Halo Data Warehousing — From Disparate Data to Actionable Information

At the core of the Halo solution is a powerful
data aggregation and analysis engine. Built on top of industry standard, non-proprietary
SQL Server technologies, Halo Data Warehousing provides enterprise-grade data mashup and
analysis with outstanding flexibility and ease of use. Halo supports data governance by easily creating
a centralized data warehouse as well as Microsoft Analysis Services Multi-Dimensional or Tabular
cubes by aggregating multiple data sources. A variety of pre-built data connections easily
allows to extract data and combine them in a single location. In this example, I am combining Salesforce
CRM data with Oracle Sales data and Budget data coming from Excel. Halo provides an intuitive user interface
that combines tables from different data sources, creates dimensions, attributes and hierarchies,
setting up all of the extractions and transformations that are required for a data warehouse in
less than 5min. Data quality and security can be applied as
well to ensure that you are working with information you can trust and have access to the right
data. The cube section allows you to choose which
dimensions you would like to include in the cube, as well as create measures and calculations. A workflow section is provided to quickly
and easily manage your data warehouse automation project. Once your Halo data warehouse automation project
is completed, you can access and consume data with Halo’s state of art visualization and
analytic tools. Get radically simple data warehousing and
move from disparate data to actionable information with Halo.

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