[Eng] Korean Slang Geumsabba!!! What does that mean?? (feat. Jennie knowing bros)

Hello this is Dean. Let’s watch the short video and we are going to talk about the topic later. I did not want Min Kyung hun for my partner today. Not wanted. why?? Because I am a Geumsabba too. Jennie just said I am a Geumsabba too. what does Geumsabba mean? Quickly? In love? Falling? It means that people who falling in love quickly or easily. So Jennie is the one that falling in love quickly. which means she could fall in love even though they first met today. In reality, you can call someone Geumsabba who always fall in love the first time see someone or in a few dates. Or it can be yourself too. If you learn Korean slangs, you will get better understanding of what your friends talk about. I will be back with short video lesson. See you later!

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