Geshe Lhakdor – The Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom

The Difference Between Knowledge & Wisdom The difference between knowledge and
wisdom is, number one, as I already mentioned, most of your suffering originates from ignorance. So therefore, of course, you have to have knowledge. That knowledge has to be gained
through a systematic process. First you listen to your teacher or read a book, we normally call this step
‘listening to the teaching’. And that’s important but it is not enough. It’s really like somebody who is thirsty and who has no idea where water is available. So you need to get the information from somebody, saying that water is available two kilometres from here. So that is hearing, listening.
This is very important, But just by hearing that information, your thirst will not be quenched. Therefore you need to walk two kilometres. That means, after hearing,
just like having to walk for two kilometres, you need to think, for yourself, about the truth of what you have heard from your teacher, or what you’ve read in books. So through reflection and thinking,
you’re able to develop that conviction, “yes, it really seems true”. You’re able to get that conviction,
which is very, very important. It’s really like walking two kilometres and
reaching the water, and you are able to now see the water. But still, if you don’t drink the water, your thirst will not be quenched. Similarly, you have developed
conviction through thinking, but now you need to get completely soaked in it. That conviction, you have to get
repeatedly habituated with it, so that it becomes part of your way of thinking, your way of acting. This, we call meditation. That’s what I said in the beginning. Meditation is getting habituated. If you’re habituated,
then compassion will come automatically. Loving kindness will come automatically, because it’s part of your thinking. So therefore, the difference between
knowledge and wisdom, I would say, is that knowledge is not necessarily
based on deep experience. Not necessarily. But wisdom is really very much
related to deep experiences.

  1. moses stephen

    July 24, 2019 at 5:52 am

    thankyou,you just cleared my doubt simply by your experience.

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