Explaining information, data and media literacy

Information, data and media literacy is all
about the skills, knowledge and understanding of how to search for,
evaluate and use information. This looks at information in general but it’s also
how it’s represented in the media, text images, video and audio and in data form,
numbers, charts, graphs, statistics. Examples of these types of digital
capabilities are: Searching for information with search engines like
Google and being able to judge whether the information you find is reliable and
trustworthy. Understanding the copyright of information, images, audio and video you find. Knowing how to reference other people’s work to avoid plagiarism. Organizing information so you can easily find it again,
using bookmarks or other services to save your links. Ensure your personal
data is secure and understand the messages presented in a variety of media.
Some people may be able to analyze data further by running reports and some may
be able to create video, audio and images with online tools

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