Ghostery: Knowledge + Control = Privacy

(MUSIC) Every Friday after work John goes
to the corner to get two slices of his favorite kind of pizza – pepper and onions. Since he’s
in there so much, by the time John gets there his slices are already in the oven, heating
up for him. John really likes being a regular. One day, John decides to try a different spot
to eat. When he walks in he sees something familiar: Two slices of pepper and onion pizza!
This is strange, because John never told this shop owner what he liked. When John asks how
he knew what kind of pizza he liked, the pizza guy tells him he received it from the Pizza
Preference Partnership, which is tracking everything pizza-related that John does, packaging
this information, and then trading it a million times a day with other peoples’ information.
The invisible internet works the same way. Everything you click on, hover over, buy,
sell or view is being tracked by thousands of companies. Ghostery shows you every company
that’s tracking you when you visit a webpage and lets you choose whether or not they can
continue to gather your information. Instead of just offering an all-or-nothing type of
choice about blocking, Ghostery works to help you understand the types of data being collected
and how it might be used. Then, you can make a meaningful choice about what you’re comfortable
sharing, and what you’d like to keep to yourself. Ghostery is free, and relies solely on a data-donation
process to make money. If you want to support Ghostery, you can send us anonymous data about
trackers. This data isn’t about you – it helps us track the trackers. Gain some knowledge,
exert some control, and master online privacy with Ghostery.

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