anybody have any questions about any of this okay uh… the next thing that i want to talk about
is something that some of you in here are having to struggle with this semester others maybe not but you will probably next
semester and that has to do with vocabulary or definitions uh… what i always tell students is that uh… if you’re in a class in college that
ends with ology you’re gonna have a lot of vocabulary to learn so psychology biology
sociology they almost have their own language so there’s a lot of vocabulary even other
classes you would as well well one of the things that i’ve discovered
over the years of teaching is that most students when they have a big set of uh… definitions
to learn they do it the wrong way they think it’s the right way but then when
they get to the test bad things happen so what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna put
down a definition on the board and i’m gonna use that as an example in just a minute of something i don’t know how many of you are familiar
with this word some people usually are on some haven’t really
heard of it before but i’m gonna just copy here the uh… definition of this word and then as i said i’m gonna use this in a second but okay now if you had this definition to memorize
for a test just that one you can learn that in one minute or less
and you’d be done but if you
had thirty or fifty or a hundred definitions to learn what do most people use to learn definitions flash cards so they run for the cards and they write the word and the definition
get a stack of them and then go around all day testing themselves that’s a good way to study except here’s what happens i’m gonna show you briefly
the wrong way most people try to learn definitions and then i’m gonna teach you the better way that almost always leads to better understanding
and better grades okay so that’s kinda how we’re gonna go with this so the wrong way that most people try to learn definitions is this way and i think some of you when you
see this you’re going to think that’s the wrong way i thought that was the right way so here’s what it is word for word okay and so what i mean by that is this
when a student has their stack of flash cards that they
made and they look at a word and then they say
the definition out loud and then they check and see that they got it exactly right they assume that they know it and they put it in
the done pile you know got that one and they work through their cards that way that all sounds good except what do teachers
do a lot on tests that would make that not work at all yeah they change the wording around all the
time do they do that to torture you some people say yes that’s exactly why but
it’s no it’s actually to see if you know what it means wow what an interesting idea so if you memorize the card and you’ve got
the words and you can say them anytime night and day people think ready for that one and then if
the teacher changes the way it’s worded your lost like you never learned it in the
beginning so this doesn’t work okay the better way involves four steps and i know that you’d rather have one step
than four but if you wanna learn the material this is
what you need to do first step in the better way this will confuse
everybody for a minute that’s step one okay and i’ve had people say well make up
your mind is that the wrong way or is that the uh… right way and the answer is sort
of both whenever you have a definition you have to
memorize the first thing you have to do is cram the definition in your head you have
to learn it word for word ok but if thats all you do and then stop that’s where problems come in so this is a
necessary first step but it’s only a first step so for these other three steps i’m going to start to show you something
related to this uh… i don’t know what it is about me sometimes
i look around see if i have a sign on me but students come up to me all the time and say could you test me on my vocabulary i have
a test coming up and they want me to test them and i say okay when is your test and sometimes
they say uh… twenty minutes and i just think get out of here say there is nothin that i could do for you now you
either you know it or you don’t but if they say it’s next week or it’s in three days i say ok give me your cards they give me the cards and then this is what
happens i say your first word is tariff and they get this look in their eyes that
people always get when they’re trying to spit back something that they’ve memorized
is kinda like this glassy eyed look and they say tariff is a system of duties on imports and exports and then they look at me and i say perfect they say yes all right let’s go onto the next one and i say
wait a minute before we go to the next one could you do me a favor could you tell me what tariff means and they say i just did and you said i got it right come on i don’t have
much time here said no but what does it mean and they said i just told you and so i say okay stop and so i do this i
say do you see this word right here and they look at that word like it’s the first time they’ve ever seen
it in their life even though they just said it to me like twenty
seconds ago so i say what does that word mean and they say i don’t know it’s a good
question i said yeah it’s kind of a good question
what do you think duties means they say well it means your like your job like your responsibilities those are your
duties and i said okay i’m glad you said that it’s wrong but i’m glad you said that in the english language probably ninety percent
of the time or more when you see this word in a sentence that’s what it means your duties your job your responsibilities but in this case that’s not what it means at all anybody know what this means here yes this is a type of tax is it important for you to know that before
you take the test on this yes because if you get a really easy teacher
you might get lucky the teacher might say a tariff is and then this is one of the choices
so if you memorize the card you got it but teachers don’t do that very often instead
the teacher might say something like this which of the following is a type of tax and they give this as one of the choices and you look at it and you think type of tax i’m not really sure i know that but i know it’s not tariff because a tariff
is a system of duties on imports and exports in other words you got that definition in
there but where does it say tax no where so all they had to do is change it
a little and you are like uh… darkroom trying to find the light switch you’re jsut lost so how do you fix that so that that won’t
happen well here’s what you do this seems really obvious but most people don’t
ever do this and that is to know the meaning and by this i don’t mean know the meaning
of the definition it’s actually more it’s this know the meaning of each word in the definition okay and so that may require you yeah actually it is so we will be done in just
a few minutes so maybe the next time if you look at all the words in the definition
and you think i’m positive i know the meaning of every one of those then you don’t have to do this but if you look at one of the words in there
and you think i’m not even positive what that means you need to look it up you look it up in the dictionary you look it
up on dictionary dot com if you have a you know laptop or any kind of computer and you find out the meaning okay and then for these two number three and four there is a word that i would love to have
you remember it’s not a very interesting word but it has great power to it when you use
it the way that i’m gonna show you this is my great power word it’s the word and that doesn’t seem very powerful
but it becomes powerful when you do this and that is you put a question mark after it so here’s the way this looks ok this person says to me tariff is a system of duties on imports and
exports the next word out of my mouth is and and if they look at me like a lot of students
have and say and what then you know that means that means don’t ask me anything else i’m just proud i
know that that’s a bad sign right what do i want them
to be able to do when i say and i want them to be able to say this that means it’s a kind of tax on what comes
in or out of a country in other words the same thing but in their
own words i think you know this but if you can’t explain
something clearly in your own words what does that mean it means you don’t know it you may say no but
i know it no you don’t if you can’t explain it then something is stuck in your your
understanding and so what you do is this you work for one minute for ten minutes
for however long it takes until you can restate the definition in your own words ok until you can do that you are not ready for the test on that material and so that’s why you need to know the meaning
of each word in there and then you try to figure out how would i say this or explain it
in my own words once a person does that once they say that means it’s a type of tax
on what comes in or out of the country the next word out of my mouth is and this is when they’re about ready to start
choking me because i keep pushing them for more what i want them to be able to do is one more
thing and if they can do this they are ready and that is i want them to be able to give some kind of a fact or an example of that word that they either learned
in a lecture or from their textbook in so i’ll give you a little example here the person says this and then uh… i asked
them and then they say it’s a type of tax on what comes in or out of the country and i
say and and they say and i remember in our book it
said that united states imposed a tariff on cuba in nineteen sixty some fact like that if you’re able to do all of this you’re as ready as you’re ever going to be and
it should be true that no matter how the teacher asks this on the test no matter how they word it shouldn’t matter you should be able to get it right because
you know way more than just the words i always tell people that i could find a
child if i could find one that’s like four years old and i can bring them in here and i could teach
them this definition and they’d probably learn it
faster than anybody in here and then they could be running around the
room and all of a sudden i’d say stop and they’d be like this and i say tariff they say a system of duties on imports and exports good go and then they just keep running
around so they nailed it they got it perfect does that mean they understand it no they just memorized a bunch of words so
some people get so excited when they can say the back of the card and they’re thinkin’ yes but
then problems occurr so if you go through the
time it takes whether it’s a just a minute or two or more with each word to be able to do all of these
that should mean you’re ready to go when the test comes okay any questions on this one okay and is the sign in sheet making it around
i got one more thing i want to go through ok anybody miss signing it okay i’ll get there from you after words uh…
the last thing that i wanted to go through with you involves the use of a handout that is actually yours to just take with you
and to read through on your own when you get a chance i’m going to kind of hit some highlights of this point out a couple of things to you for these
last five minutes or so and then uh… i’ll go ahead and send you on your way and uh…
again this has a lot of good information even more than what i’m going to be able to explain
let me give you a bunch more you can pass those back okay on the front side of this handout it
talks about reasons why people forget and then on the back it gives ways to improve
your memory that’s in addition to the things that i’ve talked about today well i wanna
show you a couple of things on the front first on the why we forget number one is a really
obvious one but it says negative self-concept it says the people who are convinced that
they cannot remember are most apt to forget so when i meet work with a student and they’re in a particular class
and they show me all this that they have to learn and i say how you gonna learn that say
i’m not i can’t learn that much if they keep saying that and keep thinkin
that guess what then they’re gonna learn it and so one of
the ways to sort of fight that is to have confidence in your abilities
and if you feel but i don’t have any memory abilities well that’s what these workshops are about
that’s what learn eleven class is about which i teach and all that is to give you the strategies
but you have to develop confidence in your ability to remember the third one on the list is also pretty obvious dis-use for getting through dis-use is
both normal than unavoidable the old saying is true use it or lose it so what i wanted to kind of remind everybody
about cuz i think you all know this is just most people don’t do it is to retain material
to hang onto it in your brain you must engage in ongoing review and application
so um… when do most people review for a test yeah right before it might be like ten minutes
before or it might be the night before and maybe this is three weeks worth of lectures
and the textbook your asking way too much of your brain by
doing that so what you need to do is review the night before but it’s not going back and
dusting off these old memories from like three weeks ago you should be doing it ongoing five minutes at a time ten minutes another day five minutes another
day just little bits of time just to keep it fresh in your mind and then when the night
before comes it makes it so much easier there’s way less stress for you okay and then number
four i just want to point this out really quickly
what i just taught you about definitions is related to this i didn’t use the term changed cues the problem you may have all the information
you need stored away in your mind but be unable to recall it if the right cue is missing
in other words if you study the material one way and the test questions presented in another
you may be unable to remember so the way to fix that again is to work on learning things
in your own words and not be so stiff with it that you’re just trying to memorize the words
on the card or on the sheet okay and then the other thing i want to show you a couple
things on the back in this ways to improve your memory i don’t know how many of you are familiar
with this term but it says under number one match your memory approach to the material you
need to learn there are two basic ways to memorize one is
by wrote i don’t know if you’ve heard that phrase
before that just means mechanically the other ones
by understanding so everybody here when you learned your times tables your multiplication tables i don’t think you sat there and thought four times five you know it’s interesting now why would that
be twenty you just memorized it right four times by
this twenty four times six is twenty four just like mechanically over and over again some things in college that’s the way you should learn them other things that’s not the way you should
learn ’em and i’ve had some students memorize the factual
information and then they got to a test and the teacher asked them to show deep understanding of it not
just a quick little memorization so you need to kind of double check with
teachers and find out am i just supposed to memorize this or do i need to know more than just the words
there and they’ll help you they’ll kinda guide you with that and then the last thing which may sound a little strange and i don’t
want to ever ruin anybody’s sleep in here sleep is so important it says number
three sleep on it review and refresh your memory before going
to bed unless you are physically or mentally over tired freshly learned material is better remembered
after a period of sleep then after an equal period of daytime
activity when interference takes place now if you are getting ready for bed and one eye is already closed and you can’t
even open it or drool is starting to come down don’t study go to bed okay but if you’re just tired just regular tired sometimes sitting and not studying hard or learning
but just reviewing for ten or fifteen minutes and then going to bed it’s not that you’re gonna dream about that
all night hopefully but you have a tendency to remember
more of that in the morning then you do if you learned it at nine in the morning and
try to remember like at seven at night because during the day you got so many things
going on that takes your mind away when you’re sleeping
things just tend to just sorta hang there and you’re sometimes able to remember
and so the one exception to that i always say is
math uh… don’t study math right before you go to bed cuz then while you’re sleeping you’re
gonna see numbers just floating in the air that’s the way to get a nightmare so we don’t want
that but just for regular subjects that’s good we’re all done thanks for coming again next week
memory tricks uh… trick ways to memorize things and that’s
always fun for me to teach so hopefully i’ll see you again


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