Homeland Security Information Network – Real-Time Information Sharing

(dramatic music)– Real-time information sharing
is very important for us.HSIN enables
everybody to get thatup-to-the-minute information
and make decisionsand deploy resources.Within the Vermont
Intelligence Center,we utilize it everyday
to de-conflict,which is a way of, make
sure we don’t have officerinvestigating the
same subject where itcould come into conflict
with each other.We’re able to track
everything that’sbeing requested of
us, report back out,and also be able to put
the connections togetherif multiple people are asking
for the same assistanceon the same subject,
same type of crime,we can pull that information
quickly and efficientlywhere before it was just
tryin’ to figure out,goin’ through a folder
on your computer.We’ve been utilizing
that since the beginning.That’s what kinda brought
us into the HSIN world.– By utilizing HSIN, our
deputies have the opportunityto also be a part of some
of the national sites,including HSIN law
enforcement and HSIN inteland it really helps to broaden
their knowledge and awarenessof things nationally.One of the incidents we
had in the recent pastwas regarding robo-call
bomb threats to schools.In the old days, what
we would do is have apre-established phone tree.Using HSIN, everyone could
have the information real-time.Plus, it’s in such a format
that it’s easily extracted,analysis can be performed
and then you can actuallydistribute a more
comprehensive product toeveryone at the same time.(intense music)

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