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Hi! I am Rasha Shrourou and this is your guide
to surviving Architecture! Architects make ideas real and they create
spaces for people to reside in. When they first develop their projects, they
are usually asked to do case studies. A case study is a process of research into
a project and documenting through writing, sketches, diagrams and photos. Case studies are important to understand the
various aspects that must be considered and to learn from other people�s mistakes. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge was a suspension
bridge that opened in 1940. The structural girders were inadequate to
hold the heavy weight and resist strong wind. It collapsed after 4 months of it opening. Luckily there were no victims to this architectural
disaster Ask questions and talk with people, read books
and stay for hours in the library, read research papers online or in website dedicated to researching
famous projects such as ArchDaily and Architizer. Try to find all the information about the
project because it�s important for a successful case study. Read different case studies that other people
have done just to get a vague idea about the project before diving into it. Aim for at least 2-3 different case studies
to have a clear understanding of the minimum, average and luxury requirements. Choose projects with the same climate that
way it is easy to compare different design approaches. Visit the building because looking at it first
hand, a lot of information can be gathered that can�t be found online such as the experience
or emotions that the building brings. The most important things to analysis are:-
� Climate � Required spaces
� User requirements � Form
� Circulation including horizontal and vertical circulation. � Structure such as columns, beams, roof
or trusses. � Systems for example, fire alarm system
or the water supply � Materials
� Access, approach. � Site Plan
4 things to never forget! All drawings are to scale. The north arrow. Combination of sketches, diagrams and photos,
text and your recomendations Albert Einstein said ��Learn from yesterday,
live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning��. Conducting case studies and documenting information
would give so many insights and ideas and let you peek into the minds of professional
and experienced architects and how they designed incredible structures. I�m Rasha Shrourou and I will see you next


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