Esoteric Knowledge of Yemaya and Atum By Sevan Bomar

all right wholeness and balanced vibrations
family I’m trusting that this is broadcasting but I’m going to check it okay wholeness and balanced vibrations
family I’m trusting that we’re we’re broadcasting and I’m just going to check
for sound and we’re gonna jump right into this expect the unexpected just
checking for sound in the confirmation for sound alright let’s just make sure
it’s loud enough we made it I just gotta let this breathe because
you know people are going to get the notification and let’s just let it
breathe let’s let it breathe let’s give thanks to the ancestors who are with us
you’ll see and every single way tonight or today whatever time it is in your
time zone when you see this there won’t be no time zones after that everything
will change and you know if you’re wondering like just for those jumping in
like you know what’s not what’s heaven is that do you ever go into the dirt
with white clothes on do you think you’re gonna go to the netherworld with
white clothes on you know like do you go to your attic and start cleaning out the
attic with white clothes on you know because it’s a dirty job so that’s why
I’m dressed like this because I got to go in and do a dirty job real quick
clean some things out so all of humanity can expand because something has gone on
like that we used to play this sound body to say I cracked it he kept saying
he was talking about quantum teleportation and algorithms but you
know that all that’s a luxury man children are dying women are hurting men
are losing every single thing about the passing of steps of the Sun we are not
at war a great family then we’re beyond nature like just think
about it when you see how nature is set up and how everything supports
everything especially when there’s no crazy you know when the cities and all
the different forms are not around that just disturb and take everything off
balance over there man imagine like I’ve watched you know you see ecosystems just
completely come out of line because of what’s happening so again I’m just
letting it breathe right now I’m just letting it you know I’m gonna I’m gonna
let it hit a certain number I guess that numbers gonna be like 250 we’re going in
because anybody else that’s linked they can catch it tomorrow they’ll be late on
their own birthdays we’re about to go into what is this a full Blood Moon wolf
eclipse put anything else on that you know what does that mean well I’m
feeling what that means and I’m about to translate what that means because it is
great that when we believe in ourselves that’s all that’s required and know that
we’re protected that’s the only promise a hyperdimensional promise for you is
that you’re protected unless you compromise yourself other than that you
are protected you have professional technology around you a Taurus field so
unless you come compromise yourself you’re protected so what I’m about to
talk to you about what we’re about to go into it’s gonna change everything and
I’m not the only one but we will wipe out this plain meaning that all of these
buildings and the oil and all of this crazy stuff that we’re doing to each
other and to this planet and then all of this stuff is gonna this plane is done
with this knowledge that’s up to come through I I couldn’t hold it any longer
I was even on the road driving with it like this is weird we need to connect
everything to to have your greatest punches confirmed now I will say this
because it looks like every set point of sweet blue only blue
blowing it it’s blown I got to start I only can say this before I begin and
this is why I come just in the priestly fashion in the custom of our people to
to give people to understand one thing see what happens is let’s give a number
every 3,600 years all of it gets wiped off it’s just something that’s got to
happen week it’s kind of like the Sabbath of the planet if you may we
welcome it okay and when that occurs we move into a
certain state it’s not just a prophecy it’s in the stars now by the way for
anyone thinking I’m coming with a doom and gloom actually we just came off one
so you actually have 3540 years to go from here so I would suggest me to get
the best of it if you think that this is going to be the end of the world it’s
not that’s not the news that I have for you today
so all fear porn lovers please – now now I’m actually talking about the risen
because see here’s one thing and I just have to address first because that is
the reason why I am dressed like this in a wardrobe to just address a specific
custom that no matter what happens dolls that are aligned and practiced the
sacred arts of the earth are by oath required to tell all the children of the
earth the secrets the moment they are ready to be aware that which is the
moment they come out of the womb they can start learning the secrets of the
geometry right away and a big part of those secrets are in the Stars and a big
part of those secrets are geometry but I don’t want to go very far I just want
everyone to understand that the real skull and bones okay the real skull and
bones is really the planet the skull and all the stones or the rocks are the
bones of all of the organisms that set their strata set their entire layer
here like a ring on a tree like I was there I made calcium I’m an amethyst
this is me okay so you need to get it one thing really really clear that in
this great water which is on an ocean you see around you and they say the
whole phases where they call space is full of water this is just a place
that’s growing up in the water floating if you made a mothership if you made but
our bones as we transcend transcends there’s just like a beetle its shells
just like the crabs their shells go pick up a crack shell and they start seeing
how the ocean used to takes those crab shells and it just starts turning them
in the sand basically sand becomes glass and we start again it becomes crystals
and amethyst and all that and we start again so you have to get familiar with
this process but see I am coming here for some specific beings specific beings
that we gave the charge that if something happens you must remind us
meaning that see in the ancient secrets that’s why I’m here with this knot I’m
very proficient in this this has been one missing key in Kennedy and I’ve been
cracking that key but seeing the mystery there is Anubis in the statute because
he nubes who was the dog is supposed to win reviving the nation because the
lubis is always sitting at the gate guardian when reviving is basically
supposed to tell everyone that hey this is where you come from even right now
there’s a city inside of the earth even right now underneath all the pyramids
you see they had built extensive catacombs and Takei’s and all that why
because the pending knowledge that a at a certain point everything here
it’s cleared off everyone goes inside for a while and then things start over
again and then when those souls come back to the surface which they can do in
many ways they can pass through the surface like ether if they pass their
terms in the center of the earth they pass back through this is a fully
efficient system it’s its glorious you can hope though this has nothing to do
with the buffoonery that is going on with the oil and the power systems and
all the lives and all the cheating so actually this is not a short
conversation today I dedicate this conversation to my daughter okay I’m not
playing games in this conversation this is a conversation that I’ve been waiting
to have waiting for the time to be able to fully align the entire thing to check
those who have put themselves in power there are youth that are weighing these
brothers be sisters they have the real juice with them all of them full
spectrum and I thank them for Manning the shipment womaning the ship and the
mother should be finding their own niche in this and then delivering the
information before I even get into this right now
you know big wholeness – static in the Attic YouTube page brother going in on
you know the core of just common sense look at the maps the Cataclysm that has
happened here is no more than two or three hundred years old I want problems
together for the newbies but man we are coming out of a great fallout
why do you think now that the pyramids were buried why do you think now Inca
what looks like what happened how do you get a ruin all they were fighting
these kids would be fighting so I want to start this first I guess already
started but I love it play around with time look at that story
a love story a love story so powerful I even named this presentation after it is
you Maya and ectomy right what you know as the
atom you might have not come because see there’s no better relationship than
these two no better relationship than searing hot fiery passion in squishy
soft i mean just curvy beauty together so we’re all you came from i don’t care
what your color is how long your nose is what your eyes look like because you see
all my fish do you see all these plants do you think they’re all from a
different family no they’re all together so we look different we love to come out
you know come out of something different every now and then but we know we’re the
same and it’s only when we have those of months as that keep secrets and seek to
divide us do we act in the way that we do so no one can tell me that logically
you want to go to war you want to fight you want to kill you want to have to
protect your children no nobody logically can tell me that i
can go in any country okay everybody is doing something here because something
is behind the scenes suggesting we know that but now the time to put that in
chat so where do we begin as I said the stones and the bones okay
so after this projection meaning you Maya is the DD
the because we’re in it this in itself is just a macrocosmic seed we’re deep in
this okay but this seed is on fire because it’s got actually these two
together create power and that is the only promise energy pure energy power
which you will call free energy you will live infinitely period you got to
realize that people invented them because they were scared of life people
are afraid to live look at the conditions why what happened
what is in our psychological like what is going on only few of us like the Red
Bull guys seem to be breaking breaking that fear factor down most people
they’re out there scared you know all these different things like where is
that coming from where’s the fear the fear is from loss our recent ancestors
many of them lost everything and again to get the big-time background check out
the brothers Channel just check it out check out the videos you know I like to
let people do what they do you know sit and hold this out again – martini
brother Sanchez so they’ll hold us out to sister Aurora lots of the brothers
and sisters in their space infinite waters is still in their space and now
we’re gonna bring it together because we’re gonna crack something together I’m
enjoying it something like well if you already read it already what is it well
again your history is only 200 years old what this means that everything that you
have been told has been fabricated we just got information systems like
Encyclopedia Britannica again was our source of information who
wrote that information who’s pretending we do Britannic is this is in no way
attack on Britain in London the people in that country are
experiencing something they’re experiencing the equivalent of the wall
the braixen il hugs grace with the prek sit the brexit is crazy
right the whole world is of a shutdown what do you think is going on are you
out there shutting it down no you’re the one showing up for work you didn’t shut
it down so why are they playing the games now let’s define who they is
because I was like oh don’t start the bay I mean look at this and make sure
this is still right yeah don’t start the bay let me tell you who
they is okay there’s a superstructure of initiates if you want to call them that
they’ve initiated themselves let me explain you simple stuff about what’s
going on with places like these if you check max you find that the world
experienced an entire cataclysm where all of that deconstruction that you’re
looking at just didn’t like that it’s like the missing link for you if some I
find cable you say hey you know there was a complete deconstruction only 200
years ago that’s why all these kind of still fresh monuments it looks like you
say that that’s where 4,000 year 5,000 years and nobody agreed on that no yes
vanilla but what if just like you saw the Sphinx was covered what if the
entire world as we know it many of the populated places experienced this shift
like they say shift happens and what if that ship was so psychologically
impacting for you you forever avoid it so much you’ll find here all the time
I don’t know what happened I don’t know who I am
nobody knows and then the other thing about somebody keeping secrets that we
got all these super sunny we’ve got all this meta material technologies and we
got all the people you know working and you decide to create iPhones and you’re
telling me we have to come up with anything yet but some pictures are they
laying on the other side of Moon and everybody is not in or something like
that meaning you know keeping us dumb about
who we are what if there were a group of people who the only thing they kept with
themselves was a secret that they didn’t want to tell you which was about who you
are that’s it because he your knowledge was here see
this is not like this system isn’t designed to always remind you no matter
what goes on hey maybe you missed a deadline see some people like waiter
another thing how could I have made in here brother I’m just rockin well walk
on in then and maybe look at mommy and daddy and maybe Steve is something kind
of stewed all about mommy day that they may have Madame a diverse rapture or
like the first mother ship that level because you know think about my great
granddad you’re somebody in that line where it still need to be cleaned up a
little bit for they can go beyond the Vapor right so meaning that there’s a
reason to light here there’s a reason that is very powerful to existence and
cracking this reason man it does everything so we’re gonna crack it so
again we talked about you Maya and Neptune so I brought you the beginning
if you want to be there pure infinite energy if you want to remove yourself
from harmful dualities you know because I think about the relations between way
and a woman it should be increasing and getting more stronger and powerful why
did they get more weaker the more they’re together what is that about it’s
because there’s a lack of knowledge about how this relationship and this
connection the need for something that has so much
power to just land up into something that’s really really soft you can get
that rookie like aren’t you human are you a human being
do you never experience those kind of moments where you need to throw some
water on your fire create steam or when you’re so watered just so low and down
and if a fire lifts you up so we experience this okay but I don’t
want people to you understand because there’s a lot of people that they
stilling didn’t crack in that physical side of it that’s great because we
already need to be in the same space but there is a metaphysical aspect to this
that allows you to realize oh I’m a coil this is just a double euclidean yeah
just this little thing right here alone free energy playing around with those
things that’s like what 20 cents oh my goodness
all right that’s like a sidebar you’ve got to cut down okay so like I said you
have some millivolts right and the moment you run your votes down the
copper coil as long as the coils wrapped tight enamel insulated you know either
insulated coil everyone’s like hey you got to have insulation on that
understand what the ancestors do insulation okay so have fun together
maybe I’ll turn these lights up a little bit that’ll be great
Kosar we will start here because it’s important to remember because we’re
going deep we’re going it’s important to remember that there were a group of
people that had already become so proficient and banking and developing
cities that they built an entire out somewhere past Russia and it behoove
them to remove that nation from history because after that they needed to
operate in secrecy because they knew they found out about something that is
written in star charts just impending situations that are always written in
the stars now another key things happens here with the co czars and that is one
of them finally gets to an evolution that it decides that a maybe this whole
culture that where it had this kind of barbarous just you know we need culture
this is heathenistic we’re fighting each other some dire messes they were panning
out so they had people that were already working with them let’s say slaves if
you may but in this case more like mercenaries which are different okay and
in observing the arts of immersing Ares like certain religious practices they
decided to adapt those religious practices and just like that they stole
what today is Christianity okay which is originally the ACO bukh which just means
the place of the Black Sun tradition okay and it has a lot to do with this as
you know and it’s all about this process of us coming into our awareness which is
happening now so we know it’s not about a guy and we know it’s not about him and
we know it’s not about any of that right so right last but a big line but how
does that resonate with people okay because we’re going to go deep okay
we’re going deeper how does that resonate the why do you have people so
into that it’s like its genetic like Catholicism and Christianity is
genetic for people almost right because it’s hard-coded a lot of the words and a
lot of the symbols are they just usurped it the symbols lead
went back to south their max themselves you’ll find them described on rocks with
jerks you know once you look at a spiral for long enough you starting to get
maybe this is a energy let me sit on this and eat something some of these
plants oh shit where am i this is the other realm can I help you see there’s
more going on but they want to keep you trapped in here okay now we want you to
be sovereign we want you to be free indeed we want you to be fulfilled we
want you to reach the point of contentment that means like okay I’m
good you know I’m good I don’t even need to leave a footprint like I can just go
and hang what’s up my friends and you know do some swimming build some stuff
learn some things connect dial out come back go further you know things that
real advanced beings do not in somewhere working for another person to work for
another person to work like the guy said hey I saw this thing it’s like the strip
club owners they come and they buy all these ones like hundreds and hundreds of
thousands and then the strippers come back the next day and bring them all
back into the bank and this repeats rinse rewrite repeat rinse rewind and
piggy meanwhile all the energy is being drained they said whoa when you find
money on the floor that is the sign that you’re about to enter into a recession
these are the laws of dynamics of finances the day the dollar died these
kind of books that are prophesying a change meaning to come because of the
clutches that the world is in okay so now that closed our tradition it’s
important for you to understand because they became masters themselves they
became priests me and they studied every single thing about it but they just
turned it upside down that’s why most of those gothic temples look creepy as hell
because they’re inverted versions who okay so but they’re just inverted so in
this process we now get a massive situation because there’s something that
is happening here where when you take the torus of the energy of the torus and
you invert it it becomes like destructive life beyond destructive it
generally drives the host crazy okay but it can also work through multiple beings
and this is what we need to understand about power it’s like if somebody’s not
balancing the power then we have really an issue and this is why the Emerald
Tablet Zeus did say o manna Kim do not betray my knowledge to those others that
don’t understand this because they will try to turn it in up the other direction
that’s what a nuclear explosion is but we don’t even know if newly soldiers
even happen we’re just saying the knowledge of being
able to turn what would be pure life in abundance into destruction indicator to
turn a jungle into a desert in that no rocks the process or to be responsible
for the process this is not anything in balance and anybody who thinks it is
anybody who will give it any kind of leeway is only as old to how far this
thing has gotten before it got shut down because it is shut down like we will
work on the spiritual plane we will toil night and day now that we know what
happened okay so what happened give you pieces and we’re good direction I just
want you to know this since world the Christian aspect of things is too
immersed and when I set the first rapture okay the first rapture do you
remember all of those boats that were coming over with the tribe of juda on them in Chains
going to the non Promised Land right I think about this okay in slavery days if
you you know if you study that knowledge if you study well who did the tribes had
a really inside of the u.s. because not all Africans grow beards and not all
people who are dark mean that they mixed with Europeans either and even Europeans
seem to have had an origin like the black Russians and the Cochise that is
really the changes in the climate which is something that I want you to remember
right now the changes in the climate like you think that change the climate
takes years and you know thousands of years to affect two by three generations
that you’re living in adverse it was hot and now is super cold you get different
color eyes you get different you get different everything why because it’s
the layers of your skin okay the layers of your skin the more layers
that you need right that also kind of connects with how many cycles you’ve
also been here right but when you come in first it comes to you come in
sometime in the cold or when you’re out in the ends you’re in the cold so the
colors there are actually more towards the light blues the blondes the white
okay these are different parts of the spectrum so I want you to understand
though that in this process we all built a civilization where every single thing
was connected the entire grid of all the races and you just float it through my
business houses it’s back to you just down it in and you are floating
through the current like a fish right but not every fish attacking you and all
the imbalances like fish you were going through the schools of the University
okay so you would literally go through these different contests
nations as you were rolling with the current either in the mothership or in
your boat and you would have these different experiences and this is what
the original system was and you would have these experiences especially even
as different kind of fleshly forms because the temples the temples on the
planet like the ones in Angkor Wat many of the different temples are configured
to bring out a certain kind of beam so these were literally the portals okay
for you to go through your experience the portals are down okay
the portals have been taken offline now there’s so many layers to this there’s
so many layers because some people go how did the portals can take it offline
and I even have an answer for that but I can’t dive there right now I have to let
you see already the first rapture the first rapture so these boats the MooMoo
the dragon Brittany if you remember okay so let me put it together for you so for
those who are not up on the tribe even though what’s deeper than the 12 tribes
of Israel which are all men is the 12 lost lost tribes that are all women like
that Chippewa Indians in the Amazonian Indian women female tribes okay then we
imagine there’s no no nah but are you see is Wonder Woman that okay so they’ll
deliver you 12 tribes of males but they even tell it isn’t and there’s some
hidden tribes but they won’t say nothing about the 12 tribes and females win the
entire culture right the entire domestic culture basically some want to
matriarchal line right everybody knows who they are based on their
in that tradition so but who change that so okay so now continuing into this the
cosines have a plan of enslaving the entire tribe one particular tribe to
slave the entire tribe okay this is an actual thing and so this is Messiah if
you may or many people coming through saying look y’all need to get ready to
get out of here because this night is talking about enslavement they come on
sleep and everybody okay now some people that they like okay that’s all you need
to tell me another was like nobody not you always get those right so when it
starts popping off and I’m just explaining some to you that we have to
dive in it was like there we’re gonna start to pop it off but people flee they
leave Jerusalem all these areas where all that the cold is I don’t know that
these are all areas that these these are ancient Orientals are in there
practicing these traditions so now they’re clean one particular tribe in
this case co-stars are pursuing them and this is what I was saying and that’s why
I say everything just clicks because people have heard shows for me we’re
saying like I don’t understand why is it the designers want to follow us around
all the time in Jesus when I use our star power and our energy they make us
guide the world into darkness and what am I talking about
the music industry’s the film industry’s why do they always want to have this
melon ated Beauty always up there acting the acting like a fool so then will we
go in public people are looking like we’re gonna attack them why is it so
important to do that so we got connected all today because it’s been keeping us
all really divided up some fake-ass shit it’s all fake because everybody has
experience someone trying to steal their energy and this is what we’re talking
about but they wanted to make an industry I was stealing
is feeling energy and they did look at the world it’s stolen energy from our
mother okay so let’s keep going now there is a rapture happening here okay
meaning that these people were not allowed to get into America to become
slaves the ship sink shout-out to Lupe Fiasco ways I see you brother
okay it clicks because see if you understand OTO which week this is a
check okay see in their tradition the depth of their tradition is luck ruffian
okay in the mccracken tradition they believe in the elder gods and the
ancient ones and then her mother who is consumed okay who was only subservient
to ara so great Cthulhu okay he creates his whole crazy a story about how great
Cthulhu is so destructive like a Kraken he’s the evilest things the darkest
things – ugh this thing and then he points all the people that he’s trying
to teach to worshipping him right he’s literally attempting to explain the you
– voodoo current and he’s demonizing it but then
encouraging his practitioners in his acolytes to practice it under that
debase form okay so meaning that Cthulhu is a squid face you just gotta
understand what’s happening here giant several opposed contra mother
brain massive intellects moving throughout the gelatinous smeared fully
intelligent and connected okay now how do you know that this is
was going on how do you know that this is possibly and I believe for sure the
mother because what we did into the practice personal life which nobody has
to in time to do we find that all of his novels that were written about these
dark evil ugly beings were about slaves in his problem with black people he was
a staunch racist and now you realize why our type followed in his seed
you gotta understand the oke before le Esther crowd Oh
McGregor Mathers all double-oh-seven to ball came John be all they were
following in the speed because they’re trying to hide some knowledge this is
why the pyramids all that was covered because the Cataclysm ever look if they
got pictures with a head it make sure I’m still broadcasting the heads the
head is the only thing out of the Sphinx right okay so the head is the only thing
out of the Sphinx just think about this so that means most of everything else is
is giving it’s covered in something something happened but here’s what you
need to remember when they start excavating this which was kind of by
accident it was like some of the gulp herders and things that had you know the
final successors of the land the rim me is that if you made they were the ones
that were digging and still trying to plunder this city that was underground
and when they started finding some of the big tombs David was like yo we need
to call them the British because they got to want to buy this and when they’re
pretty Sean and he’s like oh shit cover this up
why because he at this point in the world’s time you got to remember that
every single thing was designed with a cat system but and see the Casa stirs
the rules of laws that division is the black and white on the checkerboard to
keep things divided the sworn but lying in between the black and white you get
it the bare the lines in between the black of the white et things
the net beam so you gotta understand tonight
I’m gonna lead them to you understand you have to know this you have to know
everything now we have to take this entire planet to an entirely different
stage intuitively many people are already trying to go to the north if you
didn’t notice everybody that’s down there in the bottom is trying to get to
the top intuitively right even if it’s just walking with their babies and just
trying to I don’t know I just keep walking this is all I can do you got to
hear what the world is saying you have to be in tune you have to be connected
if I asked you if you had a chance to take the world to an entirely different
level would you even do it so people say yeah yeah but they may start thinking
about their car they start thinking about things that they spent so long
working on your work was in vain you’re working for the wrong person you should
be working for yourself now we have basically a one-year plan to revitalize
everything in quantum solutions for those of you wondering I’m getting back
to this quantum solutions like I have solutions our tribe has solutions for
all of this but before we can get to those solutions you must know being the
first cracker that’s why I was saying hey I think it’s after Judgment Day see
that that’s see some people call that Gnosticism this is like just waking up
with a me okay in everybody like some stuff just
comes to you and that’s why when he clips with somebody else says something
that’s like and the more must come together the worlds with putting it
together I’m putting I’m putting my name in there put an engine into all of our
story like wow all of our temples are shut down while all of our chakras are
shut down why we’re fighting each other like dumbasses like we would ever win we
would never win to kill someone have you killed someone I mean you cannot live
with killing someone you need a loop a loop a few times to for it to clear it
out of the pack you see what I mean so get what I’m saying here there are those
who’ve already done things that it bothers them what they’ve done part of
the biggest part of this is this secret do you understand that when the
Cataclysm happened which it was like too many cultures they were not prepared
just like they say in Noah’s days what you’re talking about 200 years ago 300
years ago in Noah’s days everybody was partying up until they closed Ark what
does that really mean what that means is probably even underneath the pyramids
there’s no real Zion okay just like you talk about the matrix but ancient
ancestor just was like she we already got the V y’all could keep us on the
surface I’m gonna hand down in there you seem to me because that’s built
underneath this structure but to not know this to not know where you’re from
how could somebody be so dark what a cruel joke Anubis what a cruel joke
think about this the reason why I say Anubis see because the dog who’s playing
God get the house right the dog who is playing God now when you look at
British crest on the palace gate what is that underneath the crown
somebody please source an image of the crest of Buckingham Palace why get some
water in here thank you you might break a ride all this stuff’s gonna make sense
in a minute to you well by waiting to the man of Kim I went to came the coward
did with my vibration ride you serious you serious the vibration ride man like
I said we have entire civilizations now with the Cataclysm hit them only the rim
is survived and there were those who came that were responsible for taking
care of us and waking us up and they chose to keep us asleep they chose to
take the knowledge about forefathers and grandmother’s keep it for themselves and
it rolled us to rule us like they were the gods that’s exactly what happened
even to be here talk about this even a person sitting there come on oh man this
is crazy I think this guy I don’t even think
there’s that many people on this line this is they already most people know
this but it’s like there’s a little like film still separating them from really
getting an action izing what it is that they need to do in their lives to
actually expand beyond this framework of course because they need tried we need
each other we’re connected but if you’re not cleaning your systems up and your
customs if you’re not guarding your portals it’s hard to vibrate it’s hard
to board a craft if your vibration is not harmonized the mother ships when
they come and they always move through like you get comedies motherships and
dreams and have massive experiences this is not something coming I’m not a
Antichrist profit that’s why they love to create all of that shit for you to be
dumb so you don’t realize the spiritual connection that’s why they have these
people they they’re so wise about all that stuff but they can’t turn on the
metaphysical side like when they get asked about you know history Max and all
that stuff they’re great on that but when you look at the diet diet where’s
your diet now run through a wall punch through everything like I run the
government daily my alley any meat is sixteen seventeen years and come on
vegans throw this entire house over there if I have to like there’s power
coming out of this but it’s in the conscience and all this melded together
but there were pieces and that’s why I’m here today
that’s why I’m so passionate about this I have a strong will to live and that
will is you it is you actually turning over this flow just turning over this
conscious amount of connected so look what happened so they the costars of
like look they pursued when they pursued them through Africa meaning this tribe
because they were gifted it’s a lion tribe right that’s why this mix is not
that so they like man we find sort of light right acts like Michael Jackson we
can get man that’s all they need is like one of them so listen they literally
went through Africa trying to pursue them with mercenaries and because they
had a strange tradition and custom people always knew that yeah we kind of
know something about there’s something weird going on so you know there will be
times especially the key makers where we’ll get into all the details about the
names that that tribe is gone under but let’s just say that they did get pursued
they did get pounded down by dogs who fed their ancestors bones who they fed
the bones of their ancestors to try to make sure they out the memory of who
these beings were it’s like the Star Wars story where the SIP know all of
where the future jet you’re gonna be this is what they’re
talking about this is one tribe this is what they say hair off he was trying to
kill the firstborn this is that they just had isolated in a star that yo it’s
just enough to come from there so we’re gonna try to write everybody out in
there that’s in the hall their own Bible they
are arrived right okay so Pete game though because that’s
what I’m saying you just need to be aware in the know I’m connected to
yourself because many of those brothers and sisters that was only ships was like
man I don’t know man all my life I believe one thing and it just looks like
this is going in a totally different direction I don’t really get this
understanding this I understand closing the door and ending an epoch and things
but this is probably going to be treacherous when I get to the other side
what am I talking about after the cozaar pursued this tribe all
the way into Africa they’ve been trying to put them on boats and send them to
America whatever is here which we know is at least give my god and how tuned
didn’t allow that and this is the biggest key you could ever have one of
the biggest piece when these ships are pulled down see people have to
understand this because your ancestors I don’t care who you are your ancestors
were on these ships this is why many people have a fear of deep water they
have a traumatic experience because not only was there one traumatic experience
that took the planet offline for a minute then another traumatic experience
with some one or a group or they trying to capitalize on the remnants of the
people that were left barely trying to develop their civilization barely
getting along okay so what we’re talking about here is that in these waters and
this is something that I experienced when I was just out on the beach and I
had reached I don’t know par that Nina some dimension way out there after
catching enough breaths playing around with acacia who’s drinking only light in
the desert that real burning bush and I’m looking out of the water and I just
see roll after roll after roll after roll of ancestors all in those like
silhouette kind of like they have in the paintings like that this is a hundred
and something times you know I hope we don’t wanna shit I know what I’m doing
at this stage right so I’m like man and the only thing I could come up with from
that outside I guess water is like somehow the precipitation of souls
sounds good enough yeah all that water all that saw all that crystal right but
then there’s living beings in there and that’s why we have to do something
natural like look at the conditions are our oceans we need quantum solutions now
we are choking out our brothers and sisters in the water like where we would
go beyond this you see what I mean so this is why the action it needs to be
there so let’s keep let’s keep going into this so you have to realize that
all of our ancient works say that our mother is like a squid like she’s like a
gigantic octopus maybe that’s way to get the word pussy
from no it’s like five fish I don’t know I don’t have to be dumb if I didn’t see
in the geometry and see nice yeah if you don’t see the geometry what is going on
you cannot see it in that when we walked around mirror years ago we walked around
not knowing what these sides and suppose mean you remember that that was like a
thousand years now when we look at that symbol it’s
like that yogi octopus cephalopods part the Genesis regeneration or metal days just Darwin’s theory oh yeah really
Darwin’s theory but see how that’s what I mean by your history’s written only
two hundred years ago the greatest composers type that greatest composers
and they’d see what you get back into in Google like no other tribes ever made
music man connect the dots that’s what we’re doing but anyway for those who
still want to understand just how deep the connection is with your mother
as the song ways talks about as some of those ships sunk and those souls were
going down into the water something came and got them an entire
seat see this is the connection and again you you can wait to find it out
you can wait for something of issue to tell you maybe you’ll never know you
know hopefully that doesn’t have hopefully this is always in your
consciousness to realize in the deepest level occultism they talk about their
being in city in the ocean and they only say it’s Saturn Saturn he rules in
Emerald City in the ocean in Saturn is a dark he’s a dark evil creature and then
when you start really to who’s telling you all of that you start realizing that
well maybe that is a big off so part of the division so let’s go further in this
city you mean there’s a city in the ocean so if you talk to ancient African
elders they ain’t gonna do to me left to tell you about this place
because they refused they refused to let those souls go to America and those who
did both work the remnant okay now let me explain very briefly the purpose of
the remnant which is like a fifth column in itself it is souls that they are
worthy of souls like things like the way of the Peaceful Warrior like padishah
has they bear martial arts is meditation I will bring something to live with
meditation he says now they kill you no I will bring something alive I will take
a fly or something smaller you know it says my power harvested and concentrate
on that animation and watch those little legs start as they’re getting what
dynamo Jack says it’s not electricity it’s cheap and it brings everything back
to life it regenerates it see what I’m saying is is that there’s nothing boss
there’s just strata that literally bones disconnecting there’s a disconnect
between us and our ancestors that are inside of this and that’s why in the
matrix is a are they’re brewing they’re digging that’s probably not with the
tongue of the touring company you see the mean California was an island check
it out all the gold all the gold underneath people are hearing boom boom
the hell is that boom what’s going on miners pirates our
planet is being like they’re gutting it out they got you all oil see Mike’s
goods I might make a noise right Sego so what’s important to remember
here as we summarize is that there are those amongst us that are aligned to
keep a secret and that secret not only involves free energy and the connection
of that to your torus field it also involves a hyperdimensional connection
very powerful metaphysical connection with you and your ancestors so you’re
basically a child and you have been kept away from your parents who never leave
they’re never cut from your umbilical cord you participated unwillingly in a
process where those who are charged to make sure that the knowledge of humanity
always returned to humanity may have failed for a short period they may have
placed their trust and something or someone that did not fulfill their
promise there’s a broken promise that has created a broken heart okay
I just want you to understand something here because as a tribe we all have to
heal together so whoever’s even involved in this we’re gonna deal together only
when we get to this is talking out like there’s a line people that are watching
this television or this YouTube program right now they’re amazed Freemasons on
the line right now there’s accepted Freemasons
right now and many of them don’t know anything about this at all they don’t
know civilization has just been rewritten they don’t know that major
Cataclysm has taken the world offline and a few physical people survived that
Cataclysm we are coming right after that they don’t know that all this ancient
knowledge ancient secrets is not so ancient this wasn’t too long ago that
this happened and this is why you’re in this vulnerable state this is a broken
heart according to mythology okay now ooh okay I guess they finally want
to talk about something because I was just not even gonna talk about this see
what I saw was so sometimes I have these dreams and they’re not like really
dreams it’s almost like I just activate somewhere else and in this case I
activated into a world and somebody let me into a back door and I came into a
room that was dark and all the people that were there are the beings that were
there we’re all looking at screens and I noticed that they were actually
monitoring us that their system of time was long enough for one shift in their
world one shift like you got a six hour shift eight hour shift one shift in
their world was twenty-four hours in our world and I witness without going
through the entire vision once going through this clearly was a shift when I
got to the top a device an actual weapon if you made that the people who are
operating it we’re operating it in a way and and in sheer cowardness also of
dragging energy down now just follow me here we
you want to try it’s not offend anybody today or even the crater model which is
just bones stacked on bones like a particle floating to things okay so let’s imagine that all of what’s
happening on earth hasn’t as above version C sometimes we try to figure
this stuff out on the planet and we assign people to a but people can be in
every tense just post there like husks themselves for other consciousnesses and
life-forms right like that’s called hive mind kind of mentality right but above
that you may see something you may see something controlling that kind of
consciousness and just kind of have that human like just as one of its hosts okay
so imagine that the only thing that can really allow these kind of hosts to
attach where there is to you whether it’s to the planet or anything else is
if you come on battlements if your frequency just goes down okay now if we
use this model it looked like this okay that tilt was this head we don’t know if
we have a tilt okay yes we do the tilt is why you don’t you you’re not
ambidextrous okay why you can’t use both of these like proficiently is because
there’s something throwing things off balance okay I’m just going to take you
up a couple planes to let you see what’s happening because this is how you’ll be
able to firewall yourself properly it’s like an arrow that that’s kind of why in
all those ancient paintings right uh uh than Hindu gods they’ve got these air
right and symbolically what that’s about is like a ray in itself of just negative
energy just imbalance see they cannot find us they cannot defeat us where we
can’t be defeated this is what you need to understand these beings would never
face us face to face because we are too powerful
they will only activate more of us to do other different kind of things okay so
like calories and that’s what I said as above so below like cowards they fire
the Ray from far off where you can’t even see gradually lowering the
frequency now somebody say well back that’s just damn seven I was quick you
into that’s it now easier than anything okay so let me
put it in the world for you because I say as above so below we’re wrestling
really against principalities here but if you want to see it on your physical
plane it is as these members because this is the ones who are aware that I’m
talking about all of it just hurting people this is a bump in planet there’s
no scarcity we got to get out of the city know who you can’t hang on the city
all your life you see they won’t let go they won’t let the people be free so now
when the power commas which is the knowledge in the wisdom there’s no
asking 5032 you get it there gig is up that’s why tonight this night is another
real massive like battle hammer chunk into this creature as far as it being
done of us thinking this image but the guy doesn’t believe
that this thing cannot be abolished it will be abolished through putting back
together because the only thing you’re dealing with is the kids now and the
kids are very powerful meaning like even if you look at you’re 60 or 70 year old
grandma it’s like let my kids still nobody’s actually develop they’re just
themselves coming out of a cataclysm jennyline’s you go back two to three
generations nobody can even tell me to anybody anybody think about it like
somebody always out I got a develop family treat but yeah that’s all in the
nucleus but none of y’all can keep going back birth great-great-great grandmother
nobody can why cuz you’ve been cut off it’s symbolic of your medical chord
being cut now I won’t go as far today to say that this weapon caused this but
paintings seem to indicate that that there was a struggle before this
occurred maybe we actually fought to keep the imbalance from happening I
don’t know how you know it sounds wild but it looks like in the paintings that
there was a war but the fallout of that war the planet took the globe it’s like
hitting a woman though isn’t you gotta understand and think about this stuff we
are living in again it like it it challenges you every day to figure it
out now I can sit now let’s pause for a minute okay because some people may have
just tuned it some people may be just figuring out about that I’m even here
and they’re hearing all this information come out and there may be thinking okay
well maybe this is just somebody talking and maybe hasn’t said a decade of
proficiency a decade multiple platforms connecting with people creating
technologies value through books thousands of works raising a child
connecting with people may I say that already
connecting happening empowering on the shoals what do you think all that comes
from is this normal amongst us amongst trying to guess but
it’s different right no it’s you okay so but all the other stuff the serial
entrepreneurship the ecosystems that the AI the neural networks the relevancy you
know all this stuff that click that that heat spots and all these different
things right but even deeper the metamaterials right drinking your
mission right Mike military they drink their missions they drink the fluid the
mission is programmed in the fluid it goes into the body just like when you
eat a plant the plants minerals nowhere to go that’s where the heart that’s what
spleen the body knows alcohol that already but they also know they can you
can drink something it goes right to that part of your brain you get that
idea you go do it and then to avoid PTSD they
just zap it out of your brain with a laser to make you forget and that’s
black ops okay and even deeper beyond them Hollywood storing all of the films
all the classic films on one drop of water read about it it’s dead even
deeper than that water all of these technologies that we’re seeing all have
to do with just oils and soft water AJ Joe hydrogen these kind of things
like waters of fuel what do you burn you seem to me like we have to be here in
this perspective of our consciousness for our mothers for our daughters for
our sons now we must wake up to what’s happening and
realize the reason why history makes no sense because it’s not true
and that a powerful being can only be in a situation like this if somehow
something happened to it it took a blow like great teachers like I got a chance
to sit with a big tourist convincing us for a while
years ago Kevin Theodore you know they you know Victorians are still here there
I was looking down on it right now are up women exactly but these men knew the
part of their healing was to know where you had taken taken damage where you
have been hit but literally said as a meat-eor yourself you have taken dem
boom when you hit other stars boom right how could that happen the Milky Way baby
United States a blown up planning when I was tackling the Milky Way it was like
yeah this is all of us but we’re blown up now we need to all come back together
how is that going to happen electromagnetism duh like sometimes like
how can we quit something so nice or so didn’t I just tell you they’re cowards how could you keep secrets from women
and children what kind of character is that do you think that kind of character
can stand against a real hero or real hero and do you think that that’s even
possible no but if we find each other it works
and that’s not saying like anything gonna be just me talking about it we’re
gonna change the entire world and as crazy as it might seem it’s because it
is that crazy did you not think something to the magnitude of what’s
happening here when you finally got the story that the story wouldn’t be this
wild is what I’m telling you right now but very plausible that’s why I said you
know check out static kinetic check out the channel check what he’s got because
when we come forward you know I probably had her mom got marked on the key makers
just coming in strong but it’s gonna be about also these brothers coming in and
sisters coming in putting also the rule of the imagery
the step-by-step but I United leave you anytime you can go do it tonight and
they’ll connect dots for you all over everything everything you could explain
sign like what did they do if you start coming up with these weird half stories
oh they were dark must have been they must have been bad and sad I guess God
decide to punish now a war so again what a broken heart is and the reason why
because it does not look like a heart in the human body the heart doesn’t look
like this right so why why is the heart like this because this shape is fun okay
this shape okay is it everything okay so really what you have is you have okay
like you have a symbol that’s literally saying a broken Marcus complete heart is
two five this is even a mathematical equation a complete heart which is the
epigram seven ventricle he’d read whatever you want to call it is these
two shapes connect it together okay so broken heart means are separated so what
this literally means just so you know they’re do you maybe you don’t have to
go two years of metaphysics or maybe you want to be a benefit assistant what it
means is you’ve divided from your other hat literally like literally there’s
like a film in between you and like what you will call your spirit body or your
dream body and that film is like that that’s the interruption this
interruption is happening you know it happens so many ways I can only talk
about how the face first of all you need to get a will before I get into the
geometry of the wheel it just means how a strong will to live have a strong one to live when they
examine every single person that was capable of really doing something that
changed everything this was the key component you have to
have a strong want to live know that your ancestors are here they are
probably inside of the earth is why does it make sound
but at minimum there’s a bones okay then that’s what I was saying in the
beginning that’s the skull in a boat there’s following the bones the planet
is deemed as a skull and then all the bones on top of it now when you see that
if you’ve ever seen a cult imagery you see these kind of symbols but what does
it really mean what they’re scared of it now this is what every single thing that
is the deepest of knowledge has this dark fear demonic story around it but
Geronimo’s head is right there Indians and is right there they try to demonize
that what are we talking about so let’s talk about it I guess you gotta run out
of the bus so let’s just understand westward expansion and this is just a
short process and again you can check out the brother to get more than this
but it just makes sense now according to where this Mayflower or whatever lands
the territory that they’re coming into by saying is on this side of the
Mississippi you know just get all the details from them but just some common
sense and all that’s over here is today what you would call Hindus Indians which
we already discovered have migrated had been migrated because Brahmins were the
real superhuman etc go towards the north Himalayas up high in the mountains the
cold you know overcome you know what I mean like all of that
about going normal gogo to these higher lands right because still in the lower
legs it’s always shaky it’s like the legs of a snake like it just is like the
lower lands are always like you get the deepest lessons bare it’s like the feet
of the planet and the wounds are there but there’s a idea if you made to always
go to the north people symbolically want to go into the crown chakra right so you
understand that this entire territory that you’re calling United States was
completely populated and you know this but I mean not overpopulated and not
cities right if there was any cities it was just the spiritual powers
because everybody in there was down in with the land so you can’t come with
this story that everybody was fighting each other in a territory that was so
fast if you wanted never if you wanted to right now never see anybody again
there are some places in Costa Rica that you can go to in Texas there are some
places that you can go to so you can’t convince me that everybody in this
massive wanderlust is having a problem with each other and this is a thing we
have to check about a misinterpretation of our history where were close be
savages and Keenan’s fighting each other over what we’re not even touching the
gold the gold is running it all down the streams it’s like you would look silly
like walking back with all of it they like in bobsleigh what are you doing
it’s like ah I mean me no it wouldn’t happen because all of that was just
abundant just get what’s happening right hit the missed misunderstandings now I’m
not going to give you all the play-by-play of history but a dummy will
tell you they can tell you if somehow these people you know right without
everything they could not have done that by themselves because the only people on
this boat were like protestin sand breakers that different people had
they were fleeing from other countries he said to me so what you had was
different groups they have lined themselves with Britain align themselves
you know Brittany they’re just getting it today like I told you Anubis we told
you just do one thing that’s what you gotta put in the mouth that means remind
us I’m telling you the Queens of England and Britain and even in the world
because they’re all connected into societies now has chosen literally they
know this they know you just come out of me they know you’re magnificent and
powerful they know your ancestors are either Prime Minister they know that
there’s a whole grid that we can put back together they know that you would
have send our souls they know that they’re planning with mine up they know
that this thing will go in full spin just like a gyroscope they know that all
of the oil the old dark bitch things will protect themselves and they know
the crystal light kingdom which all the lovely light work has been praying for
for the last 500 years will come online but you have to do something you have to
bring it in like some I understand I’m going out here what are you gonna do you
need a gun you’re gonna play an opposite inverted war that they’re calling
Saturnalia they’re gonna turn father’s knowledge upside down and inverting an
obtuse taking leg which begins with a L putting in a gun which looks like an L
which means life and creating death with it this is all that’s happening and now
it’s got us like it’s like pop say I can bitch about a truce to us if you don’t
know who to trust now we don’t know what to trust every
time a person comes around every time somebody says something we’re like mmm
he’s probably working with them I guess it doesn’t help with this outfit all
right but that’s just to challenge you to get you to see this is not a game we
are wrestling with principalities here people are hurting now at borders hungry
now and you’re sitting back throwing money on the floor some of these ballers
in Kent I saw a recording they have the strip club full ones all over place you
found women with no money no food no nothing no you got no heroes no heroes
in the land I sent emails out to people who were supposedly key figures sitting
on my facebook I’ve seen them on you know I got a copy and paste all seven of
them supposed to be Big Tymers not what I’m them responded about what we can do
about bringing this awareness about the strategy in this sovereignty and to beat
this polished do you understand how how much do we are meaning we’re not just
one of those networks they’re channels that just popped up on YouTube we have
posted thousands of souls across the gap of the abyss when they were I had
abandoned them with your dog mother didn’t even care about you that’s what
they call the dog mom what does that mean it’s direct your mother’s a dog
she’s a surrogate Romulus and Remus Wolf’s right that’s what they wanted
model ourselves after and then they’re stealing that because the rules were no protected things they take every single
thing okay but it is a part of this thing has a lot to do a genetic
manipulation because if you want to go White House is happy
genetic manipulation the same thing that you can’t take our plants it starts
splicing them with other plants then expect that out in the world that’s and
that’s not going to create something this is a fully connected ecosystem what
am I talking about botany chemistry alchemy you need to know what you’re
doing there but they were freaks created
plants that you know the Venus flytrap it’s a carnivore you’re gonna get Little
Shop of Horrors dammit I don’t think it’s so important because
it was in my mind with a little kid we see part about it’s a genetic
manipulation of planet eating meat they don’t bring me yeah or maybe you are I’m
here for both types okay so that’s what this is about
SPECT unexpected I jumped in here on Friday I had a lot to do like we
actually had the massive thing that we’re working on and it’s coming to a
culmination and you know this makes obviously being sharing the chat of what
we’re doing because obviously when we come in we’re very proficient so we’re
not just going up and do this and do that what this is about is this is the
truth and there’s only one way to express the truth we come in and we down
into this framework of this fake-ass matrix which have so many of our
brothers and sisters even when I email them about getting some assistance like
man I haven’t been talking to nobody I asked anybody for anything beyond what
they want to do that’s the other thing it’s like when you think about somebody
begging and asking please help us do this that’s that’s not the energy what
we’re saying is we can do this we are capable of doing this but we need the
resources we need the fuel it creates a ability to speed up time of course we
could do it ourselves but is that really what you came here
for for me to do it come on think about it you had a part in this you you did
something that’s what I’m saying it all connects it’s away because you
since the system the monetary systems because of the cryptocurrencies already
available and they’re already ready to get their KY C’s going on which it’s
August but that all that’s already flowing you see the Devils on the fault
line of the shaky market River already said that that’s what’s kind of happened
you see it happening not kind of fed raise to the reserve who’s the Fed those
are why cuz everybody’s a slave now he wants to keep them feared and keeping
your people fighting now we hit the Chinese now who you hate we hate
everybody got this joke in the White House Trump may we need bigger trump
cards like some item to pull a bigger car they get into it start realizing how
much power you have like I said your ancestors are you’re standing on them
they’re powering you from your souls your souls of your feet are touching but
you don’t know what you’re connecting to and it’s important that you do it’s
important now tell us about the ant queen and why there’s like one queen but
per every 100,000 ant facts okay listen just like Marco Roman was pointing out
energy moves even to the point so precisely like a number in at every
single point you get an anomaly like a unique thing and all its responsibility
is what is the Queen’s role to burn more beans so that the whole thing to keep
falling that’s the only purpose of the unique thing to do this is where they
want to be all the time and yeah it has its benefits requires that you bring it
may come up the Queen here she’s gonna bring it
single-day birth in those babies every single day sedan those signals every
single day harmonizing with other tribes are going to warm but that is the true
but we have some people sitting up acting like that I became in Queens
it won’t even give us the time of day literally what time is it mr. Swiss man
what time is it you have this clock it’s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars
can you tell me what time it is can you read the Stars can you give us
the time you see what I mean that’s what I mean by we trusted someone and
unfortunately they failed us but we know that and that’s how it goes you see
because in the end of the game the king of the pond go back in the same box and
the actions that you take are the actions that you make meaning that
everybody is dialing up their own next primordial soup if you didn’t know so
just because you were actually encouraged to do the wrong thing when I
bested you straighten up then meaning that for all those that are on the line
do not be thinking that any of those rules and packs in both and edits hold
anything on your ancestors see since they had two connected thinking you that
they were the source and even connected you to their Idol on meaning that just
an idea of what things are and those ideas have been false and you now know
that they’re false so now it’s most important to do is disconnect your
energy do not obey operation 66 operation 66 and free masonry is a time
when all Freemasons are encouraged to carry out what they’re told to carry out
where there is a package in the mammoth air to pour in the soap or whether it is
the feed that they are supposed to give their cows or whether it
know that you’re supposed to put in our kids arm do not take that order it will
seal your fate this is it this is now the last process this is if you clown
low ever to this point your windows people have stayed at the club all the
way to the end but boy you better sober up now let it wait on you to incite
other brothers and sisters to be aware initiated or uninitiated that all bets
are off all are up why there has been a lie amongst us there is a liar amongst
us meaning those who are born in it meaning there are people who are natural
savants and spirituality and then we’ve jumped into some society right because
they wanted to hone in they when they think of x-men they think they’re gonna
mediate a here in there that’s why I don’t want to be signing symbols and all
that stuff is all x-men they think they’re gonna go in there and meet
friends and you know figure out their powers right that’s what the myth they
sell do they know where you going to get something from yourself so Honus about
vibrations everyone we will be into this in just a little bit we got we have a
lot of our play key makers coming I felt it very imperative that I got in here
today and just gave you a primer just a primer to obviously anytime you come
with something like this awareness like this it must match your actions this is
what we need to remember that we’re not like pastors that sit in churches we’re
like nomads we move because the energy keeps us moving so you mean it’s like
think about it we were talking about Kundalini
I can sit some by air for too long constantly on the
move if not I want to train them somewhere and pull it up
look a thousand time everybody’s like and you’re doing this I’ll have a cop
real body for me I’m like man it’s like serious there’s something weird about
that Picabo I guess it’s like the facts in the signal to the brain and the brain
doesn’t want to eat anymore because you don’t really even need the food but then
you just got everybody go through the process of the body of the mind coming
off the idea that it needs it and I may take ten years not for a while it works
and then when you get for reward something like this I can go through
every single system knowledge they can’t make not really now it’s just is
stacking high now as far as just how much awareness I actually have about
what is really going on there must be a charge so you can’t sit in with this
kind of knowledge in again that strong will to live like you know what I
connected it that’s it I totally get it now
everywhere we go whether you’re black whether you’re white I don’t care who
you are where your Carolingian whatever you want your culture and just face the
destruction go look like I’m here Costa Rica see it’s like everybody’s stuff
looks like I’ll not a place like the balls are all over the place so this
happens and ruins fresh to be a ruin but I guess since they say it’s a ruin I
guess it okay so another level now is okay so it looks like I’m managed just
move moved but not too long ago but how long or 1 million years okay
continental drift thirty billion years okay well shit that can’t be how long I
take this on the blow up one trillion years so I think at this point since we
know that those other numbers of the past are not accurate supernovae time
also number may not be as we take let’s take a moment to pause for
that you think about that like every number that they’re giving about these
two hundred million years since the dinosaurs where people are reporting
seeing large birds you know flying out of the ocean still a large creatures
still hanging around right how much do you really know you know nothing you
know nothing she’s great like Yoda who’s Juna right the green one
Osiris sitting on the throne right that’s Juna yoga right they know that’s
where all the knowledge came from Yahoo this is what they’re doing with the
words now when we say use matter now that you must unlearn so there is this
process that we just went through what we’ve learned
every single thing under the Sun with the right literally we learned so much
but these little pieces have been kept in songs like if the pieces were given
to us first it kind of spoils a life return and this what I was saying about
mindful kids this is something that we you know we’re still writing them I got
that right good stuff everybody do all the graphics for everybody and then do
all the work for everybody okay good I’m driven I’m gonna do it
but Michael kids when you’re teaching children mud flood you’re teaching
children Taurus field you’re teaching children wrote in mathematics in just
that not everything else put it in a format one to eight eight to sixteen you
know then they would pretty much catches anybody from there because they’re dogs
be like yeah I get it it’s not that hard but you got a mobile everybody this is
it all the wires all the chips even if it was going to go on beyond this I
wanted to go on in this stage I know we have an existence that’s greater I’ve
experienced it I’ve experienced the love of the compassion of others I’ve been in
ceremonies and seen the connection of the energy of blessed of my brains out
and neophyte –mess and utilizing the aspects of occultism and my Atomics and
plans and all that and I’ve seen so many things but you’ve seen see because
something is wired different with how it was created it is if you’re not seeing
it and I’m not really enjoying it I always felt like that was strange it was
like the gift of the curse it related me like how that we joined it and then of
the night put my brothers and sisters and that’s why I told that on the low
levels then when I start working my way to the high levels of the metaphysics I
found that it was way more difficult to get people to realize just how expanding
we could really become could you enter another space when I was about money and
finances and getting everybody paid they were they’re dedicated they were money
are you such a listing of the bidding of the charity give out my number I mean
you’re investing in us you’re investing in all of us either way like I said it’s
gonna happen and it’s happening already so you know me I have a hard time saying
goodbye so this is what I’m gonna do since this Friday night though and I
might want to let’s probably my kind of guys I’m gonna take a moment and see it’s been pretty little chat whenever my
motto is um yeah I guess I should probably go to work I got a lot of stuff
to do I’ve been wanting to you know I just been wanting that connect like
there’s been so many things that I’ve been
been experiencing and diving through and creating and and you know this is a real
thing with tribe it’s like we all connected in such a special way in every
time a new person comes on board we just feel you know we feel that much more
stronger and that much more connected and I feel like well I know that the
more of us make this connection it is literally like a fiber that we’re all
able to to walk through like a bridge and the disconnection is that we face
because you see a lot of people they’re losing it right now it’s like I’m gonna
kill myself oh man that’s like vampire talk man what
are you really gotta say like but it’s it’s just like there’s a there’s a
necessity for us to live as tribes how here’s another connection let me show
you something remember like this whole living in the
city thing and how side of a tribe set setting is not like normal at all and in
fact we’ve only been doing it for a very very short period a lot less time than
we think we just came out other tribe setting so this would account for a lot
of the dysfunctional ISM that’s happening like one of the things that
were pointed out about the school system is about how children are put in class
with children their own age rather than children that are either a little older
than them so they can mentor them which mainly that right but they’re put in
there with this is one teacher that’s an adult and then all the kids together so
they never get a chance to lumber each other person in the tribe you’re
watching the older kid like yeah when I get over there I’m gonna become a
building one of those two and then you either try that like hey pushes you off
you’re like what but you see there’s a connection that happens between older
children and younger turns and that’s of course will be again mindful kids it’s
bringing in those kinds of aspects it’s like also the parents trying to
home-school lots of hours and time and for school it’s the reason why kids put
their children with their children on iPads and parents put their children and
babies in the baby I mean I kind of go to work I need some time off right but
what if you have your brothers and sisters going through another
lesson about how to construct the consciousness properly this great beam
because now you can see why the greatest value was kids it wasn’t to make them
farm silly I’m an angry culture come on man we’re in the permaculture they’re
the angry culture killing the animals everything’s all Angry so they were
raised by the more children you have the more danforth the farm
no that’s not what was going on when you have a child and you activate that being
born with all right this serious think about it it’s all the
time a new being being activated and they’re coming into that first of their
life so that’s just being in the audience like some people they be hating
when you try to shine on them but just be they’re not audiences when you then
being a part of awakening that uniqueness and that shine so that way
that person can start digging deeper into this life this is the mother of all
fears the mother of all conspiracies is what we’re talking about right here
so it takes many brothers and sisters like the actual model of the system and
how it runs from the clock level that’s a hyperdimensional clock right Martin
Kinney you know on the ground addressing it like some people may even say so
what’s up with you and brother Santa well I can always count on the Sanchez
to be real that’s one thing that I doubt you hide anything like if something’s
going on and some shit’s really happening and brother Sanchez’s there I
can count on that he has not been compromised because that is not a
compromisable kind of being right so that’s Debra then you got Aurora over
there still work with Ford tube into the 50 pitches bill working on that heart
space you see the mean that witness finally I breathe lit this whole thing
up but it’s time to cool off for a while you know into that nice jeweled out
steamed up realm of wonderfulness like getting that all prepared that space you
see the mean the deep then you’ve got the deep diverse you know how to
brothers out there like riding you know still almost journey
working on healing those bones and those people that are still in the strata you
would put in the water phones right deaths that’s where the breakage has
happened like we were on journeys looking at the stones and they were
bones I saw people in there like this like Mayan people it’s like man this is
not me man I’m not tripping I see this but I don’t know why well because the
entire thing that’s like a pyre itself a bone shells upon shells calcium akan
calcium court took on quartz and then developing into more stages gasps but
even all of this dis this is what we call a darkness badness right oh that’s
the mineralization it dirties the white like I said the cobbler used to be one
and then it was stained form and since what his sin is the moon it’s the dreams
it’s the energy it’s the experience it’s the mistakes the mistakes must happen
for the experiment to be perfect every time you get in on one of these machines
here every time we are testing the tolerance we know our first one is going
to be a mistake because we need to see the error in the machine so is is our
world any different did it have a period where it just comes off line makes a
mistake right I think about it I even got room in your mother my can of
mistake we made in there like only also beyond reproach then like wake up and
you are weak and that’s not what happened so yeah I guess that’s enough
to you know it I guess you know you can still catch that late night if you’re
trying to go at this point you may be actually in one of those things you know
just listening to this on your iPhone so I want to get some final pointers in
just some some awareness what’s going on by the pointers is that
yeah this all is central to intake okay so I think it sounded complex to you if
you didn’t know what we’re talking about that’s probably because you know maybe
you’re just coming in and catching the previous episodes of the consistent
builds so you have a treasure waiting on you which is always great right because
there’s actually something that you could learn from some of you can grow
from some that you can actually experience and becomes a value to you
because we gave what was priceless to us and we put it there right so that’s what
you have you’re just coming in right so now for those that are in this and have
been in this because this is a decade now we are action izing now the greatest
what I feel personally is the greatest event of this year you know we’re just
putting that back and that is bringing our ecosystem online so we are not it’s
just a simple thing if the foundation is shaped rightt take a moment is the
foundation shaking mike is the government in the world foundation come
on where you’re getting your money where you’re getting your energy is it shaky I guess this is a great time to talk about
that because they may be cutting off who stands for a lot of people next month and even if they don’t they succeeded
scaring the shit out of everybody that’s shaky now you’ve got your kids on and if
for those that I don’t have any kids everybody is your kid so you’ve got your
kids on this and it’s shaky just let it go on right so they would have to be a
methodical approach never have to be away if there’s always a solution before
problem see let me crack into some deeper level announced for you real
quick so you could just be raced every single thing that just talked about and
just remember one thing tonight I always talk about how the solution existed
before the problem is everybody can wear that I would say hey the solution is
this before the problem just as exist before the shower because the Sun
must cast like and then the shadow appears okay
so there’s we want to argue that but let’s just keep going with this solution
is this before the problem so what exactly existed before humans like
before the human body like what what’s there plants plants there are cousins
they have all the solutions they existed before us that’s why there’s plenty like
4000 years 2008 was like a mythology I understand so we looking for you looking
for like ty to UFO or you know convinces see if we were so confinement its
separated from our family then we would have already met our cousins and I just
closed the conversation with that is that no try it’s got your back your
front your left your right you up your down and in here those other directions
it’s coming online this is why a lot of your favorite teachers seem to be like
it’s like either travel each other they’re copying each other or a little
bit about it’s just because there’s a transmission coming through this line it
is not noise it is the city and this signal is transmitting truth it has
risen in itself meaning that there’s there was a chain a link in the chain
and they call the weakest link right there’s a reason why they talk about
that but there was a link in the chain that did not keep the general cycle of
life continuing properly because we’re not experiencing sex right experiencing
death we’re transitioning into a phase that we already know we’re so anxious
they say come on let me die man let me die you like men you never beat out
they’re gonna learn all of that like come on man
but you don’t kill yourself like if you carry yourself you’re forfeit the whole
day and I’m just over my serious it’s like think about everybody is going to
leave here meaning live this life you’re not gonna have that many bunch of these
many just like anything I will tell you from the bottom and the top of my heart
just like anything that you get if you don’t really appreciate it you’re gonna
miss it when it’s gone they’re gonna miss this place they’re gonna miss all
of its beauty and all of its joy and it’s laughter and then there’s some that
are always going to be with it because they’re not going to be separated so
this is what I’m attempting explaining to you if you don’t like what has been
created and what it’s been given life then you don’t like yourself and if you
see a distortion be there be there to perfect it that’s why you were gifted
what you were given you think you’ve got a little bit more on your plate
push it over to another plate a plate that doesn’t have anything on it you see
the thing on all these things you know it’s like I feel like that a lot of
times because of our core group there’s a lot of people later on this line they
make up probably 80% maybe sometimes these messages are for that 20% to be
honest because when I talk to people that are already even tried it almost
feels like I’m talking acting because they they understand all this we’re here
we broadcast every single day with this beacon to keep shining full spectrum
light the real bridge see now that I know everything nothing about getting
home sit down the live in Aurora I hid it for 48 hours because of moves things
and the energy so struggle the Sun the moon is out in
the daytime the stokke astrological changes are happening stuff’s going on
under my body out my back just trying to get on YouTube to get the menus to the
people to let them know man understand the connection be empowered realize like
schisms in your life let’s talk about like slaves etc your ancestors meeting
your neck sisters with home and are there way I’m come on your HSN when you
start to a great great great very very grandma
that’s where Gregory Gregory grandma is they already took her home they would
not allow her to go to America because the promise and that’s what I’m saying
if the first rapture already happened let me just close down
with this because the reason why it’s most important for you to realize that
is because that’s why I was sitting where after Judgment Day see because
these scriptures that they’re writing are only just really counting the stars
we know this but we just have pieces missing
we don’t know what’s really being talked about but now that we know what’s really
being talked about we know what’s just being accounted for
our periods that we go through my ascension processes okay that’s what’s
being to come and then you have overarching terms like Christ
consciousness that actually just equal reaching a certain stage or everyone
reaching a certain stage right so just to realize for ourselves men and all of
us together just to realize that we have 3600 more years before another great
upheaval as far as like the planet cleaning itself and just because it
looks like it needs to be clean and it just does nothing to be clean but just
because it looks like its own it needs to be clean from your consciousness it’s
actually already just went through that process and now this next thousand years
possibly very short period will be bringing the temporal mind you can only
do within you self first but when the winner world
brings their structures back online then that’s the day that they think the
dead are raised okay now just give it to you as it’s coming to me now remember
they talk about like the bones somehow start coming back up and animating
themselves during this period this is what you know it’s something that I have
to distance it’s like before you go further out there like magnetism
this is good sci-fi but damn do you believe this absolutely because once
you’ve gone through thousands and thousands of experiences and once you’ve
seen so many parts of it but still been very logical like if you must have like
the ruler there in order to not lose yourself in the chasm but especially if
you don’t have someone there that’s gonna be able to catch you and bring you
back so I’ve always gone with the pace I get into the bird box like with the cord
right like I’ve always gone through the plane even sometimes blind in different
spaces not knowing what I was going to face and what I was going to discover
but willing to go even this conversation like now I gotta call Freemasons I was
like come on man you need to tell me like you I mean you see what I mean so
so but somebody’s got to do that and also remember it’s not like I’m like 200
subscribers or 100 subscribers or 50 subscribers and in the spiritual
magnitude is not like this can’t be trumpeted across the entire cosmos by
myself and those that are with me and so that’s why it’s also so powerful and
central to us to just get everybody online can you drop everybody aware
themselves get everybody in action and accountable like you know checking in on
you seeing what’s going on you know what I mean your next mission if you may and
getting everything lined up for you your uniqueness which is what any ology is
getting your unique self into a stage where you
again your fruit not somebody else’s this is what this ecosystem does reward
you for your activity and your presence connecting with the children getting
them educate but nobody is even thinking about this room everybody’s like now say
there’s out standards out there and save yourself load I’m just showing up does
everybody always running when I show up it’s like that’s just interesting but
series you come to these planets and you got these jerks in high positions honing
the throat of the planet this is the kind of thing you show up to Brotherhood
sisterhood so get to honest imbalance vibrations thank you so much for being
apart it’s always an amazing time every time that we connect I trust that we’ll
be able to continuously grow more as always and I just want to say that it
all does start with you having a very strong will to exist and this is more
than enough actual reason let’s put these temples back online inside of
ourselves first as we say interst and get yourself in the side standing up
come back from the conscious of your spine come into your throne you’re great
I mean there’s no denying that you even got beans that have sneagle in around
and sneaking around hitting you with arrows and rays and stuff just to try to
slow you down even that can’t hold you so but accept that and again all these
trolls and stuff that you’ll be seeing like don’t let that stuff throw you off
because like a lot of times when you’re seeing this stuff that’s in this chat
and then you know you feel like because you connect to the message and then this
thing says something that is opposite to what you’re thinking even you to try to
deploy these kind of things just to encourage more talking in the chat like
just for stupid reason they test out stuff like this I’m just saying like be
aware and be alert do not shift your energy for no one that is how you are
sovereign is dead nobody can make you have
you’re sad right like think about it’s like oh and also all this knowledge that
I’m giving you in this connection I’m doing from a very clear heart space but
it is up to you to take that information and filter it properly to what you can
accept and what you can bring through your portals at this stage it just count
on me as always that person that you know is just gonna go way out there just
to see exactly how much we can bring in of the jewels of humanity because we’ve
been robbed like if you think about it it’s like serious like all of our time
being dedicated to building things that are continuously holding us back is not
going to get us it only an insane person nobody of intelligence would do that for
too long you would become a co-conspirator you see how like they
always want to drill somebody in jail when they start affiliating with other
people for affiliating with these people I could get thrown in cosmic gel if I
went on with this story you see what I mean like think about what we are
writing and abetting here in this reality by continuously purchasing these
these dirty foods in and keeping these these these people wealthy that are
killing more children like but here’s another thing if you want to put your
mind into a greater space think about just a reward that is in the cosmos
right now for the being that is capable of changing this with love meaning that
that’s the only force that I know that can drown out anything compassion can
drown out anything I don’t care how fiery it thinks it is so the reality is
that still the same rules that they develop here that wasn’t even their
rules there are rewards okay think about it there are rewards for beings who
bring systems like this into balance and put things in place and again many of
you so-called society members have been put into different places in order to
bring about change at specific times that time is now now the Seekers have
been laid bare they killed higher of a beef and those that are actually
initiating know what I’m talking about this literally
means that these people are responsible for making sure that we didn’t have the
secrets and then came out to everybody and acting like that we’ve never knew
the secrets and this is heresy this is blasphemy this is every single thing
this is the greatness of trosset ii period on this sector of the cosmos and
i challenged every man and every woman that is spiritually inclined to connect
with the knowledge about understanding what has happened on this planet not too
long ago give your what’s wins wives where’s in
who’s done the wilderness get out of the wilderness of your mind by hitting all
your questions answered because that’s what’s happening this we’re going to be
a key makers to get your questions lined up get to get your stuff out of what you
feel like you need to know for you to make this decision to connect black
people white people get your questions that you feel like you need to ask
before you need to connect so you can connect so i can show you that every
single thing that is going on with all of us is by designed for us to destroy
ourselves continuously into an immortal being to an immortal being
if you keep destroying yourself over and over and over again you will be
converted to the dark side what does that mean you will become a nighttime
beam like they say you’ll become a predator see we need to understand
what’s going on you got you have a real system that is sitting here showing you
that there’s a light side of the beings life signs of the animals I’ve never
seen example on the right the sales of almost like almost Eagles an W if you
see these kind of imagery what it shows you is that there’s a gradual
degradation of the soul if encouraged to not continuously expand so I’m just
saying I don’t want to see you as a cockroach trying around you’re an
accidentally step on you because you kept falling down the ladder eating
chicken grease I’m sinking it is that this
is the time that you can put still in a level of awareness that nobody really
has this escapes do something with it you have the most valuable thing

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