From unemployed to empowered: innovation with LinkedIn Learning | SCEWC19

[MUSIC] LinkedIn is supporting governments around the world through our workforce development in higher education systems work and specifically using our economic graph data and our skills content. But I think the three most important things that we’ve discovered is: A, government’s realizing the importance of that data and can work with us on it. B, the fact that that data is driving the skills development we’re doing, and that that skills development is important not just for professionals but really for the entire workforce and C that we can work with governments in order to provide services to a much broader swath of the population than we’ve ever been able to do so, but that link, that public private partnership is really what’s going to allow us to have the largest impact possible with our skills content and our data. [MUSIC] Technology is obviously at the core of our platform but people are too. I think it’s actually the link between the two, the fact that our professional network brings the real-world skills of networking, of social capital, of building that group of people who can support you in your career and then also in practicing some of the skills that you need to do in person. That links between the online and the offline is really captured in ways on our network that can benefit some of the most disadvantaged populations around the world, and that by working with governments we can access them at scale. [MUSIC]

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