How to find the system information on a Chromebook and what it means

SelmaTeacher 7 Mr. Berry here today
I want to show you how to find system information on your Chromebooks all you
have to do is go up to the address box at the very top and then type in Chrome
colon slash slash system as you see here once you’ve done that this about system
page will load as you see here now this has all of your system information your
CPU information as well as your memory information next if you want to find
that information too you can be using the shortcut ctrl F so here you hold
down the control key and tap the F key and then you type in CPU and you’ll go
down and show you your CPU information so here you see what type of processor
and the speed or the processor now you can also find memory information
so go up to the very top there and then type in nem and it will go down and
highlight the memory information for you as you see here if you click on the
expand button you’ll then show you more information the amount of memory is that
very first number there but remember it’s done in kilobytes so there’s a
thousand kilobytes in the megabyte and there’s a thousand megabytes in a
gigabyte so you just have to do some division there and move your decimal
point over and then you find out how much memory you have well as always
please give a thumbs up comment down below and share the video if you have a
question please leave that in the comments and I’ll try to answer your
question as soon as I can thank you very much and bye bye

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