Halloween Science Experiments with Kevin Delaney

-Give it up for our
resident science expert, Kevin Delaney,
ladies and gentlemen! Kevin, good to see you.
-Thank you, buddy. -Congratulations on the second
season of “Street Science.” -Oh, thanks.
-What is happening in this season, season two? -Oh, we’re going bigger. We’re
blowing up all kinds of stuff. We’re crashing cars,
dropping cars, chemistry,
all kinds of cool stuff, if you’re into
that sort of thing. -Oh, yeah, I’m into it. You always bring
something cool to do. This is a Halloween-themed —
-Right. -Some science experiments. What is the first one
you got for us? -It’s a spooky time,
so spooky stuff. -It’s spooky, spooky.
-So, we’ve got some dry ice. So, this is what we’re gonna do.
We’re gonna make some bubbles. But we’re gonna make bubbles
filled with dry ice. Now, dry ice is just solid
carbon-dioxide gas, right? So I’m gonna drop it in. And you’re gonna see
that it makes that fun vapor. You know, dry ice
is great to use at Halloween if you want to get
that foggy effect. And that fog is just a little
bit of CO2 and some water vapor. So there you go.
-Carbon dioxide and water vapor. -And water vapor.
Yeah, there you go. So, once it sublimates, which is transferring
from a solid to a gas — -I know what sublimates means.
-I know you know. I’m just telling for the benefit
of our friends in TV land. -Yeah, I know.
Yeah, of course. Please. I’mMisterSublimates. -Right. So now this is
what we’re gonna do. You got your glove on?
Okay, great. So I’m gonna just
put this over here. And I’ve got my vapor
coming out here. Now I’m just gonna
dip this in, and we get — There you go. There you go! So, carbon dioxide
is heavier than air, so the bubbles
don’t really float. They just kind of…flop.
-That’s so cool! Come on! -Yeah, it’s pretty fun.
There you go. -Ghost bubbles!
-There you go. Ghost bubbles. All right. So now
we got some more stuff. So come on over here.
-All right, buddy. -I’m gonna go
into the pumpkin booth. And then I’ll see you
in a second. -No. Seriously?
-Yeah. So you stay out there.
You want to go over there. -This was a punishment
that happened to me
when I was a child. They used to put me
in the pumpkin booth. -Here we go. Okay. What we’re gonna do here is —
You like jack-o’-lanterns? -Yes. -Jack-o’-lanterns
are a lot of fun. But after a while — After Halloween’s over,
they get kind of nasty, right? -Yeah, sure.
-And the last thing anyone wants is a rotten, hollow
orange pumpkin sitting around for —
I don’t know — four years, eight years,
however long it’s gonna be. So you want to
get rid of it, right? -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-So what we’re gonna do is — We’re actually using
the same stuff. We got dry ice…
-Okay. -…and water. And we’re
going to put it in the bottle. But this time,
instead of making bubbles, we’re gonna pressurize it
by putting the cap on. -Now, why are you behind there?
Is everything okay? I’m gonna get you
out of there, sweetie! -I believe you, man.
I believe you, baby. Okay. All right. So now I’m gonna
pour this water in here. -You’re innocent, baby!
You’re innocent! I’m getting you out! -[ Laughs ] All right.
So, the water’s gonna go in. And now our bottle’s
filling with vapor, and we’re gonna pressurize
that vapor, put the cap on. -Oh, no.
-Put the bottle in the pumpkin and get rid of the pumpkin. -Now, do not —
do not try this at home. -Do not try this at home. And you’re gonna want
to cover your ears, too. You definitely don’t want
to try this at home. -Wait. Everyone
just did it immediately? You didn’t even wait for me. -Hang on a second.
Let me get my glove off. -No problem. Yep.
-All right. Here we go. -All right. All right. Here we go.
-There we go. Okay, all right.
Kevin, get out of there! -Now I’m getting out.
-All right. So now what happens? -So right now,
all that pressure’s gonna build up
inside of the bottle, and eventually it’s gonna push
against the walls of the bottle. And the bottle’s
going to probably fail and — Well, we’ll see what happens. Are you ready?
-Yeah. -So keep an eye
on the top of that bottle. -Oh, no! It’s close! -If it starts to —
Cover your ears, everybody. Ready? Here we go. Jack-o’-lantern. [ Drumroll ] [ Laughter ] ♪♪ [ Audience screams, laughs ] ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -Trick or treat!
Trick or treat! You all right? You all right? Anything you want, Jimmy? Jimmy? -Wow! -I have a th–
-Wow! What was that?! Look at it!
Look what happened! [ Applause ] -Don’t do this
with your pumpkins at home. -No. Do not do this at home. Can we see that again
in slow motion? -Oh, look at that
jack-o’-lantern. -Oh, my gosh!
-Pretty good. Pretty good. Now, you all right?
You’re all right? You were — You were holding
yourself a little bit. -Yeah. -Don’t worry.
We have a thing for that. -Wow, wow, wow, wow!
-All right. -Wow!
-All right, you okay? -Yeah.
-You need to clean up? -I need a little clean-up.
-I got something over here. Come on over.
-Okay. Very good. -Okay. So, uh, trick or treat?
You like a trick? -I love a trick. -You ever prank somebody
by, like, TP’ing their house? -Never, would I ever! No! Never! [ Cheers and applause ] -They look very excited. Well, hang on a second.
Hang on a second. Okay. Yeah, okay. So, the problem is, like,
you have to throw the paper, and then, you know,
it takes a while. And then the dog starts barking, the neighbor comes out.
-It’s time-consuming. -And then before you —
Yeah, yeah, yeah. -That’s the only problem
I have with it. -So, what you want to do
is you want to — you want to use
Bernoulli’s principle. Are you familiar with
Bernoulli’s principle? -My principal —
Principal Bernoulli. Yeah, of course. He —
I love the man. -Aerodynamic principle.
-Yeah. -So, the Bernoulli principle is one of the main things
that keeps airplanes in the air. So, Bernoulli said that when fast-moving air
moves over a surface, it creates
an area of low pressure that allows lift to come up. High pressure pushes up here ’cause there’s
low pressure here. So if you blow across the top
of the paper towel… -[ Blowing ] -…you’re lifting
the paper towel. -[ Blows ] We get it.
Yeah, okay, yeah. -Okay. -I’m out of breath. [ Coughs ] -You okay?
-A little winded, yeah. -A lot of wind, yeah. So now we’ve got some leaf
blowers to do the work for you. The “Street Science” team
put together — We have over 100 rolls of
streamers and paper towels here. [ Cheers and applause ] So we’re gonna decorate
the studio for Halloween. -Let’s TP the studio!
-Are you all ready? All y’all ready? [ Cheers and applause ] All right. All right. And our cart has wheels on it, so we can aim it
at the audience. -Oh, interesting. Ah, fun. -One, two, three! Leaf blowers! ♪♪ ♪♪ -[ Laughs ] Yeah! Ohh! Nice! Right there! Hey! [ Laughs ] [ Laughter ] -We got it all the way
in the back. -Look at the Roots right there.
Oh, my God. -And the Roots. Great.
-Look at the crowd. Give it up,
ladies and gentlemen. Give it up for
Kevin Delaney, everybody!


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