have a productive study weekend w/ me (17hrs of study) // leaving cert

Hi guys, welcome to this productive vlog
video thing It’s currently Sunday evening and I just finished with my study and I’m so tired I hope this type of video inspires you
guys. Let’s go to Saturday morning This is the time. The reason I need to have a really productive weekend is because next week I have like three or four
tests and they’re all in the same two days I’m just not really prepared for
them. I’m gonna focus on physics, maths and Irish. After the challenge that I did
on YouTube when I woke up at 4 a.m. to study Korean every morning, I’ve kind of gotten into the habit of reviewing Korean vocab every morning so I’m
gonna start with that. Even though Korean is not my priority this weekend because I have like 3/4 tests next week It’s still, it’s like such a habit I feel like I have to start my day with studying Korean I don’t know why I think I’m going to start with physics
because out of the three tests that I’m gonna have physics is the one I’m most, like, scared about I feel like I just broke all my chargers It’s 2 p.m. right now and I honestly feel like I took way too long of a break but it wasn’t
even intentional I came home from the gym, cleaned my room, went shower, washed my hair and had a little bit to eat And it’s already 2 p.m. I’m currently doing
physics exam papers I have been lost with physics I think basically all day
like I’ve been studying and making flashcards but not really understanding
it. I swear to God exam papers like changed my life. I’ve only done like 5 long
questions and I already understand everything so much better. I’m very
hungry and there’s still another hour and a half until my dinner break.
I’m not to the point of hungry where I have no energy it’s just kind of hungry
like I’m thinking about food. It has gotten very dark very quickly. It’s
currently exactly 6 p.m. like 6 on the dot, six zero zero. And I have studied for 6 hours today Wow we like the number 6 Today was a lot more productive than
I thought it would be but honestly It could have been even more productive if I hadn’t gone to the gym Just remember it’s important to take breaks Sometimes I don’t like doing it because I just like to overwork myself because mood but
like you should take breaks Don’t be like me because I don’t take regular
breaks I just take big ones after a long period of study but you should take
small little ones I just can’t do it I don’t know why. I focus for long periods
of time This is what my desk currently looks like I’m just gonna clean this up This is so off-topic but the fact that Shane Dawson hasn’t uploaded in three
months and then yesterday he posted a conspiracy theory that is an hour and 45
minutes long. I am happy I’m about to go and walk with my dog. My plan is to walk Simba Simba is my dog by the way Simba you wanna be in my video? I’m gonna do physics for another hour
and then Korean for 30 minutes and then that’s it for today and I’ll be happy.
That’s gonna be eight hours in one day So, it’s currently 22:30 and I was meant
to be asleep 30 minutes ago but I guess not Korean study is so interesting that like I’m tired but I still want to do it
because it’s fun Basically, ‘Serendipity’ by BTS is probably one of my favorite songs in my life And I can’t even sing along to it. Like I don’t know the lyrics to one of my favorite songs in my life and that’s just kind of
sad so, I wrote out the first verse in Korean then I wrote out all like vocab
that I wouldn’t really know that much This is the translation of all of that
and then there was this grammar point that I saw a lot here and it was the -(으)로
so I did… I looked up like different ways to explain it and then sample sentences. My brain kind of hurts I studied for 8 hours and 30 minutes today. That is not
bad. I don’t think I’m gonna wake up at 5 tomorrow because I am dead tired and I’m
going to sleep a lot later than I’m meant to This was day one my head hurts
but it’s all worth it. Hope y’all are being productive kids. Peace out,
goodnight, see y’all tomorrow Good morning, it’s half eight right now.
It is so much later that I wanted and I did not want to wake up this late. I was
planning to already have like three hours done at this point but I just woke
up. I’m gonna have my breakfast and clean my room and I’m gonna start with Korean
because I always start my mornings with Korean .Today’s weather is a lot
less sunny and honestly for studying I prefer this kind of weather honestly I
don’t really know what study now I did an hour of Korean and now like I don’t
know if I want to do physics or maths or Irish or Quizlet or like exam papers or like I
have no clue. I need to like write out some plan or something because I don’t
know what I’m studying right now I’m gonna start with flashcards because
I need to like review stuff that I made yesterday. I just did an hour of physics
flashcards and honestly I hope that I’m gonna keep reviewing throughout this
whole week and then maybe even later I’ll keep reviewing because the amount
of information that I learned in the past two days is crazy but like I’m
remembering everything very well and understanding it so well so I need to
make sure to keep reviewing because I don’t want to forget everything that I
know right now It’s currently 2:15 and I’ve already
studied for five hours today which is good for me, kind of. I did like a two
hour period of maths at once with no breaks and the time
honestly goes so fast when I do maths because it’s literally so interesting.
I’m gonna do another 30 minutes so then I’m gonna be working up until lunchtime
and then I’m gonna do a 30-minute break for lunch. I’m struggling right now because I
don’t know if I want to commit to an hour and a half or just an hour of
physics. I’m gonna commit to an hour and a half I am very done with physics for today I’m happy with how much I did though Today I’ve done eight and a half hours
of studying. And it was mostly physics but I also got a lot of maths and, whoa, I
didn’t even realize that I basically did no Irish wow oops, it doesn’t
matter. This was yesterday which was eight hours and a half and then today I
also did eight hours and a half so that’s 17 hours in total damn. This one
is so cute and then there’s this one it’s so cute I don’t know which one I want to
get. Bye-bye my coins. So now I have a new tree that’s exciting. It’s only half 18:00 right now and I know I was planning to study up until
19:00 or half 19:00 and I was supposed to get 10 hours done today, but honestly I’m
just kind of… so done right now. I don’t feel overworked but I’m at that point
where everything I’m studying is just kind of like, ugh, like. I’m not gonna film
the rest of my day just because I’m so tired I’m going to sleep at 10 p.m.
which means I have about three and a half hours to chill so, it’s not a lot
but it’s also a lot at the same time That doesn’t make sense.
My brain is kind of collapsing right now Can you even say that? Probably not, I
don’t, like… This channel has slowly turned into a study channel and I’m not
mad about it. Personally I prefer study videos but I just feel bad
that I post too many of them so let me know if you think it’s too much or if
you want more because I don’t know like I love you guys I’ll see you guys in my
next video. Peace out, love you


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