Finding your talent in the USA | James Madison University International Study Center

My dream job is I want to work as a writer,
a content writer someday. I never considered myself to be writing in
English or even speaking English, the little bit that I speak now. It was back in 2015
when I was in my 10th grade and it was that English teacher who made me realize that I
can actually write in English. After that, I started working really hard on it. I would
just watch TV series, videos and everything. The classes that are in the ISC (International
Study Center) program, they have helped me a lot in English. Because if I had been in
the university classes, I would not have been really confident in speaking in front of all
the English speakers. But here, in the ISC, we are all quite equal so we can speak anything
freely. We have learned a lot of stuff just by giving presentations, practicing, debates,
everything, learning. We met a representative from SMAD (School
of Media Arts & Design) and I was just asking him, how do people get into that program.
His first reaction was, “you should start working with The Breeze”. I’m writing about
the culture section so it has profiles, features, and movie reviews, album reviews… I’m learning
a lot of stuff, because my editors they are really good so I’m learning a lot of stuff. So far, my favorite part about JMU is that
people are very helpful here, everyone. Before coming here to the US, it was a stereotype
for me. I was sure that people don’t really help Muslims in America and they don’t really
like Muslims. But after coming here to Virginia especially and JMU, since my first day, I’ve
seen people greeting me everywhere and helping me out with everything. They just make me
feel that it’s like my home.

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