GMAT® Study Tips

[ Music ]>>Daniel: So in preparing for the GMATs,
I recommend just to know yourself, know your study habits and pick the option that will
you stay on course and be able to prepare the best of your ability.>>Julie: After doing a lot of research and
setting up myself a timeline, I gave myself about 6 months to study for GMAC and I have
to say I was really devoted to the cause. I studied quite a bit. I would come home from
work at least a few nights a week to making sure that I was studying and taking quite
a few practice exams.>>Yohan: A lot of people try to study for
the test and they kind of set aside 8 weeks, 6 to 8 weeks but then kind of jump around
from section to section and it’s not really the best way to study for it. The best way
is probably to isolate sections where you’re kind of weak and study a little bit less for
the section you’re really good at.>>Daniel: Each person has their own type
of study habits; for me, I wanted to take a course so I actually took a prep course
for one summer and I felt like it fit my habits because it made me stick to a schedule and
keep on pace and force me to really commit.>>Arun: The material that GMAC produces are the most influential and most important material for any GMAT preparation.>>Julie: I purchased the official GMAC guide
and it was an extensive handbook full of practice exam questions that are actually used from
previous GMAC exams which for me was extraordinarily helpful because I was able to understand not
only the content but then how those questions are going to be asked of me so I can prepare
and there’s no surprises the day of the exam. Go wolf pack. [ Laughter ] [ Silence ]

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