How To Double Your Learning Speed | Jim Kwik

How many of you have been the opposite,
you read something, you get to the end of the page, and then you forgot
what you just read? Look around. And you go back and you reread it and you
still don’t know what you just read, right? And that’s a big problem, right? Because you’re wasting your most valuable
asset which is your time and the reason why all the speakers here give 100% is
because we know your time is valuable. Like, I want to make this session so
valuable, when you leave you are like, “I would have came and paid
just for this one talk.” You know what I mean? Because I know what it’s like when I first
learned these skills, I traveled around the world,
I bought every audio program, audio cassette…I’m dating myself,
but it’s like I bought all these programs because that’s the thing that’s going to
help me be able to grow the most. And so on the right side,
the three questions I obsess about to get the most out of my reading or
listening to a podcast or anything else, I asked myself these three questions. I ask myself, “How can I use this?” Now, it’s so basic but I like to
make…the things that are going to give you the highest return,
I want to make them as simple as possible so you do it. “How can I use this?” And this is your creativity. You’re listening to me as I speak here and
all the other speakers and just ask, “How can I use this?” Because you have a dominant question
you ask all the time, it’s been imprinted on you since you were
a child, right? And so for me growing up as the boy with a
broken brain, I would be very introverted, very shy, and I would just…my superpower
back then was being invisible, right? Because I didn’t want to be seen or heard
because I didn’t feel like I was enough and that’s just what my reality was. But my imagination would kick in all the
time because I would watch people and observe them and ask,
“Why is that person so smart? Why do I have to work three times harder
to do worse than this person, right?” And the question I would ask all the time
was, “How can I make this better?” Because I was obsessed,
and the key to reading comprehension is asking more questions. If you read a page in a book,
get to the end, and not get anything out of it, it’s because you’re not asking
questions, because questions are the answer. You can write that on the left side. Questions are the answer because ask and
you shall receive. And so that’s all the thinking is,
when you really break down functionally what thought and thinking is,
when you’re in a corner thinking to yourself, you’re asking questions and
then you’re answering them. And you probably are like, “Is that true?” Notice you had to ask a question to be
able to think about that, right? And so, on the right side,
I’m thinking about questions like, “How can I use this?” and this is like, “”Oh,
there’s the one way I could use it, another way and another way.” The second question that I obsess
about…and I would capture on the right side, to be able to when you’re
taking notes throughout today and the rest of your life, on the right side I would
say, “Why must I use this?” Because here’s the thing,
the biggest lie in the personal development industry is
that knowledge is power. It is, it’s just you feel like you got
points because you think signed up for a seminar or a webinar,
you bought a book and it sits on your shelf and it becomes shelf-help instead of
self-help because it just sits there, right? But it doesn’t become…the truth is what
people don’t tell you is all the podcasts, coaching, conferences, online programs,
none of it works unless you work, right? Is that fair to say? Like, you can’t read a book on doing,
like, push-ups and get benefit from that, it just doesn’t work, right? So, you have to do the work. So I’m asking myself,
“How can I use this?” and I come up with all these ideas,
that’s the creativity part. And then I’m asking,
“Why must I use this?” Because if it’s not a must,
you’re not going to do it because you have plenty of other things to do,
is that fair? Because there’s the success formula,
you capture on the left side of your page, head, heart, hands. You could think about things in your mind,
set goals in your head and affirmations, KPIs, your objectives,
but if you’re not acting with your hands, and you’re procrastinating. Raise your hand if you
ever procrastinated before. Right, all of us. If there’s a gap between your head and
your hands, check in with the second H, which is your heart, right? The emotion, we do things emotionally,
we are emotional creatures. We’re not logical; we’re biological. Dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins,
we’re this chemical soup and so we want to be able to activate that. So, head, heart, hands,
another way of putting it are the I’s. Information, that’s good, great,
but sometimes you can listen to a podcast that has lot of information but there’s no
inspiration to use it. Fair? But sometimes you can listen to a speaker
or learn something and it’s inspiring, but you don’t know what to do, right? Is that fair? So you have information,
you have inspiration, and then you have implementation where
you’re doing it. And I feel like when you get all three I’s
together, you have the most powerful I which is integration. That’s my goal for all of you is that when
you read something, you listen to something, you know,
you learn something, it becomes part of who you are. It’s integrated here, here and,
here and then you have an alignment and how it performs is it looks
like magic to people. You know when somebody is aligned and
they’re in their element, it looks like it’s effortless? You know, these flow states,
it’s powerful. There’s three parts to it that I focus on. You know, how many of you have
ever been in the zone? And that’s how it is when I’m reading. Like, people think that just because our
programs called Kwik Brain and Kwik Learning and Kwik Reading,
it’s frantic fast. It’s not at all, it is a piece to it. It’s like somebody who’s fit and has
strategies, if they have to climb a mountain, it looks like it’s effortless
because they’ve just done the work and they have strategy and they have tools to
be able to do so and somebody who maybe doesn’t have those resources,
it’s more effort, is that fair? So actually learning how to do these
things, it’s easier, like, when I read a book…I still read a book a
day, it’s just part of my practice, it’s part of my mental hygiene and I feel
like it’s the number one exercise because reading is to your mind like exercise
is to your body. And some of you are already doing this,
I’m preaching to you so I’m going to show you how to do it better. But those of you who aren’t,
on the other spectrum, reading at all…the average person reads,
like, two books a year, now if you’re reading, like,
more than that, that means somebody is reading a lot less, right,
on the other side but it’s the best exercise for your brain. People ask me all the time,
“How do I keep my brain young and how do I keep it energetic as I grow older?” Reading, reading. But the problem is a lot of people don’t
indulge in it because they’re not good at it and I wouldn’t be playing a lot of
golf if I was horrible at it all the time but in psychology, they have something
called the confidence-competence loop. That the more competent you get at
something, the more confident you get at it and then the confidence will make
you do it more and then you get more competent and then it cycles through in
the positive momentum, right? And you have examples
of that in your own life. So what I’m asking about here,
the second part, the inspiration is, “Why must I use this?” And you know what question I asked a lot
of is like, “Who’s counting on me to win today?” You know what I mean? Because some of you…and I bring this up
because some of you really will do more for other people than
you will for yourself. So knowing that about yourself,
self-awareness is a superpower, then tap into that. You don’t have to change it, tap into it,
“Who’s counting on me to, like, be at my best?” And then you’re more likely to do it. And the reason I know this is because when
I was driven so much, it was really my family
who I want to make proud. Like, we all have our reasons, right? And one of my favorite books,
I probably give you 12 of them, you know, in this conversation,
“Start With Why,” it’s a must read book by Simon Sinek. And you want to start with your why
because reasons reap results, reasons reap results. And even remembering people’s names,
if you don’t have a reason to remember their name, you don’t. Like, how many of you have trouble
remembering people’s names, raise your hand. See, this is the thing,
you don’t remember everyone’s name but you sure as heck don’t forget everyone’s
name either, right? So, there’s always…genius leaves
clues…you can write that down, genius leaves clues,
there’s always a method behind the magic, and I bet you the names you remember are
people that you have some kind of intention. You’re attracted to that person,
they could be good for your business, right? There’s some kind
of motivation that’s there. So, find your motivation in your reading
because if you’re not motivated, you’re not going to read very well. Is that fair?


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