How LinkedIn Learning Fuels Growth and Engagement at ServiceTitan

– The culture we’re trying
to create at ServiceTitan is one in which, at the
end of their career, when they look back at all the various professional experiences they had, we want them to look back
at ServiceTitan and think “Man, that was the best
experience that I had.” – Next year ServiceTitan
will double in size, in terms of revenue, customer count, team size, product, and so on. Everything’s gonna change. – Our ability to scale
is heavily dependent on our learning development program. (upbeat music) – The culture of learning I’m
really trying to build here at ServiceTitan is one where people are proactive about their growth. I firmly believe that
growth doesn’t just happen, so we really try to teach employees to go after their own development. So the reason why we
chose LinkedIn Learning among other competitors out there is because of a couple things: the quality of the
content, their reputation, the brand of Linkedin in general, and also, it was scalable. We’re a high performing,
high growing tech company, so we need to make sure that the learning that we provide meets the
needs of our employees, and Linkedin Learning was the
number one solution for that. – It’s actually helped us create what we call “Boom Moments”. Now, you’re prolly like
“What are Boom Moments?” So Boom Moments are those “Ah-Ha” moments where people realize that
something was already there within them, that they
never knew was there before. – I love being able to pick a topic that I don’t have any knowledge about, or I wanna go deeper in, and, you know, an hour and a half, I am capable of taking this, whether it’s a tool or
concept, and applying it. – At the beginning, the biggest
metric that we were looking at was certainly adoption. We made a sizeable
investment in a resource, and we wanted to make
sure, like a first thing was that everybody was
activating their account. – We had a target of about 80% adoption over the first three to six months is what we were looking at. We achieved 83% adoption before
the end of that first month. – [Interviewer] And what was
your reaction when you saw 83%? – Boom!
That was my reaction. – Once we adopted, we
celebrated the adoption, and then we started to see
folks actually engaging with the tool. – I thought it was gonna be
a waist of time, honestly. And then you start
watching a course or two, and you realize “I can start
implementing this right away.” And, so I think that immediate impact is really what drove the
value for me, personally. – Linkedin Learning has really
helped me with my transition from individual contributor to manager. Probably one of the most
impactful courses that I took was the Developing Executive Presence course. It was really helpful for me to be able to just get a better sense of
what point of view should I be approaching problems from. – My manager, Casey,
recommended the course Developing Executive Presence. What really spoke to me
about that course was, they focused so much on core values. I think it tugged at your heart strings (laughs)
a little bit. – The reason why I do this work is not because of a paycheck, not because of some fancy title, but because of the impact we
can make on people’s lives. And at ServiceTitan, one
of our main core values is changing lives. And I believe that the
work that my team is doing, leveraging tools like Linkedin Learning, are changing peoples lives, and that means the world to me.

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