How To Get A Job In Data Science

Hey, What’s up? today I got Richard The CEO and founder of a platform that helps you use AI to make your job search 10x easier, 10 faster and today he’s going to show us How to get a job in data science and Richard has hired over 500 people at Google so I don’t think there are so very many people in the world as qualified as him to tell us how to become a data scientist so i’m going to ask him 4 key questions to keep this interview organised first question that Richard is going to answer is do you need a degree? well, on book, you don’t. many companies will say you don’t need a degree but in reality, i don’t think i have seen any data scientist who does not have a college degree so it really depends how you want to take it so it’s possible, but you are saying you never seen it actually happened. all the data scientist you have met have a degree and do they have a PHD, a masters or just a bachelor’s So what I have seen is… I don’t have seen anybody who does not have a degree the reason why… i have seen a bunch of software engineers who does not have a degree Why? software engineers, you just learn more like a practical use of programming language then build some stuff but for data scientists, you do have a lot of math behind it without going to college, it;s hard for you to fully comprehend those science behind it so that’s just a little bit practical theoritically you can but in reality, you have to comprehend those maths behind it in terms of degree, yes indeed i see a lot PHDs and a bunch of masters probably there’s also some bachelors if you have experience, honestly, degree doesn’t matter that much which bachelor should someone get? and which masters, PHDs should people get if they want to become a data scientist? what is the best one? ofcourse, it’s Statistics there you go, perfect! it would be nice if there’s a data science masters right? but maybe that will be coming to colleges soon so that next question is… what do you think of data science bootcamps? one of them being galvanized, and i think there’s a bunch of data science bootcamps popping up especially in San Francisco and New York now absolutely, they are very helpful and ofcourse, the best situation is that you get to work on realtime projects you can also go to companies apply as an intern work as a volunteer as a data scientist but if you don’t have those type of opportunities but if you have some science foundation, you can still go to bootcamps then you really learn those type of things paired with your science foundation you can be equipped with that stuff and go to interviews i think we are talking before the interview that my friend, he went to a data science bootcamp and he’s able to get a job and he got multiple job offers for data science would you say that, there’s a lack of data scientist and there’s more demand than there are data scientist right now? ofcourse aboslutely data science is growing so much faster than anybody antipated with a ton of data scientist need and also more challenges the industry doesn’t know how to evaluate data scientist starting from google, from facebook people figure out the mechanics on how to evaluate a software engineer but data scientist, the people are still figuring out how to evaluate who has the potential to be a great data scientist so by the way, anyone out there, if you want a high-paying technical career and you studied something like chemistry, biology, physics and you have a scientific mind and you may have a degree and couldn’t have a good job afterward and i think that happens that’s a very common problem right? i’ve seen so many people who studied chemistry, biology, physics 4.0 students, cum laude, suma cum laude and yet they can’t find a job because there’s no demand for their skill do you think going to data science bootcamps is a good alternative for them so that they dont have to re-learn the math right? in those science class you go all the way up to linear algebra so they kind of started data science with a step forward Absolutely. you definitely need to have a science foundation, especially the math foundation go to bootcamp and at the same time, you can find some real life projects you go to work with a company as an intern or as a volunteer you can get real-life experience, and you will be good alright, that leads to our next question we covered over what happens if you are kind of screwed by studying a useless science degree i’m sorry about that but it’s kind of true it’s hard to get a job as a biology major i don’t critic the job market, it just says question number 3 if someone is brandnew, just graduated from high school, 18 what’s the ideal path for someone who wants to get a job doing data science for company like google or any other first tier tech company? That’s easy. The first thing is to go to a college to study stats or computer science incase those two department feel overly competitive then you can get into some other science major that you are really interested that’s number 1, just get into those majors number 2, try to do as many internship as possible and i said it before while you are in sophomore or junior, try to do internship even if they don’t pay you that’s okay be a volunteer working on real life projects is way more important not what you learn from class even for software engineers work on real life projects, that is number 2 number 3 is basically when you graduated you feel you don’t have enough experiences attend some of training camps or you use whatever is your skill to get a job within the company improving your skill to be a data scientist from what i’ve seen, we interviewed someone previously on how to get a job in machine learning for anyone out there would you say machine learning is a sub section of data science? is that true? machine learning is more focused on algorythms data science is more focused on data and insights and paired with algorithms to get the final results so it’s two differnt roles? yes when it comes to data science, by the way, i’m learning something here that’s why i did the interviews because I thought machine learning is a sub-section of data science people may want put it in a different way so you asked me i see it this way, and other people may have arrived in a different way but all of this is fine What could get someone an edge when they are applying for an internship or their first job above other students or other graduates? the general sense when applying for any job demonstrate that you have the potential to be the best in the category if you are applying to be a software engineer, demonstrate that you have the potential to be the best software engineer if you are applying to be a data scientist demonstrate that you have the potential to be the best data scientist question number 4 that we have and perfect segway which is what does it take to be a great data scientist? i think data scientist is one domain that people needs to understand people are still trying to figure out generally, what i have seen is, number 1 data scientist should love data they should be passionate about data number 2, unlike many other things you have to generate unique insight unlike for software engineers, for example Matt write some beautiful code and i use it for 1 case i copy his code and use it for another case i created avalue but for the same data, Matt absorb other insight and i absorb the same insight, i dont add value basically, you should have the capability to see data and get some unique insights do you think that’s a little bit of psychology that goes into that because usually the data you’re observing comes from people right? is there some psychology that you are trying to figure out what the users are doing? we definitely somehow have experience definitely your experience how you see the word but in reality, data scientists spend 90% of their time cleaning data you just need to get the data massage the data make the data in a lesser form then spend the 10% of the time to pair with algorithms and get the final results a data scientist should have the patience to clean the data and ability to debug it’s kind of like software engineers spend 90% of their time debugging that’s true what do you mean by cleaning the data? so basically, you look at the data analyze it so you have to identify them either you excluded them or you fix them awesome! Thanks Richard for sharing insights on getting a job in data science and becoming a data scientist if anybody out there wants to use AI to get a job in data science or get any technical job and also get a job in UX/UI or any of this dev roles uses AI to help you land a job. make it 10x easier, 10x faster and if you use my link in the description below you get $500 if you land a job thanks, Richard for your time, it’s been a lot of fun Thank you Mat



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    Another fantastic, informative video. I've been considering data science as a possible career path after college and it was enlightening to get insider information from someone working in the field. Keep the great content coming, it's been a huge help in my future career planning!

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    Yes, Master of Data Science courses exist, but they're very new and still adapting. Make sure you see the course outline before you sign up at a particular university as many of them are not well organised. Having said that though, there aren't many situations (other than a double degree) where studying a different course would be more useful.

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    I'm a senior Psychology major thinking about moving into data science, and I think Psychology is actually a pretty good choice for pursuing this career if you supplement the degree with a little programming (maybe some extra math too depending on your program). Psychological science is all about taking abstract, complex constructs such as memory, attitudes/beliefs, and executive control, figuring out how to quantify them and make them concrete, and then using statistics to analyze the data from experiments to draw theoretical conclusions.

    If you end up pursuing a Masters or Ph.D. in Psych then you'll definitely pick up enough applied stats, possibly some programming too depending on which field you study. The Ph.D. student I worked with in my first Cognitive lab was a total stats nerd and programmed his experiments himself with Python, and he mentioned that if the academia thing didn't work out that he was going to look into data science. He did Psych/Bio for his undergrad though, so if you do something like Psych/CS then you probably wouldn't need grad school for a lot of positions.

    If you want to do something like machine learning then yeah you'll need more math outside stats and some more programming skills, but otherwise it seems like people mostly want excellent statistics and data analysis know-how, which Psychology gets you (just toss in some python/sql). There's also much more technical reading and writing involved with Psychology than other STEM degrees (less math though), which I think would also be quite useful.

    Not a lot of Psych majors hanging around these circles, so I hope my perspective was helpful!

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