Hogu’s Love Choi Woosik is infurriated after knowing the truth! Hogu’s Love Ep11

Did we just… sell the baby? Answer me, Do Dohee. I asked you if we sold the baby. Watch your words, Kang Ho Goo. That’s what the cafe you registered on said… $3,000? No, $5,000. I didn’t receive money. I didn’t receive anything like that. I just asked them to raise him well. I just said they should raise him… To raise him well, you looked for adoptive parents on that kind of site? How could you at such a place! Then what can I do? How are you saying I should have looked for adoptive parents? People who really want a child, without conditions, sincerely. Okay. Even that program where I sponsor foreign children. Even they have waiting periods.There are places like that! You don’t know what you’re talking about. How could Do Do Hee go to a place like that? To use such places for adoption, she needs to register the baby, the mother, and the father. Then you just have to do that. If the baby is on Do Do Hee’s family register until he’s adopted. if the baby is on the family register of an unmarried woman, what would her company say? If anyone found out, who would take responsibility for her life? Would you take responsibility, Kang Ho Goo? Still… This isn’t right. Even if he stays on your family register, even if that was to create a problem, we’re adults. We could still somehow go through it and resolve it. But Geum Dong… He can’t do that; he’s a baby. That’s right. He’s a baby. My baby! So, because he’s my baby, I take responsibility and decide. So, stop now. Please just stop, Kang Ho Goo. Your baby? Are you still a mom, after doing this?! Then what are you, Kang Ho Goo? What? It’s not even your child. What kind of right do you have regarding the child, Kang Ho Goo? She wants you to stop. You should stop now, Kang Ho Goo. This is my house, after all. Yes. This is your house… and Geum Dong’s your child. Yes. You two… you’re the parents. Like at Manna Restaurant. Because he’s your child, do whatever you want then.

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