Exam skills: 6 more tips for studying alone

Sometimes you may have to study alone or remotely and this can seem like a lonely experience.
But you’re not on your own – our top tips are here to motivate you. Firstly, you need to choose the right place
to study – create a dedicated study space and the right environment for learning and
remove any distractions. Now think about when you’ll use this space
– organise your time effectively and make a timetable. Choose the right time of day
to study – but don’t overdo it and know when to stop and take a break! Listen to what
this student does… Student
I was terrible at time management at first but I’ve learnt to get organised and write
down every appointment I have and every task I have to do in the diary. This allows me
to plan my week. I also stick a list of goals I have to achieve each week on the wall. When
I complete them I cross them off. Rob
Studying alone can be boring so you need make things fun – use a range of learning materials
and techniques and especially interactive materials online. You can feel isolated so
try to join a local study group where you can talk to other students. If that’s not
possible, join an online group. You can also make friends and keep in touch by email, chat
rooms or video calls. Of course, ideally it’s good to learn face-to-face
with someone so maybe there’s a friend you can meet to study with? Or perhaps you can
join a local language school? Finally, when you need help you need to know
where to go. Make sure the course you’re studying has someone you can contact to ask questions
and get clarification. Just remember, you’re not completely on your own when you study
alone! Good luck.

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