How ‘Knowing the Path’ Can Be a Trap

To know the path is an illusion, it’s not really to know the path. To walk the path is to know the path. Understanding that on a fundamental level is– Really understanding that is what has allowed me to do so much, especially over this last couple of years. Hey guys! Welcome to another episode. I guess what I’ll do is I’ll just give you guys a quick update of what I’ve been up to this morning and then we’ll get into the main topic of the day which is something I’ve been thinking about a lot, and really putting it to practice a lot, and it is the idea of knowing the path, and walking the path, and what it truly is to know the path, right? I think that we all– We all feel like we know things, and we feel very confident in knowing those things. And I think there’s a lot of difficulty… we have a lot of difficulty in doing those things, despite the fact that we feel like we know them, right? We know roughly what are the things that we should be doing and we still have a hard time executing doing those things. So, that’s what we’re going to be focused on today. As far as today goes, I’m feeling great. I got a tremendous amount of sleep. I actually woke up late, I woke up around 7:30, but that’s because I slept a lot. I usually sleep about 5 and a half to 7 hours, and yesterday I got about nine hours of sleep, which is absolutely insane. I’ve been working– I always work really hard, but I’ve been– You know, I’m not ready to explain what I’ve been doing, but what I will say is that I’m finding better– I’m still managing to work all days and I’m finding better ways to balance that work. I’m really losing myself in my work. I’m finding ways to physically express myself in every aspect of what I do, especially the mundane stuff, like responding to messages or emails, by the end of the day I feel very tired, but my soul doesn’t feel tired, if that makes sense. I think it’s very difficult to try to find balance in work, right? To be able to work an entire day, but find balance in there, to where the work doesn’t completely deplete you or wear you down, or where you don’t feel burnt out, but to where you can finish a day and you can, the work that you do can actually– I don’t want to say leave you with a surplus of energy, but where you finish the day feeling balanced, right? It wasn’t too much and, at the same time, it wasn’t just a cakewalk, right? But we’ll talk about that in another episode. I woke up a little bit late today, but perfectly fine with that. Usually, I’d beat myself up. Right now, I’m just finding my way again to move with the river. Made my bed, of course. I had some decaf coffee with Keto hot chocolate, I forget the exact names, but basically it’s like hot chocolate. It’s keto, meaning that it’s very low carb, mixed it in with my decaf coffee. Absolutely delicious. I did my meditation, I have these lights that I got– You guys may have seen recently on different channels or elsewhere, something that’s becoming really popular is red light therapy, I’ll talk about this in another video as well. But, usually a device like the one I have set up, or the light setup that I have would cost about $6,000 USD and I was able to get mine setup through Alibaba for about twelve hundred dollars. And I’m having a mental apparatus built that can hold the lights. Anyway, we’ll talk about this in a future episode, but you probably just saw the red lights on the screen right now, you’re wondering what it is, and I had to give at least a cursory explanation. I’m here at Valentina cafe in my favorite place to work in Medellín. Centro Comercial Santa Fé. I’m stuttering and not saying words properly because I’m holding this coffee and I haven’t drank yet, so I need to take that quick sip. That’s better. I feel the brain moving again. Anyway, it’s 1:00 p.m on Thursday. Man, this cafe has some of the most amazing looking food and Stalin and Laura, who I’m here with, they both got a chai latte, that I always have little sips and little bites of stuff that they order because I obviously have a very strict diet that I adhere to. Today, I’m definitely at least a little bit jealous. What I wanted to focus on today in a short amount of time that we have because I am running to– I’m going to be hopping in a flight in a couple hours to head to Barranquilla for a graduation party. But what I wanted to talk about was just the idea that we can come to know something but then still aren’t doing it, to me, is an illusion. Basically to know something, so let’s say I know that I should be going to the gym, or I know that I have something within my business that I should be doing, I should be focusing on, but I’m not doing that thing. To me, that is not the same as as knowing, right? To really know you have to do, right? So, to really know the path, right? And I think path is a perfect metaphor because you can think of a physical path, right? Imagine yourself in a forest and you– In your head, you can see the path, and let’s say, you can see the path on your head and you know that you have to walk that path. Until you actually walk that path, that path is just in your head, right? You’re imagining it, and maybe you can imagine it vividly. But until you’re actually there on the ground, you can see the dirt, you can pick up a rock if you want to, or smell a flower, you’re not yet on the path. It only exists in your head, and the reality of the path may be very different than whatever preconceived notion of the path is that you have on your head. The idea that we can know something, and I think maybe a good example of this would be, I mean how many of us– How many of you guys– I used to do this all the time, where I had very specific opinions on, if you want to be successful, these are the things you have to do. If you want to grow a business, these are the things you have to do. If you want to lose weight or get in shape, this is the specific diet that you have to adhere to. And I’ve certainly been guilty of defending something or explaining something to someone, or telling someone exactly what I had perceived that they need to do because I know it’s the same thing that I perceive that I need to do without ever having done it, right? And so, a great example of this would be, you know, 19 year old life coaches, right? This is not to bash or make fun of life coaches, but if you’re going to teach someone about life, if you’re going to coach someone about life, you should have life experience. And so, a 19 year old life coach for me is the obvious example of someone that… Obviously, a 19 year old life coach, they believe that they know the things that need to be done to be successful in life. They believe that, otherwise they wouldn’t become a life coach in the first place. Unless they’re a complete psychopath and– Unless they’re a complete psychopath, which most of them are not. But, the reality is that It’s one thing to know something, right? To think that we know something, it’s another another thing to do that thing, and to do that thing, is really to know that thing. To just know that thing– To know something without doing it, in my opinion, in my experience, it is not knowing it. And I think the illusion of that is what prevents us, what has prevented me from being able to do a lot of things and just believing fully that I knew the right way to do something to the point where I’m now giving this advice to others where I haven’t done it myself, Is not to know something, And the reality is that, if we know something fully, so we know we should be going to the gym, or we know there’s a certain– Whatever the example is, once we– It’s just an idea. And so, at that level, right? To know something at that level is just an idea, and then when we go and we actually do that thing, we actually go to the gym, we actually start executing on this specific business– Whatever it is, I think I’ve given enough examples. When you actually do that thing, when you actually walk the path, that’s when you come to know it. And something else happens too, which is you’ll come to realize that the stuff that you know you’ll come to know that you didn’t know, so maybe you have a specific business idea, you know that it’s something you should be doing and then you go and do it, so let’s say for example, in my business, I knew that we had to develop an easier back-end for our clients. I knew that we had to do that. Positive. And that’s how I went and I did that. And then what happens is I realized that our clients are still– The average age of one of our clients is over 50 years old, we build real estate websites for real estate agents. Even with the easiest back-end that you could possibly imagine, they still weren’t using it. And so I knew that that was what we should do. Then I actually went and walk the path and we did it, and then I came to know that that it still wasn’t enough to get to– It wasn’t enough. It wasn’t– The idea of it, again, knowing something but then actually doing it, I came to walk the path, I came to know the reality of it, which was very different than what I knew before I went and walked the path. Hopefully that makes sense because that’s as good as I can explain it. And that’s just one small example. My whole point with this video in today’s chat is that I think that the things that we believe ourselves to know fully, entirely, unless we’re doing those things, it’s an illusion. It’s an illusion that I think a lot of times, actually prevents us from walking in the path. If we’re so sure of something, if we’re so sure of it, then sometimes we’re– But we’re still not able to do it, or still not able to execute on it, there’s something in there that’s holding us back because to really, to really know something is to do it. I think it’s healthier, it’s certainly been healthier for me to look at the things that I know, and now with experience, realize that I don’t know them, unless I do them. And understanding that, and understanding that the things that I I want to say think I know, but again, it’s in my head, there are so many things that I– I know, And then to actually do those things, that’s when you actually come to know something. To know the path is an illusion. It’s not really to know the path. To walk the path is to know the path. And understanding that on a fundamental level is, really understanding that is what has allowed me to do so much, especially over these last couple of years because if I’m content in the knowledge that I know something, it’s– The desire, the impulse to actually walk the path is not as great. But if I know that the thing that I know, I don’t know, and that I must walk the path to know, then the impulse, the desire, the ease at which I can then walk the path, that I desire to walk the path, is what makes all the difference. I hope that make sense. These are very complicated things for me to communicate in words, but I hope that it makes sense. We’re going to end this episode here. Actually, I’m going to do some more stuff, I don’t know, maybe we’ll bring you along, maybe not. We’re going to finish this coffee, head back to the apartment. I’m going to get a haircut quick. I may have some additional thoughts to add, so I’ll see you guys in a second. Alright guys, we’re going to wrap this episode up here. If you guys enjoyed this episode, please give it a like. If you have any comments, questions, as always, please leave them in the comments below. I’m heading up to Barranquilla in about two hours. That’s where I will see you guys in the next episode.


  1. Diego lopez

    June 13, 2019 at 12:41 am

    great content

  2. Sanaullah Sadiq

    June 13, 2019 at 12:58 am

    "Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience" Albert Einstein

  3. Nomad Black

    June 13, 2019 at 2:48 am


    Information is raw data until the Person with the information turns it into knowledge through experience.

    Experience transforms the raw data into Knowledge then over time this Knowledge is re-transformed again into wisdom.

    Depending on the person, the knowledge will never be transformed into wisdom.

    Wisdom is manifested, it is how you live your life. How a person lives and the decisions he makes day by day, hour by hour, second by second manifests wisdom.

    You cannot really know you have wisdom until you are tested. Wisdom to me is like a dream. You never know you are dreaming until you wake up.

    Wisdom is the final stage of a man's spiritual and mental evolution. You know it when you see and/or hear a man with wisdom; and most importantly how they react to things.

    I think how you took the you-tube deletion was a sign of a man with wisdom.

  4. K J

    June 13, 2019 at 5:35 am

    Just Do It.
    Then learn from it.

  5. Tomas Cee

    June 13, 2019 at 5:40 am

    How did you become this smart?😂

  6. Asd Fg

    June 13, 2019 at 8:32 am

    Authentic content on YouTube. Thank you Nelson.🙏💕

  7. Emanuele Marzorati

    June 13, 2019 at 11:37 am

    Nelson have you ever read a book written by Fichte?

  8. mohammed yassine benfatah

    June 13, 2019 at 1:16 pm

    Thanks, this was eye-opening.
    I have always tried to put the exact plan for the path that I should take in order to achieve my goal, but once I execute it I find out that there are many other things I have to do and problems that I have to deal with, and that was pretty frustrating for me.. So if I did not execute the plan I will stay in the illusion that I know the path and what I should do exactly, and I will never know all the things that I miss in my plan.

  9. Zac Jones

    June 13, 2019 at 4:53 pm

    Your presence is big in this one 👌🏻

  10. Hussein Naji

    June 14, 2019 at 3:25 am

    my man, i almost cried, that literally is the exactly reason i havent progressed in the last 2 years. thank you so much. i was so dillusional. its crazy but its true how thinking and predictions seem so productive but really arent

  11. Алексей Головко

    June 16, 2019 at 10:41 pm

    Hi Nelson I rly appreciate what you are doing. Can you upload one of my favorite videos which I saw firstd
    How everything turns us to a consumerism?

  12. Yassine EDOUIRI

    June 18, 2019 at 8:15 am

    Thanks for adding the arabic translation… Keep up

  13. Yassine EDOUIRI

    June 18, 2019 at 8:28 am

    Its always a good idea when you provide the idea with case study examples, this way we understand more

  14. Dani SWI

    June 18, 2019 at 4:30 pm

    Hi Nelson,

    I remember you said you were training yourself to speak better the past few years.
    Do you have some tips to speak as well as you? Thanks btw for your high quality videos. 😉

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