From AI to game design: study information technology at Macquarie

Coming to study IT at Macquarie University
is something that is open to anyone, if you are creative,
if you are a geek, if you use technology, if you want to make a difference
in the world, if you like building games. We are very focused on what does industry
want, what are they looking from a graduate. The major in cybersecurity is bachelor of
information technology so the Cyber Security Hub is a
joint initiative between Macquarie University and Optus. It’s a $10-million investment between
the two organisation over the next seven years and it’s really focused
around raising awareness in cybersecurity. When I was in high school, I started programming
and found out that I was good at it and that I liked
it, so I explored different options to live a life that I actually enjoyed,
playing games and making them, critiquing them. I thought that the degree offered more than
just one career path. Going to school just because you haven’t had
any experience with computers, that’s not all that IT is. It’s a combination of things
and if you’re really passionate about it, you’d go for it.

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