How to build a learning city? Celebrate learning

[Music] [Music] ask people what it means to learn and many will picture a classroom but in a learning city learning takes place everywhere in the classroom in the community and in the workplace promoting lifelong learning has many benefits for the city it helps to achieve inclusion prosperity and sustainability by celebrating learning in a fun active way a city shows the full potential of lifelong learning celebrations foster a positive attitude towards learning and encourage people to take part a celebration is any event that captures the attention of the public eye inspires them to take part in learning activities it also brings people together strengthening bonds weaving and across neighborhoods it reinforces a sense of community builds enthusiasm and attracts people who never thought they would get involved or even felt excluded a celebration can encourage citizens to work towards achieving their personal goals in acquiring new skills holding regular events and festivals can have a lasting impact more participants will get involved in more partners will come on board and offer new opportunities that will help maintain the public’s interest in enthusiasm for learning so what kind of learning event is right for your city and how do you organize one the possibilities are endless to ensure an event is accessible to everyone consider giving your celebration a theme something simple that allows the public to grasp the concept immediately think about what is important to the local community and what could inspire people to widen their knowledge and gain new skills the might use this opportunity to raise awareness of an issue that is relevant to your city to find inspiration you may want to look at what other cities are doing think about what events will work best for your city and how you would like to showcase different learning activities you will need to consider how to involve the community and activities how to ensure the activities are relevant to the audience and beneficial to the city and how the activities are presented and communicated organizing learning events requires mobilizing resources and creating partnerships networks of organizations across the city should come together as a team to create a successful learning city environment these networks can share ideas as well as resources such as allowing premises to be used as venues for events you may also consider involving partner cities in your events use all kinds of media to spread the learning city message publicize and record your city’s events in order to share them later positive publicity of learning events builds anticipation and encourages more people to participate and become active learners celebrating learning in a festival atmosphere brings the whole city to life and encourages people to discover the lifelong learning opportunities that are all around them and Fuji azzam is infectious positivity and joy can spread throughout a city inspiring more and more people to learn the positive impact this has on individuals and communities is significant and long-lasting discover how embracing lifelong learning and enabling individuals to broaden or acquire new skills can benefit your city now and long into the future click on the link to find out how city just like yours celebrate learning within their communities you

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