How To Open Your Chakras Like A Badass. Chakra Information YOU NEED!

David: In this video, we’re going to teach
you how to open your chakras, like a badass. Heather: This is the chakra information you
need. David: Plus, stay to the end for a secret
weapon, to discover your personal chakra identity. Heather: I’m Heather. David: And, I’m David. Heather: From Zen Rose Garden. David: Dot com. Heather: Yes. David: Helping people create … Heather: Badass lives. David: Let’s get started. Heather: A lot of people want to shortcut
the process of unblocking their chakras, but there is no shortcut, you’ve got to do the
work of unblocking the emotional muck that is specific to each chakra. David: There is no quick fix. There is no magic pill that is going to make
this process happen like that. You’ve gotta put in the work. Heather: You want to be a spiritual warrior. David: So, our challenge to you, if you want
to be a spiritual warrior, is to be a badass and face what you have to face and stop piling
fluff on top of it. David: So, let’s get to it. Heather: Number one: the root chakra. The root chakra is about survival. What typically, blocks the root chakra is
fear. David: So, you have to take a look at what
you’re afraid of. So, when we’re talking about the root chakra,
look at what you’re afraid of. Face that fear. And then, figure out how to work through the
fear to find your survival. Heather: Number two: the sacral chakra, which
is about pleasure. Now, what blocks the sacral chakra is some
form of guilt. David: So, what in your life have you ever
felt guilty about? Face that piece and that part, and overcome
that to find your center to clear that block. Heather: So, good question to ask your sacral
chakra is, what am I still blaming myself for? That might be a leading question to get you
to the root of that guilt. Work through it and eliminate it. Heather: Number three. David: Solar plexus chakra. This is the center of willpower. Heather: The emotional muck that blocks the
solar plexus chakra is shame. David: So, take a moment and ask yourself,
when have you ever felt disappointed in yourself? Not good enough? Haven’t achieved whatever it happens to be
and that could be the opening to look at what blocks that particular chakra. Heather: Number four: the heart chakra, which
is all about love. The emotional muck that blocks the heart chakra
is grief. David: So, what is it that you’re still mourning? Ask yourself that question and that could
be your gateway into the blocks of the heart. Heather: Number five is the throat chakra,
which is about truth. What blocks the throat chakra are lies. David: So, with this one take a look at when
you have been lying to yourself about yourself. Are you aligned with the inside and the outside? Is your truth being expressed to the world
around you? Heather: Where in your life are you not being
true to your true nature? David: And, that’s a great gateway to get
into those particular blocks. Heather: Yes. Heather: Number six: the third eye chakra,
which is about insight, clarity, and vision. What blocks this chakra is the illusion that
you are alone. That we are separate. That we are not together and united, and we
don’t have help. David: So, a great question to ask yourself
for this gateway would be to, ask yourself when in your life you felt alone, or abandoned,
or not a part of some part of your life? That’s a great question that gets you started
into figuring out what’s blocking this area. Heather: Number seven: the crown chakra, which
is about cosmic consciousness. David: Yes. Heather: The emotional muck that blocks this
chakra is, attachment or neediness. David: The great question for this particular
gateway is, when have you ever been codependent in your life with yourself or, relationships
around you? When have you been acting needy in your life? Heather: Saran wrap. David: Yes. Heather: Don’t be saran wrap. David: No. Heather: And now it’s time for the bonus tip. David: Bonus Tip. Heather: A healthy life. It can take a lifetime of working on your
chakras to unblock the emotional muck that you’ve built up over the years but, in the
meantime, there are several healthy practices that can help stabilize that emotional work
that you are doing. David: Some of these things would be healthy
eating. Or, a regular routine of exercise. Heather: Taking up meditation practice or
spiritual practice of some kind, can really help to stabilize that work. David: Another thing to keep in mind, is to
get plenty of rest. Heather: Yes. David: Sleep. Good sleep helps to definitely solidify the
work that you’re doing with your emotions. Heather: And laughing. Laughter is one of the fastest, most wonderful
ways to open up the chakras, to maintain that work, and to bring a sense of play and peace
into your life. David: Because even though, it takes a lot
of work, and a lifetime to work on the issues that you’ve got, blocking each chakra. You can do it with a lot of laughter. Laughter makes the medicine go down. Heather: You just learned how to open your
chakras like a badass. David: Now, it’s time for that secret weapon. Heather: We created a special quiz to help
you discover your celebrity chakra identity. David: CLICK the link in the description to
get it. Heather: Go get it. David: Now. Go get it. Heather: It’s truth bomb time. David: Leave your truth bomb moments and any
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