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scientific validation of his
critics hello I hello I’m David
receives host of its initial
creation in the 21st century on
TV and I never been a lovely thing they
did restart of subsidized or
free monthly magazine and
likeness of a sculptor weekly
inspiratio we’ve all seen it in a museum
the ascent from eight to man
over millions of years of
evolution is true where are all
of the bone and pin and welcome to wonders without
number 90° and today we want to
inform and inspire you regarding
the wonders we find all around
us a the Jesus Christ was and is the
creator and that he has applied
for your life now some people
claim that evolution is signs
and always take a look right at th why should you believe in
creation and not evolution I
mean scientifically speaking can
only proven that evolution is a
fact many people claiming
creationists think the wheels
scientists because we don’t make
testable predictions are simply
not true creationist are within the local
record which provides the
framework for research and we
can make testable predictions
based off here’s a great example around each planet in our solar
system is a magnetic field
births is pretty important and
allows us to see that you have a
lovel actually estimates show that in
just 20,000 years are magnetic
field would disappear there are theories on how you
might extend ahead with the
unscientific week festival of
this whole no other planets have magnetic
fields that one scientist Dr. Russell
Humphries has a renowned
physicist and also will buy a
believer developed a theory try
and explain the heat of the 6000 years described
in the bible a native testable
prediction of therefore we need
the strains of the magnetic fiel well when voyager two travel
pass these distant worlds and
measure their magnetic fields
Heseltine the evolutionary predictions
based on the big bang timeframe
where vastly all however it turned out that Dr.
Humphries research has a new
lease while scientific validation of his
prediction a fee based on
Biblical Data he had accurately
predicted the magnetic fields of
these pl magnetic field simply don’t last
billions of years and scientific
evidence in our solar system
seems to be readily dispelling
ow I’m David Rees truly the heavens
to clear the Glory of god and cocaine sold real science is
actually found to support what
the Biblical history always told
us when it comes to the creatio deadly rise by slow changes and
mutations from an early reply
can set for all my guest said
they had given that question a
lot o and he’s an expert witness and
consultant in scores of state
and Federal cases in the area of
statistical analysis at Roy were
w is the director for genesis
apologetics and creation quest
so what I want to do each one
with me now is we welcome a
friend’s da starts and six great goes along
with the 10th grade and so we
provide a way they can
specifically go selector
students textbook their time today’s public
schools here whenever what such
endeavour request of bracelets
we have tens of thousands of
reserve ar Lucy the austral at the console
and cheese featured as the as
the main issue and evolution
icon on for the first 20 pages
of thi with by science class and the
sisterly addled them are beyond
this is really what the
foundation’s been poured over
here and act of evolution teachings about
whatever it a paget’s in this
book is really designed court
supporting the theory of
evolution that this type of indoctrination is
taught as fact isn’t all the
tickets at the soul of the
layout to the college campuses
and caucus as a talk to a bunch of
different students and that is
what the questions I listen to
the tiny winter college to the
time you re what was the thing that I was
the fact that caused you to
reject offensive and on his leg
of a lot of times was well not
quite s would you be interested in
hearing the end of every single
one of every single one suggests
a way to turn off the camera can
use so it’s a legitimate problem but
you’re done some legitimate
research trying to track down
what are the key components of
this p that it’s exult itself over the
double quote count of a recall
of the actual gotten the bible
it’s almost like there are
people creator this is where we came
from IE’[email protected] about that it is
actually it’s a very loose
attack to disclose the
Shorenstein, all separately once we’ve identified
that we’ve got a goal after will
have a teams were no incidents
of a reading of five are page c nature with few like school to
members are really a new culture
merging of the work more
students learned are social
media and t this is what we wanted the
constructed a lot of focus to a
teenager and try to talk them
out of evolution for using topic
acts a because humans of all of the
comments I please see chips and
zoos over similar for the human
ship DNA match for whenever I am
an followed by the fall season
transitions was the third are
leading reason 15% elect that as
exactly in an interesting way of
abou and all that sell the textbook
serving us about that but now go
over few things that in the
there’s really don’t hear about
back of the example you see here at
the edges and genesis operation
using OK so it’s really a good
rendition premature body is a
very that this is loose install high
incident in particular here now
we actually have one of these of
replica of one of these calls h units were the spine enters into
the base of the school of and so
on humans and you become an
straight from the bottom so we
can that done things off the studies
with a limited on schools of
that you have of luce’s kind and
notice it’s coming in and handle gracious saying a lot of things
about this and you have a
pollution a sitter even up in
arms about this async rubble
things are the reconstruction of her pelvis
because it was found broken and
smashed in dozens and dozens of
pieces they believe exaggerates the pelvis was one of the prime
the real reasons that they
believe that this was an event
creature that walked upright
sector en of cutting apart with a buzz saw
him in any position in the way
that they thought it should be
is so even the people who founded the people who worked
with that the people who
reconstructed a you’re saying
that they did some creative reconstructing the
DataQuick where the liberty of
reconstructing it will first of
all I just find it amazing that
it wa but we just find it interesting
that there were dealing with
really broken foot and put it
back together again things here
are s a surfer like playing relay chat
up the book is a moving on from
her until this year so what’s even at suffered a
skull out OK so of this one’s
interesting here I think a lot
of of the teams and we show this
to en and when that when a couple
scientists took a look at the
end of lucy’s arm bone here they
notice that it has been walking
syste lengthy articles about this and
in using it as evidence to say
we think she walked on all fours
while so lucy’s rest walk into p and no one would receive the
divine so much more on the
creation superstore you find
over 900 books and videos on
origin signs c an OK now as I’ve heard various
reports all the way from she
might even fallen 40 feet out of
the tree and if you’re that yes
but c Astra’s not have been reshaped but they are so many different
accounts people out of a treat I
didn’t walk upright on what
about this extra piece they came
fro we’re just learning as for what
does the future hold I mean
don’t you think that given
enough years we will discover
even more h us amazing that they they say
that it’s difficult to make
predictions but creations can
make predictions based on god’s
word as doubt happens a lot of times
they find the favored a and
false and write and that’s the
one that the Usenet years and
then event closes on a Saturday sale of
this is a much better example of
human avalanche in place here
needs up until signs discover
someth and so that’s the thing that
they hold up as being the house
and proof of human evolution
shortages like we started off
the broa as we need to do is we need to
have scientists young people growing up in these different
fields get their Ph.D.s start
studying the saints so that we
can make this happen more
quickly and is being done on these to say
yea or nay them on all we’ve got
is an evolutionary perspective
so are the sort that so a move
in is that the rollover them and
right on what they say about
Lucinda maybe she walked this
way or shuffled a runner funeral
force wider trying to interpret too
much from a small pile of bones
us exactly that you’ve about 47 skillful
bones and been reconstructed
from hundreds and hundreds of
fragments while most kids don’t
know ab creatures: complete and in the
ground that some of the phone
right so still be more specific
than when you look at the
textbook many different fragments is
untrue and you know what’s
interesting issue we we out we
have a false and do the whole
setup of loo becoming more morse human that
the you think about the leaps in
the inferences that are meaner
that you go for hundreds of bone some of the arm bones the
majority of the arm and leg
bones were broken is Everex
broken in fact that they learned
that that the on and try to brace for a while
and then everything Benton and
snapped lasso real what is the
bike you’ll be doing 40 feet up
in but what you’re seeing on the
screen is an army of complete
walking a 14 people of hundreds
of these fossils of these of
lucy’s this is a 400 specimens of the
talking about it so this is an
amazing a bit as take sure that
nearly the entire heater
collectio so while the video shows we
found 400 specimens of what
their shelling is hundreds of
upright on to open the season
but what the 35% are cheap peers lucy’s
complete remains down here and
you can put it all a picnic in
the back of a intense tone of
this and really do think that there’s
overwhelming evidence what are they say when you bring
up the point that their you know
that it was shelling of like
this and I think just Meister
joh while this is amazing all the
evidence they have and when you
show them what is accidents
covered off either Isaac and
ultimatel is like a you have to go against
the grain today in the
scientific community ought to think anything other
than evolution and so do I
really want to read the tool
within my my community do I
really want my for not dealing with a lot of
solid evidence here and so
everything else is basically a
reconstruction you start with
just a lit then they start appearing more
human life of the seducer we
have some some pictures sure
that will get two that what will
show t to maker have a more human life
appearance up 47 ever found Lucy
spy ball off the faucet certain
other founder of all fossil is thinking like an end to tell a
few ending I have you not all
there is a plea of pride in this
one we had to cut the sensor lot
o they don’t even have for on now
been undertaken for auto
increase the human like a parent
sites and other walking around
like yo inner life while really does
look like she’s becoming an
issue or but they don’t have
that big a lead that that’s not
preserved this is amazing design when you
when you look at this all this
insider of her three years ago
very back a couple inches deep
or often been no buzz and she’s
kind of notice of the very
interesting of the one here that
goes laterally is about the same
but th like eights and the leases kinds
of aid notice that these two
structures here the poster in
anterior or statistically
significan will guess what happens to be
these two that control of white
rock king on more than this one so came that you have some
design features that are totally
different for lucy’s, an old I
just finished a DVD with
professor an incredibly complex is there a knee in a possible
way that this company vaults at
any given billions of years to
Yuba white wine and add that to
the on a silly and so many different
ways right right so they believe
of course that others a loser
ball and that of migrated and br it just doesn’t make sense when
you think about a dozen and the
truth is that of course there are some
similarities in the generals
structure between eight and
that’s a good designer is going
to use the sam five different systems of all
work simultaneously with zero
affected data loss while it’s
amazing sea and I can talk the
five in about 40 years are seldom ages
now worried that they
accidentally include a vertebrae
that was from an extinct of
baboon typewri the Lucy most of the skeleton
does belong to that creature but
there’s one bone that they found
it was from a different creature and what else might be from a
different creature or stock
could some of these others in a
different because what about
what had ms its incredible because you know
a lot of times these can be
buried in close proximity to
each other of these later
released and override understand what they’re
looking at right and yet that’s
presented as absolute fact that
these teenagers we’ve gotten th but at the same time was
presented as fact for about 40
years what more will time tell them
what else are we going to
discover that was factually
incorrect about Lucien about all
of these ot or god tells the truth about how
we did things and unfortunately
some expressions Phillips added
that they need to fit this for that we were created specially
in god’s image in an easy that
puts us apart from all of the
other creatures now we would
take ca over the M’s creatures former
plates and the zoo would not be
overrun as exactly right he’s
given us the intelligence than
menta its existence where it came from
you know what it’s never going
to look at these bones
collecting 2001 a space odyssey
and like of his mind and his ability to look at the same and give him
the Glory them for his creation
exactly in boy did it that is
not the one of the keys might
wan you know sadly a lot of young
people cannot answer that
question about that is because
they’re being caught that they
are just a or created in his image and we
share some of those attributes
that we can think we can prove
we can have fellowship of god of
me right by SMS the apple era so I
think it’s really important for
parents if you haven’t done that
is a up and down like to encour than in the implications of all
of that write the implications
of the bible says were fearful a
monthly main made in the image o brings to mind the whole idea
that there’s a lot of animal that’s
going on so why is that anything
special price based can’t we just kill another
animal world a killing in animal
we kill another human being and
what about the school shootings
are they think that they’re nothing
special write the novel gives us
the rest of the store David A
kills me on what you’re just
talk that they’ve all from 8 to 1
they act like they were treating
them like moral beings exactly a
us a good client think about the that all residents of date and
that in contrast to that to a
student has been talk that
there’s a god who knew the name
before t and so that’s what happens to
student that is taken from this
world view and brought to reel
high side of purpose and they
got m if we can just tell people that
they have purpose that there is
not to Lucy there and not a
dates of y’all use about the
high sc is actually go on stamina to you
at the port of the campus and
indicates that a love of
citizens ravens has gone a step
how many year riots U.S. dollars just
give you the facts of the need
for such as much easier than
taking a kid later than to call
it a lo that missed one while lesson we
are completely at a time for
people who want to learn more
about some of the top floors of
evolu for the often repeated mistakes
about Lucy another apelike
ancestors are finally being
completely exposed it out
there’s no reas that the research is showing
that we did give all me some creative as you were not
conceived as you’ve created with
purpose in the god loves us
should be part of his and he’s
bee and we hope that you did
encourage an educated issue one
of the wonders without number
that you find all around us
these questio the heavens to clear the Glory
of god hello I’m David Rees host of the
TV show creation in the 21st
century on TV and each week we
talked to some of the world’s
leadi , adding the unproven theories
of evolution at 247 TV Network
reaches millions of people with
the local truth genesis science
ne measured as I ever in e-mail
updates and likeness of a
slowdown weekly inspiration in
education regarding science in
the bible o

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